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  1. Now we finish off the Blue Lions house with the lady knight herself Ingrid. Now we all know that she gives off a vibe of chivalry. A trainee wanting to be a true knight like her then fiancee who unfortunately didn't survive the tragedy of Duscar. So today we'll see what Ingrid brings to the table and if she has what it takes to avenge her fallen lover. This is also assuming hard and no DLC options. The first thing that sticks out is her being a speedy jack of all trades fighter. She starts with 27 HP with a 40% growth along with her Defense at 5 growing at a 30% rate. Now her defense might not be up to snuff at the moment but her Res being at 8 with a 40% growth means that she can take magic damage quite well. What helps her out is her very high speed growth of 60% despite the fact that her speed stat starts at 8, it will catch up in no time. Now granted her strength and magic are not exactly ideal for her. While her strength starts at 8 and her magic at 6, they both of have a 35% growth. This however can be salvageable pending on how you decide to train her. Her other best trait beside speed is her charm stat and growth. It starts with a 8 stat and a 50% growth. This compliments her personal ability Lady Knight. This ability gives Ingrid a +3 might and 5 hit with her offensive gambits is quite the boon. Enemies tend to have good avoid rate against battalions, but in Ingrid's case she has a reasonable chance to hit them starting out. So give her a battalion as soon as can. Having a dex growth of 40% and a starting stat of 6 is a little to be desired so hit rate issues might arise. What makes her also stand out from other units that has 60% speed growths from other houses such as Petra and Leonie, is her crest of Daphnel. This allows her to gain an additional +5 might when using a combat art. So by chance she can easily make up for the initial lack of damage thanks to her crest. She has a boon in swords, lances, riding and flying. No banes so she is easily flexible among the rest of the Blue Lions. Ingrid starts with E+ in swords and the rest at D rank. That's actually not terrible because she could either easily slip into Myrmidon if you want her to have more speed or Soldier off the bat for her to gain a better dex growth. Ingrid has tempest lance to start her off for combat arts and it's a great asset for her. She also gains Hit and Run which effectively makes her an avoid bot for a turn when initiating combat and she can still retreat afterwards, assuming you're a class with canto. Frozen Lance may seem like a cool combat art for her as it gives her an option against heavy defensive enemies, but she learns it at A rank. That is a bit late considering that Hubert and Marianne unlocks with with their budding talent and Lorenz gets it at C+ rank. Flayn also gets the same combat art at lance A rank and she isn't exactly an ideal candidate for a Falcon Knight. Her sword combat arts consist of Hexblade is target's the enemies' res and deals more damage based on her magic. Now this does seem like a nice option for her if you were to go down that way but she learns it at rank A. Even Manuela who has a similar stat growth spread as her gets it immediately when she joins you. Her exclusive combat art comes from her Hero's Relic the Luin. This combat art is an excellent offensive option for Ingrid as in addition to granting eight might, the art's damage output scales with her high speed stat, granting Ingrid a strong offensive option after clearing her paralogue. Myrmidon gives her speed +2 and swap while Soldier gives her defense +2 and reposition. Comparatively Myrmidon may seem like a cool idea when you want to combine speed +2 and eventually Darting Blow from Pegasus Knight, though not a lot of people like swap. Soldier on the other hand gives her defense +2 along with reposition. Reposition on a unit with canto especially a flier is a very useful positioning combat art which allows you to get your allies out of harms way and fly towards safety yourself. Plus the added defense is nice for her to add some bulk. Of course if you're willing to work on her axes, you can have her go down to fighter to gain strength +2 to make up for her lack of damage. Her best intermediate class no doubt is Pegasus Knight. It's great for any female unit in general actually. Darting Blow increasing your attack speed by 6 when initiating combat allows Ingrid to double attack units that are slower and gaining Triangle Attack may seem like a cute gimmick but have two other female fliers with her that knows the same attack and you can inflict a lot of damage. What Ingrid really needs though is Death Blow. Going from Fighter then Brigand to gain Strength +2 and Death Blow no doubt gives her the attack boost she needs. Her advance class unfortunately has no easy transition when mastering Pegasus Knight. So naturally speaking you normally skip an advance class and so straight to Falcon Knight. Not the best idea because you want her to get some bonus growths in strength which Pegasus Knight doesn't offer. Her boon in swords would be good for her to go to swordmaster but you're trading off flight and 1 move for swordfaire and a 10% strength growth. Sure gaining 17 strength when classified is nice, but you can do the same and be better off when you have her go to Wyvern Rider. Yes getting her Axe rank up will take some time but because of her neutrality in axes, she shouldn't have too much trouble. From there you can go either Wyvern Lord or Falcon Knight. Wyvern Lord would make her a bit slower but she gains a higher strength growth as well as a nice defense buff. Falcon Knight while won't hit as hard as Wyvern Lord will make her insanely fast and give her a better res growth too. Also Falcon Knight gives a + 1 dex stat modifier to patch up her hit rate a bit. Something that Wyvern Lord doesn't do. Falcon Knight grants her Defiant Avoid which makes her the ultimate avoid tank if you want to lower your own HP is 25% or less. Wyvern Lord on the other hand grants her Defiant Crit which works on both player and enemy phase but needs to meet the same threshold. Though if you're going to do down that way, it would be a good idea for Ingrid to pick up on Vantage from the Mercenary class. This allows you in conjunction with Alert Stance+ to wallop enemies with your high crit offensive. Though you would be limited to flying battalions so be sure that equip something that will give you extra hit at least. If you don't have any hope of her improving her stats, then there is always Dancer. She like Marianne has a boon in swords and riding. So Sword Prowess, Sword Avoid +20, Axebreaker, Special Dance and Movement +1 and a march ring allows her to provide dancing support with a really high 8 move. Cavalier and Paladin are also options for her because of her boon in riding. And while Paladin might have a higher strength modifier than Falcon Knight, Falcon Knight beats Paladin by a comfortable margin despite both having 8 move, canto and Lancefaire. Though movement +1 is a really nice ability to have especially when combining it with canto. If you want to go down the magic route, she gets Blizzard, Thoron and Fimbulvetr. Those spells are actually pretty nice since both of the ice spells have a high crit rate and Thoron is useful for the 3 range. Though unless she is a Warlock or Gremory, she won't get that many uses out of them. Though her magic can be built up if you want her to go down to the monk then mage classes. Magic +2 and Fiendish Blow will definitely improve her magic. Her faith spell list is also nice as well. Physic at rank C and then Seraphim at rank B. She can go down the Bishop route if you want her to be a healer instead. Warlock is fine for bowbreaker and Gremory if you want Ingrid to have higher move and 2x of all magic. Defiant Magic actually is handy for Ingrid as combining that with the Vantage ability will allow her to dish out potentially insane magical damage. Given that her reason spell list has a crit chance, you might be lucky. You can even increase her range with the Thyrsus Staff without taking residual damage since she bears a crest. Last thing to note is that ranking up her Authority is also good for her. Rally Magic at rank D is nice in case you want your mage to hit harder and then Battalion Desperation at rank C which works nicely with Darting Blow. You can even add Death Blow for more damage on the physical side using a Brave weapon. Attacking 4 times without the enemy attempting a counter attack is always helpful. Overall I would say Ingrid is another lucky 7/10 unit like her childhood friend and fellow Blue Lion member Sylvain. She certainly comes with her disadvantages considering her growths but she still brings plenty to the table. She can also be a great adjutant for Sylvain or Felix as well considering that linked attacks also are great in this game. Maybe one day, she will be revered as a True Knight.
  2. Hmm, if someone were to ever mod 3 Houses I would be most interested in what can be done. Or if god forbid Intelligent Systems change some of the classes for the sake of balancing
  3. These do sound interesting. Would they keep sword crit +10 or would the avoid +10 be the trade off?
  4. Now we have our cheerful graduate from the school of sorcery Annette. What can I say? She just likes to sing about mountains of sweets, bake these cakes that are full of crumbs and yums to fill our tummy tummy tums! Okay I'm done. We'll see what our little cute black mage that likes to sing and dance brings to the battlefield. This is assuming hard and DLC will have no impact on my score. Though I will quickly mention that if we allow DLC, then Valkyire and Dark Flier are solid choices for her. But for the sake of keeping in line with these rules going forward, we'll going to disregard them. None of my scores have been influenced by DLC but I do apologize for not specifying if DLC has played a part beforehand. Anyways, Annette is your typical black mage for the Blue Lions. Her magic and dex stat start with 11 and 7 respectively and both of them have a solid 50% growth. Her speed isn't that great however. She starts with a speed stat of 7 but with a 35% growth. However her reason spell list are the lightest tomes in the game in terms of weight. So that's there to compensate for her rather bad speed growth. Her strength stat starts off at 6 with a 30% growth which is slightly higher than Mercedes. Her res is okay but her HP and defense are poor. Annette possess a Minor Crest of Dominic which will occasionally preserve some uses of attack magic, meaning it will activate for both Faith and Reason spells. This crest will likely be most useful early game, when spells are a more limited resource, however, you will likely find as you progress through the game that you rarely run out of spells, if at all, as certain class skills double a unit's uses of their magic, rendering this crest's effect as largely irrelevant by the end of the game. She has a boon in axes (oddly enough but we'll get into why it's good for her), Reason and Authority. Her banes are bows and heavy armor. Though you can still easily get her armor rank at D if you have her do a group task with Dedue from the start up until level 10. Get her axe rank at C then you would have a 100% success rate to make her an armored knight, significantly improving her defense. Her personal ability Perseverance grants her ally Rally Strength. This is a very potent ability to have from the start and she can take that further by becoming a rally bot. She gets Rally Resistance at Authority rank D, Rally Speed at Authority Rank C+, and finally Rally Movement at Authority Rank S. The boon in authority also means that she will have access to better battalions really easily. She gets battalion Renewal which is imo just a worse version of Renewal. And at Rank A she gets Battalion Wrath. It can be nice if you're combining that with Alert Stance+. Her spell list consist of Wind, Cutting Cale, Sagittae, and Excalibur. Excalibur is the lightest of heavy tomes for her to wield. Plus it deals extra damage to fliers. Her faith spell list excluding Heal and Nosferatu, has Recover at faith rank C then Abraxas at rank A. Her spells however lack range so she needs to be close to the front lines for her to deal damage or help with healing. This also puts her at risk as she is not the fastest or bulkiest mage around so don't be surprised if he shes one rounded. Her class path generally is Monk for Magic +2 and Draw Back. Then Mage for Fiendish Blow. If you're looking to improve her attack speed, there is Pegasus Knight for Darting Blow. It helps with the fact that her tomes are really light. She is neutral with Lances and Flying. Also a neutrality in Riding. That will come into play in a bit. Annette could go Warlock which is her canon class. Double uses of black magic and Black Tomefaire allows her to deal extra damage with her spells and having 8 shots with Excalibur is nice as well. Bowbreaker is a nice filler ability for protection against snipers. There is also Gremory if you want 2x of all magic so she can function effectively as a healer as well as a offensive caster. 5 move is always nice for a mage. She could also go for Dark Knight if you want to make better use of the Rally Bot idea because she will have 7 move and Canto. If you want to improve her spell range, there is always Thyrsus Staff and maybe even movement +1 and black magic range +1. Annette has only one combat art Axes which is Lightning Axe. She learns it at rank C+ and considering how high her magic stat is, this can effectively one shot an enemy with lower res and slightly low HP. This allows her to branch off to a strength based class despite not being quite cut out for it stat wise. Her other builds while not so straight forward, she could even go Wyvern Lord. This makes her a pseudo malig knight from Fates essentially. With her as a Wyvern Lord, she would have 8 move, axefaire, avoid +10, flight and she can make arguably better use of her rallies and Lightning Axe. Not to mention that she can use a forged Bolt Axe and her Hero's Relic Crusher. Crusher deals massive damage to dragons but it's heavy weight slows her down which can lead her to be doubled and probably killed if left unchecked. This is an Blue Lions exclusive Hero's Relic, so no go on the other routes. Though axes traditionally have a low hit rate so you might have a hard time trying to land hits. You could give her an accuracy ring to somewhat help with that, but you might still be unlucky at times. So you would probably have to muscle through her bane in bows to get a D+ rank and then have her learn Hit +20 of you were to go down the Wyvern route. Lancebreaker is nice for her to deal with Paladins and Falcon Knights. So overall, she is a 6/10 unit for me. She is useful throughout the game and her rallies can help you out in some situations. Her spell list though are not exactly great but serviceable. Honestly, she might not be a bad choice to bring to the team if you're only looking for a rally bot. In the mean time, she can continue to sing this time about swamp beasties. And then the flowers will start singing, just as Felix said.
  5. Right. I should have mentioned that in my score. Thanks. I will make note of it for the next character I review with everyone
  6. Now we get to quite possibly one of the sweetest people you'll meet that'll be more than happy to bake you sweets. This is assuming hard. Mercedes. Mercie is the so called "ultimate white mage" for the Blue Lions. Someone who is very religious and very kind brings something interesting to the table. Her minor Crest of Lamine grants her a 10% chance to conserve uses of recovery magic. Sometimes that can nice but not something you would be banking on working. She starts off with a 25 HP with a pretty low growth of 30%. Her magic stat of 10 with a 50% growth is her best trait by far. Her 9 resistance with a 45% growth stat is also worth noting that she can take a hit from a mage at least. Her charm stat of 8 with a 40% isn't too bad either. Everything else about her is either below average or frail. As you would expect from a healer. Her ability Live to Serve feels pointless at first glance. This gives her back the HP she heals for another ally. It's not bad on paper, but in practice it feels unnecessary because a smart player will make sure Mercie is not in any danger of being hit. However if you're using DLC and you give her the HP +7 boost item, then you can use her as a meat shield and then someone else takes a hit and she can heal said hurt ally and herself essentially for free. She doesn't really have any combat arts worth noting. She has a bane in swords, lances, axes and heavy armor. These really limit her options. However she does have a budding talent in bows. That would unlock Waning Shot. The -5 strength debuff sounds nice in theory but this would only be nice if she wielding a Magic Bow at bow rank B. It's not really you would relaly want to do with her. Her boons in reason and faith are to be expected for a healer. Now people have pointed out that her starting off with a faith rank D is a problem because she wouldn't be able to learn Physic before chapter 2. This does one on the one hand put you at a disadvantage every on because of her needing to be close to her allies to heal as opposed to be far away. So you really need to be good with vulneraries if you want to get by it. Or of course, give her the HP +7 DLC item like I mentioned and you can get further use of Live to Serve. She does start off her reason at E+ so she can get Fire pretty much immediately. She gets Physic at faith rank C, restore at rank B then fortify at rank A. Once she gets Physic by at least chapter 3 she should be good to go. Restore is nice for dealing with being rattled by battalions and Fortify people seem to be split on but I find it to be useful. It's a nice niche she possess that allows you to be a bit more daring at the front lines and her being able to heal pretty everyone similar to Flayn can be pretty clutch. For others, it feels like something that really isn't a big deal because she doesn't have any utility like Warp or Rescue. Her class path easily is monk then mage if you want magic +2 and fiendish blow respectively. She can go priest afterwards in case you need another intermediate class for her to go to. Miracle is not exactly worth learning but if you're lucky *wink wink* it can be a lifesaver. Miracle allows you to survive an otherwise fatal blow with 1 HP left pending on your luck stat. Luck is the last thing people tend to care about because it's only really good for crit and crit avoid. Her best option is Bishop imo. Bishop allows her to fully embrace her role as a healer. 2x of white magic and 10+ HP heals are the best selling points. This amps the potency of Heal, Physic and Fortify. Gremory is another good option by having 2x of all magic. Her reason spell list aside Fire consist of Thunder, Bolganone and Raganrok. Not a bad spell list but they lack range. You could give her the Caduceus Staff if you want a little heal every turn and a +1 spell range. Or Thyrsus staff for the 2+ spell range. But generally speaking The Thyrsus is usually better on someone else. Warlock is another option for her if you would rather use black tomefaire. Finally she gets her own Hero's Relic, The Rafail gem. This allows her to be immune to critical hits as well as attacks that are especially effective cavalry or flier units. You need Caspar in your party to access her paralogue in part 2 on a non Crimson Flower route. And Caspar needs to defeat the Death Knight to get his weapon as well. She would from there be able to be a Valkyrie or Dark Flier if you want her to use her magics and then runt to safety thanks to Canto. Overall, I feel Mercedes is a 7/10 unit. Her niche as a Physic and Fortify user can be useful in a pinch, but she does have a pretty rough start which would discourage anyone starting off with her. But eventually she does find her footing once you get her out of the blocks. Plus who wouldn't want someone to always be there baking you cookies and sweets?
  7. Now we get to that so called "ladies man" of the Blue Lions, Sylvain. Sylvain brings some interesting traits to the table so let's see what he's got. This is also assuming hard. Sylvain comes into the Blue Lions with some above average stats starting off. 9 strength with a 45% growth is not bad but definitely can improve as you go. 8 Speed with a 50% growth isn't too shabby either. 27 HP and 6 defense with a 55 and 40% growth respectively is pretty good as well. They compliment his personal ability Philanderer. When he is next to a female ally, he'll take 2 less points of damage and deal 2 more points of damage during combat. This makes him a nice secondary tank/damage dealer early on. He even has a nice stat buff with Ingrid when she is used as a adjutant or if she is nearby. Linked attacks can go a long way. What also makes Sylvain interesting is that he is the easiest unit to recruit outside of the Blue Lions as long as you're female Byleth. Female Byleth just has to talk him whenever she needs him. After all, Sylvain will do anything to get a good looking woman around him. Think about that, he would be willing to turn on his highness for some new girl. That asshole! Joking aside, this does make it very easy to recruit him whenever you want. If you're male Byleth, you have to work on Reason and charm to recruit him. Or get a B rank support with him. His dex stat and growth is one of his weak points, 5 stat in dex with a 35% growth is not a good look for him. He starts with Tempest Lance which is always nice, he is one of the 3 starting with Tempest Lance for the Blue Lions. He is also one of the 3 members of the "Swift Strike Squad" as I like to call them. He gets a D rank in riding which is always nice and E+ in axes. He can easily obtain Smash if desired. He also gets Monster Piercer which is situational. His best combat art is without a doubt Swift Strikes. However, his lack of dex may give him a hard time landing a hit. His bane in bows also doesn't help either. However his bane in bows is easily dealt with. Just work it towards D+ then certify him as a archer then he'll get Hit +20. Death Blow is also great on him as well. He can go either Soldier (which is probably preferred since he could use as high of a dex boost he can get) or Fighter if you want more of a strength growth. Reposition or Shove + Canto can be a very useful tactic. His axe combat arts consist of Spike which is somewhat different from Smash then Lightning Axe. Lightning Axe takes advantage of his magic stat. Which Sylvain does have a serviceable 30% growth, (higher if you take him down to a mage class). He also gains Battalion Vantage which is fine with Alert Stance + if you're planning on crit stacking with something like Killer Axe+ and Axe Crit +10 ability. Sylvain can go down to Paladin. It's easy and low investment for him. Lancefaire boosting Swift Strikes damage is always nice. Not to mention that he also has a Hero's Relic which you can obtain very early. The Lance of Ruin grants him an exclusive combat art Ruined Sky. This deals significant damage to fliers. He can go down to Wyvern Lord if you favor more mobility and evasion. Axefaire would be able to increase his Lightning Axe combat art but the -5% magic growth might not do it any favors. Aside from that, Wyvern Lord is another great fit for Sylvain. He also has a budding talent in reason magic which grants him Black Magic Avoid +20. This at least is more serviceable than the White Magic counter part because Sylvain has a decent reason spell list. It consist of Fire, Bolganone, Sagittae, and Ragnarok. Of course his speed may suffer a bit if he goes down to the Dark Knight route. Dark Knight makes Sylvain quite flexible because he also learns Physic at faith rank C and Seraphim at faith rank B just like Ingrid. Yes he will lose Lancefaire in exchange for Black Tomefaire and lose 1 move, but he'll at least have an option against bulkier enemies. He would want Monk for Magic +2 then Mage for Fiendish Blow. Warlock can also be an okay option for him as Bowbreaker is always a nice ability to pick up. Overall I would rate Sylvain as a lucky 7/10 unit. I think Sylvain is a solid addition to any team as he is very easy to recruit. He's very easy to build up from the start or even chapter 2 if you want. A flexible unit that can get the job done I find.
  8. I will do my own write up when I get home from work. I’ll try to make it shorter than I usually do since I think about everyone else covered his bases pretty well
  9. Well he places Dedue for a while (assuming you did Dedue's paralogue battle by part 1). Also what mode are you playing it on?
  10. Now we have Lord Lonato's adopted son Ashe. What is there to say about this kid? He's as sweet and earnest as they come. But how does he do on the battlefield? Let's get into. This is assuming hard mode. Ashe's stats starting off are nothing to ride home about. 8 strength with a 35% growth is typical for about any archer. His dex and speed being 8 and 9, along with a 55% and a 50% growth respectively are pretty good traits. But like typical archers, he is frail. 5 defensive with a 20% growth and 23 HP with a 35% growth are not attractive qualities at all. His personal ability while nice at times is a pretty tiny niche. Lockpick allows him to be a thief without being a thief (I know....it's a weird sentence to say). Though if you think about his lore on how he used to be a common thief before he was reformed by Lonato, it is quite fitting. He would remember on how to pick locks from his younger days. So character wise this makes perfect sense for him. Battle wise, it doesn't impact his performance in battle at all. At least other typical archers like Bernie who brings persecution complex increases her attack power when hurt, or Ignatz who has watchful eye which is a super useful innate hit +20. But what does Ashe have over the other two? A boon in axes. This makes it quite easy for him to access Brigand for Death Blow from the Fighter class. Then once you master Death Blow go to Archer for Hit +20. He does start with Curved Shot which is always nice. And him having E+ in axes allows him to work towards Smash early. He has a budding talent in lances which unlocks Shattered Slash. Lowering the enemies' defense, it's nice to have this mostly requires for him to take a hit from a monster and if he was on a horse or wyvern, it would be smart to run away afterwards assuming he survives a hit. This however does make it easier for him to go down the Bow Knight or Wyvern Lord paths for him. Bow Knight is an option for him to have a guard adjutant and a grounded battalion to increase his stats. You would need a battalion with an extremely high hit rate. Particularly Edmund's Troops. It adds a whooping hit +40. Combine that with Hit +20 and an accuracy ring, this allows Ashe to have the highest accuracy possible for Dead Eye. He learns Dead Eye at rank C+ and then Waning Shot at rank A. This combat art lowers the enemies' strength by 5. It's okay for a debuff combat art, but you would want something better. Though if you did master Wyvern Rider to learn Seal Defense I suppose you would combine the two together and ignore Shatter Slash entirely. Wyvern Lord will no doubt increase his bulk and attack which he is sorely lacking in, the only axe combat art that is new for him to learn aside from Smash and Helm Splitter is Focused Strike. Focused Strike does not add any additional might but it does add a +30 hit rate. It's reliable but nothing ground breaking. Sniper is another good option for him as Hunter's Volley will always be good. Warrior is a not as good as an option for Ashe as you would hope. Yes his high dex growth works well with the added strength buff. But his meager bulk won't justify him trying to pull a Wrath build. Same with War Master and Quick Riposte. For Authority he only learns Battalion Desperation. Unless he out-speeds someone rather significantly he really doesn't get any benefit from it at all. Perhaps if he keeps getting lucky with speed buffs every level up and he was a Wyvern Lord, then I suppose he can wallop enemies with a Brave Axe. Striking someone 4 times in a row without the enemy trying to fight back sounds wonderful but for him it's a pipe dream. Overall, he is a 4/10 unit for me. His talents are only useful in a handful of situations where treasure chests and locked doors are aplenty. But his meager bulk and lackluster attack will most likely hold you back. Though in fairness you would want to keep him leveled at least up until beginning of part 2. He'll show up in chapter 13 again along with Gilbert and he would need help taking care of archers and snipers that threaten him with Poison Strike. And even before then, his paralogue battle with Catherine. He can achieve a good attack stat and hit rate later on but he honestly feels like a generic unit with an infinite supply of lock picks.
  11. That was the one thing that has me scratching my head for this one. If Balthus has a bow rank of D in chapter 2 I would pick him over Dedue in a heartbeat because of his personal ability while I get it that it's only situational would be useful here. I've been also deliberating on recruiting Anna for her paralogue. Yes she is useless on maddening and she's a waste of a spot. But I was considering grabbing her by chapter 11 and easily promoting her as an assassin. She would be level 21 so the certification would be nice and she can at least lure out the warriors that are in her paralogue battle. She would carry axe breaker and I can always give her a stride battalion to use so she can at least A provide me a useful first turn and B not die in one round (hopefully). But yea, I'll get Yuri by chapter 2 since he also happens or have a faith rank in D so extra heals are always nice
  12. Now we get to the lone wolf himself Felix. Also yes that's the name of his personal ability but we'll get to that. Felix looks to be built like your typical Myrmidon character like Dedue is your typical armored knight. He seems promising so what does he bring to the table? Let's dive right in. This is assuming Hard mode Felix is actually has a pretty interesting start in the blue lions route. His attack is on par with the other lords like Dimitri and Edelgard at first glance. He starts with 10 strength with a 55% growth. 9 speed with a 55% growth. HP and 6 are both 26 and 6 respectively with both rocking a 45% growth. That doesn't sound that bad at all. Then on the flip side, he has low magic and defense both at a 30% growth. Both of them have a stat of 5. His luck, res and charm stat are nothing to be amazed with either since they are also pretty low. What makes his damage damage output on par early on is his personal ability Lone Wolf. Which means he gains an attack boost of 5 when not equipped with a battalion or if it's endurance is reduced to 0. He also bares the major crest of Fraldarius. The crest grants him a 40% chance of boosting weapon might by five during normal weapon attacks. The crest of Fraldarius adds to Felix’s already high damage output and has great synergy with brave weapons and gauntlets as Felix's crest has an 87% chance of procing at least once in a string of four attacks. The combination of all these factors make Felix dominant in the early game and thanks to his excellent growths in both strength and speed he will maintain his lead throughout the game. Now of course if you decide to work on his Authority which is one of his banes throughout the game, you'll eventually want to equip him with a better battalion as they tend to offer him better stat buffs all around. EDIT: I forgot to mention that his paralogue battle contains a Aegis Shield which is obtained when you save all the villagers. It offers a nice 6 protection and since he bares the crest of Fraldarius he can get Aegis + Pavise as well. His other boons include Swords, Bows and Gauntlets. As mentioned above he has a bane in Reason magic and Authority. But he has a budding talent in Reason magic which unlocks Black Magic Critical + 10. That would in theory sound nice for his only two spells: Thunder and Thoron. Fun fact: Him and Dimitri share the same reason spell list. In all honestly not a lot of people tend to make him a Mortal Savant mainly because of his sudden drop in speed growth. I'll get to that in a bit. He starts with D rank in swords and the Wrath Strike combat art. That can actually help his damage output in addition to lone wolf early on for cleaning up weakened enemies if feeding him kills. He also gets E+ and bows and brawling so it should be easy for him to get Curved Shot and Fading Blow respectively. As far as class paths go there a couple he can do but are nice for him. The Myrmidon class will help out his speed growth and gain Speed +2. While fighter increases his physical strength and gain Strength +2. This ultimately depends on what aspect of his talents you're more interested in. We'll get to sword class options out of the way first. He gains Sunder which adds more crit and Finesse Blade which does more damage based on his dex. From Myrmidon he can go Mercenary or Thief. Mercenary if you like the Vantage ability, or Thief if you want the Steal ability which actually considering his speed stat could be feasible. For example, in chapter 7 both the opposing lords carry evasion ring, if you're able to weaken them or lower their speed assuming you bring Hapi as part of DLC and she carries Swarm. With that you'll be able to steal their evasion ring making it easier to hit them. Mercenary offers a slight boost in strength and speed while Thief offers higher boost in dex and speed in addition to being able to move through thickets and bushes with no issues. Then there is Hero, Swordmaster and Assassin. Hero has the higher HP growth out of the three, but the Hero's speed growth is not as good as Swordmaster or Assassin. Hero would need a sword rank of B or minimum C+. Hero also needs an axe rank of C or at minimum D+. Speaking of Axe rank, if you want Felix to hit even harder regardless of what physical class you're going for, Death Blow is a must. Enough said. Hero does come with an innate Vantage ability as part of it's class ability in addition to swordfaire. Now that does sound nice but you would want to normally accompany Vantage with something like Wrath or Battalion Wrath. It's a niche option for some, but in the case of Felix he also has Battalion Vantage at Authority Rank C and by the time you master Warrior for Wrath, you'll usually want him to go to War Master. Hero also gains Defiant Strength which adds +8 to your strength stat when at 25% or below of your current HP. This couples nicely with an innate Vantage since they can also equip guard adjutants in case they need to survive a hit beforehand. The pay off is huge as a Hero but how comfortable are you with this kind of strategy is the question? Swordmaster is his canon class based on his design. You need a sword rank of A or minimum B+. Swordmaster offers Felix a nice 25% HP increase in addition to 10% in strength and 20% speed. Like Hero, Swordmaster also carry swordfaire but also sword critical + 10. Both classes have 5 move and neither of them are able to move through thickets and bushes as swiftly. Swordmaster also comes with arguably one of the worst combat art mastery in the game Astra. It really does pain me to say that since I like Astra as an ability to strike 5 times in one hit. But in the case of Three Houses, Astra is a sword master exclusive combat art which allows you to strike someone 5 times that comes with a -10 hit rate and a cost of 9 points of weapon durability. I don't know what the devs where thinking but they butchered this CA. Granted you can still use it on a high endurance weapon like forged training swords or forged steel swords. Or if you want to potentially decimate an enemy's health bar there is a forged Wo Dao which in conjunction with Hit +20 and a battalion with high hit and crit rate. But how much money are you willing to spend just to do that? Then there is Assassin. While this class might lack kill power compared to the other two, Assassins rock a 20% growth to HP, Dex, and Speed. Also they require a bow rank of C or minimum D+. In addition to Sword rank being at B or minimum C+ like Hero. Assassins have 6 move which is ideal for any foot locked class but as always they pale in comparison to 8 move flight. Plus it's mastery isn't much better than swordmaster either. Assassinate and Lethality like I mentioned in Petra's analysis are too niche to pull off. Then finally there is Mortal Savant. People don't like this class for some reason (see what I did there?). Well, people don't like Mortal Savant because you're going from a sword class that offers 20% boost in speed to a sword class that can cast magic and suffer a -10% growth. Sure Mortal Savant maintains a +1 speed modifier. But you go from Assassin to Mortal Savant and you're basically giving up a 30% speed growth just to get 10% in magic, strength and luck? Yea the class still has swordfaire and black tomefaire by hybrid attacking classes are rarely successfully used. And this is no different. Warding Blow adding +6 to res when attacking is not great either. It's meant to be a mage killer I guess but there are far more effective ways to deal with them. Ward, Pure Water or even better yet at times, Silence. Also the class needs a reason rank of B+ or minimum B while you would already be at sword rank A at that point. Felix can also gain the dancer class for sword avoid +20 but like Dimitri you would be either sacrificing a power house or a dancer if you do this. His bow and brawling options fare better imo. He can go down the Archer, Sniper and possibly Bow Knight line if you want him too. Archer grants him Hit +20 which will help his rather shaky accuracy. Sniper grants him Hunter's Volley and he his the hardest hitting candidate for the job. Most archers like Bernie, Ashe and Ignatz tend to have a 35% strength growth so they are not overwhelming to deal with. But Felix his a 55% strength growth. Combine that with a increase of dex by 20% and you have a Sniper that hits hard and is accurate. Not to mention that his crest benefits from attacking from range too especially with something like a Brave Bow or Inexhaustible if you want. Hunter's Volley with a forged Killer's Bow or Silver Bow is always a great option for Felix in case you don't think his crest will activate. His only other Bow combat art is Heavy Draw. It's not as accurate as Curved Shot but doesn't suffer a hit rate loss. In fact it grants him a +8 might and +10 hit. He can take advantage of it as a Bow Knight. it may not be Point-Blank Volley, but it still hits hard and he can run away afterwards. This makes it an effective hit and run strategy as Heavy Draw will certainly leave a dent in the enemy if it doesn't kill. His brawling options are Grappler and War Master. Grappler of course is great for player phase focused units and Felix is naturally fast and like assassin he can move through thickets and bushes swiftly. Fierce Iron Fist and Tomebreaker are nice perks to have as well. Grappler also increases his dex and speed notably by 10% so he can still maintain his very good speed growth and improve his dex while in this class. War Master allows Felix to gain a astonishingly high 40% HP growth in addition to 15% strength and 10% speed. War Master also grants him Quick Riposte. One of the best abilities for any brawling class or anyone with low speed. In Felix's class, if he sees someone that out speeds him. Quick Riposte will always allow him to perform follow up attacks as long as he is over 50% HP. This encourages the player to make him stay healthy as much as possible. War Master's Strike is a nice exclusive CA and it can hit any for for effective damage. There is also War Monk if you want him to master it to gain Brawl Avoid +20. Raising his faith might be a bit of a chore as this would require him to have a faith rank of C+ in addition to brawl at B+. But it's worth mastering at least to me. For combat arts he gets Nimble Combo which is going to be his go to attack as a brawler for a while until you decide for him to get Fierce Iron Fist for that triple attack. He always gets Mystic Blow which adds damage based on his magic. Unless you got some Aura Knuckles going on for him, I don't think his magic stat is high enough to take advantage of it. With all that said, I think he is an overall 8.5/10. I would give him a 9 but I think that his personal ability while nice early on tends to be obsolete later on his C to B rank battalions offer him better boosts and his bane in authority makes it hard for him to achieve it. But don't let that discourage you for using him. Like Dimitri, he can do very well in any physical class you want. He's got the tools to be one of your best units and a always worth a spot on your team. Recruiting him outside though requires a high sword rank of B+ assuming no support. Though if you manage to get his support rank at C+ then you only need a sword rank of C+ so it's not too bad. Also worth mentioning: If you get him and Dimitri's support up to rank B by part 1, you get the Sword of Zoltan. A really powerful sword but it needs someone's sword to be at A rank. so if you want to go down the sword option early and have someone at A rank, this weapon is great.
  13. Still any defense added is appreciated Also another question regarding to recruiting the Ashen Wolves. I'm wondering if I should wait to recruit them by at least chapter 3 since for example Constance and Hapi start with faith rank D between chapters 3 - 5, while Balthus starts with Bow rank D and Yuri would be close to authority Rank C by then. Or is it okay to recruit them by chapter 2? I once saw a twitter clip of Balthus taking 0 damage when under half health on maddening during the chapter 2 fight.
  14. I'm just mostly afraid of chapter 13 mostly more than anything else. And I also hope no one shames me for using stat boosters including DLC because for me they should be able to help me. But I will also have to make note that when I do Blue Lions Dimitri's BV + BW set is not going to work on chapter 13 since he comes in as a High Lord and a fully replenished battalion. But swordbreaker should be helpful for the map. I also might bring in grounder just for the accuracy boost. Forged Training Swords and Training Lances might be necessary now that I think about it
  15. That's a good idea actually. I have considered Dark Flier Annette but not Valkyrie Mercedes for Blue Lions. And I was already considering stat boosters to use on my maddening run especially if I want them to improve in certain areas. But giving Gilbert that much more defense sounds really solid.
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