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  1. I normally have someone with a charm stat well above 13 before I try it. Sometimes just above 13 would normally work. Also you if have the person you picked for the White Heron Cup to do a practice session where you’ll see Byleth show their student how to dance, you’ll get a +5 to your charm stat thus pretty much giving you the win. I typically get 2 out of 3 votes from the judges. Haven’t gotten all 3 votes on any given play through.
  2. @haarhaarhaar Those are good points for sure. I was just mentioning the occasional applications of duelist blow which can be a thing. But yes 99 out of a 100 times duelist blow is pretty much not worth it. It’s hard if not impossible to carve out it’s niche.
  3. While I mostly agree with the criticisms regarding Trickster, I do have a couple of points to bring up about Duelists Blow. I do see where Duelist Blow in this game feels limited in a sense that it doesn’t really contribute too much since Alert Stance + exists so Duelist Blow can’t hope to compete against dodge tanking against a number of enemies as opposed to dodge tanking against one. But there a couple of applications where I can see the skill being an okay choice. Not counting Wind Sweep of course, you could for example use Axe Breaker and Duelists Blow against Edelgard on a non a Crimson Flower route where she is rocking Hit +20 and Axe Prowess level 5 which effectively gives her a Hit +40. Add counterattack on top of that there is little room for safely engaging her. Why this combo could work is because if you’re able to inflict damage with a Levin Sword + like you brought up then you could in theory inflict decent damage as long as Rally Magic and/or Lucky Seven cooperates with you. Even Lucky Seven I wouldn’t find reliable. But there is a chance that it can add a +5 to the stat that you wanted. Duelist Blow can sync with Combat Arts like One-Two Punch, Hit and Run and Haze Slice allowing more avoid during Player Phase. Hit and Run along with let’s say Seal Defense in general is a good combo when doing a debuff along with Lancefaire damage when making Ingrid a Falcon Knight so she would reliably dodge and help make a follow up kill for Sylvain much easier with Swift Strikes or something similar to this effect. It has to been during your turn though for this to work so think carefully on that. Foul Play can be nice for movement tech to help out a Fortress Knight get in range to do something meaningfully. You probably would want to couple that with stride, warping, and maybe even dancing to pull some cute plays. And people have already mentioned Stealth working only when set up properly but Assassin does it better due to Swordfaire and 6 move. Though I guess the spell access does make it a swiss army knife that other people already brought up. It is a utility class that can work in certain scenarios but I do agree that there are better options personally.
  4. What I actually did with Jeritza one time was getting him to War Master to learn Quick Ripsote. It was obviously effective because he had a boon in brawling and combining mastermind with a knowledge gem during a auxiliary battle meant that he was going to shoot up from a C+ rank in brawling all the way to A in one battle. He was facing an enemy fortress knight that I forced him to break his silver axe on since I also gave Jeritza a battalion that offered 9 protection. Had two healers around too. This was effective into making the generic Fortress Knight target only Jeritza because he had a pair of rusted gauntlets equipped. I did try a Defiant Strength set on Balthus during my Crimson Flower run as a War Master with Vantage and Hit +20. It got the job done against generic units and monsters with their barriers down but I didn’t get too much mileage off of him because I got to actually go for it on the final two maps. Plus I didn’t nab Brawl Avoid +20 like I wished I did because I didn’t think that far ahead with him at the time until later. But I did see him gain a +14 strength thanks in part to his King of Grappling ability. I did finally try Brawl Avoid +20, Quick Riposte, Battalion Wrath on Alois for Silver Snow and he was surprisingly effective with it considering that I didn’t train him to get hit +20. He had over 45 strength as a level 40 War Master and had about I think 24 or 26 dex so his hit rate was a bit shaky. I had to patch it up with Goneril Valkyries but he was good in this role.
  5. I know that this is an old topic, but could Sakura!Hisame be somehow okay? Like with a Oni Cheiftan build with tomfaire? growths wise he would have 57.5% HP, 55% strength, 40% magic, 40% skill, 50% speed, 40% luck, 50% defense, 25% res. I've read that Setsuna or Hana are the preferred picks. But then I also read CeruleanGamer's pairings on gamefaqs from a long time ago and that Mozu is a good mom for him too. Though he also had other pairings that I didn't consider.
  6. Might as well give it a shot. I understand your skepticism but remember that Scarlet can pretty much get these skills rather quickly. Plus Great Lord exists too for her to learn Awakening. I probably could have also picked fighter for Corrin if I wanted her to go Berserker. Or samurai if I wanted her to nab vantage. But I went with mage so might as well see how this plays out.
  7. Okay that makes sense. I was thinking more along the lines of giving Kana some good stat modifiers. But giving her and Scarlet Corrin’s mage talent has good synergy with the classes I have in mind. Especially since Vengeance and Bowbreaker fits Scarlet like a glove and Kana will be able to still benefit from having pretty good stats. Thanks for the reply.
  8. Hello. I have my pairings for birthright for the most part figured out. I have male Corrin with his talent being mage. I’m still unsure on who to pair him up with. On the one hand, if I pair him up with Scarlet and Kana inherits mage, wyvern rider and gains A+ support with Mitama to get priestess, then I can combine something like heartseeker, trample and renewal to take advantage of their draconic heir ability to be damaging, accurate and durable at once as a Hoshidan Noble. She would get a +2 in strength, +4 magic, +1 skill, +4 speed, -1 luck, 1 defense and 1 res. Though this would mean that one of the kids wouldn’t get married. On the other hand, if I pair Corrin up with Caeldori whose mother would be Oboro she can pass down Elbow Room after getting a A+ support with Sophie, Kana’s modifiers would be now 0 strength, 3 magic, 4 skill, 2 speed, -4 luck, 5 defense and 1 res. Or I could have Hinoka as Caeldori’s mom just to do the Cordelia reference. Her stat mods would make Kana more balanced with 3 magic, 2 skill, 2 speed, -3 luck, 3 defense and 4 res. Both of them sound quite tempting and if I do the latter, the children will have someone to S rank with. Which of these options sounds more feasible?
  9. I recently completed Silver Snow maddening myself and the final boss wasn’t as dreadful as I feared it was. Miracle didn’t activate that much on their side except for once I think when Rhea was on her last health bar. Had to use 8 divine pulses but it was overall not that bad. With that said, for me at least I’ll never have to touch this game again. At least not for a long while.
  10. Hi I also have a question about conquest pairings. My F!Avatar has a +Mag/-Luck build and her talent is wyvern rider. I have most of my pairings figured out except for what to do with Elise, Nyx and F!Corrin. I could pair her up with Jakob and have him unlock Malig Knight early. He is already a Paladin and I’m on chapter 9 with their support already at rank A. But then if I do that then I’ll have to leave out most like Nyx. And I do want to see if I can a good third gen Kana. I could do Jakob x Elise or Camilla and still get him Malig Knight but that will take longer than if I were to pair him up with the avatar. If I were to pair her up with Felicia!Forrest, Kana’s magic stat will be at a ridiculous +8 but his strength will be at a -4 in terms of stat modifiers. So I’m unsure on what to do. Any tips for that would be nice. Thanks
  11. That is very interesting. I guess it is easy to mess up even when you’re not trying to. It’s just fascinating that how you move with the directional arrows somehow influences the RNG. But I’ll definitely keep that in mind going forward. Thanks for the info.
  12. I did use Annette as a wyvern lord. This was to sort of use her as a pseudo malig knight from fates since her primary offensive is the bolt axe and lightning axe combat art with a forged hammer. She was able to one round some mortal savants with a brave axe though I needed death blow to do it. A couple of stat boosters I think was needed but overall she had well mixed stats.
  13. The only time I would think one would train in riding if you were making Byleth a Dark Knight or Valkyrie if female on route to being a Dark Knight. What doesn’t make sense to me is needing a riding rank to recruit Petra if she doesn’t have riding as a boon. It should have been flying like how you would get Ingrid.
  14. This is a good write up on dodge tanks. I’m impressed to the lengths you went to write this. I did something similar a while back comparing paladins and wyvern lords when it came to player phase nuking with Swift Strikes. I recall it got a mixed response, maybe I could have done something better at the time but, hey shit happens. I would also like to add that Dark Fliers can also dodge tank a bit and even nab bowbreaker to bait in snipers and bow knights. Give them thyrsus or caduceus staff and they can actually retaliate from longer range. Flayn for example can benefit from the DLC class since she gets Pegasus Knight at base and she has a budding talent in reason. Work on her axe rank while flying and she can certify into a wyvern rider with 18 base strength by level 20. It’s beneficial because higher strength means less weight penalty when using a tome. Annette can pull off the same thing except she has a boon in axes but neutral with flying. If you choose the Blue Lions house and want to make her a flier then you would have to set that as her goal pretty much from the start.
  15. I’m at the end of silver snow maddening myself and I’ve spent 4 out of the 5 weekends cooking using the best of fodlan boosting everyone’s stats by 4. I guess I got lucky with the ingredients needed for it to work. The last week I had Petra master Wyvern Lord to get defiant crit. She already has defiant avoid so I’m thinking on using both along with alert stance+ of course.
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