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  1. I could do Axefaire. Except that Female Morgan’s only axe wielding class is War Cleric. While that’s nice for in game, I’m not sure if that will translate well in Apotheosis. That said, I might pass down Wrath since I know Morgan can do the VVW combo Despoil is an interesting ability to farm for money. That can be fun too
  2. That I completely agree with. Holy Knight just feels like wasted potential in it’s current state. Marianne for sure would have loved to make full use of it, especially since the boons for her suggests that she’d make the best candidate. And not just her, other characters like Byleth and Dorothea which @Dark Holy Elf pointed out can make use of it since they both have white magic avoid +20. Bernadetta, Lysithea, Ingrid and even Sylvain are other choices since three of the four candidates has Seraphim and/or Physic respectively. Bernie has Rescue which gives her a unique support role in addition to Vengeance. Lysithea has warp and would be an ideal choice on Silver Snow since there are lots of monsters. I can go on but everyone gets the idea.
  3. I’ve read this once before but I’ll definitely review it again. Thanks
  4. Hmm... I never considered that asset/flaw before. I'll try that out, and I was thinking of Male Robin x Lucina myself. I know Lucina passes down Aether, but for Robin, I'm not sure what to pass down? I know Axefaire or Rally Strength let's say are unique to female Morgan.
  5. I've been meaning to get back into Awakening again since I haven't played it in a very long time. I was trying to come up with some good pairings that can tackle the Apotheosis DLC maps and I think I came up with some good ones. I'm hoping to get people's opinions and recommendations on them. Here goes: The only other thing I can't seem to decide is who to pair up the avatar with. I'm considering a third gen Morgan because I know how powerful Morgan is. I'm thinking of either Female Avatar to pass down Galeforce/Dual Support + or Male Avatar to pass down Axefaire or one of rallies that females don't get. Any suggestions would be great. I know that Chrom x Robin is a popular paring and this does make a very good Lucina but Morgan gets screwed with Chrom's modifiers so I'm trying to see what people think. Thanks again in advance
  6. I have an interesting question for everyone here: Which master classes do you feel needs a change whether it's to make them better, worse, or rebalance them, etc? The reason why is because I think some of us here tend to pick classes for those that are suited best, like War Master Felix, Wyvern Lord Petra, or Falcon Knight Ingrid. We pick these kinds of classes for them because they are all good if not great classes to end up in by late game. Whether it's because of the class bonuses, great growths or boons that makes it easy to get to, we tend to just pick them because they are just that good. Falcon Knights and Wyvern Lords especially. Then we avoid other master classes like Mortal Savant, Great Knight and Holy Knight. These classes we consider them to be bad because of reasons like bad mastery skills, too much investment, bad growths, or in other cases way too niche to pull off. So what would you do to change some of these master classes or do you think they are fine the way they are? And it's okay if we all have different ideas. There's nothing wrong with feeling that a master class got the shaft and the others got it better than they should. I may not be the best at balancing these kinds of classes but it's fun to mess around right? I'll start with Great Knight. I think that Great Knight should be the bulkiest master class available without losing to Paladin in terms of growth and mastery. To make a quick comparison, Great Knights get a -10% speed growth like Paladin but -5% res growth. Paladin not only gets a +5% res growth but they also get growths in other areas in general. They may share a 30% HP growth and a 10% strength growth, but Paladin still wins in terms of and availability because you can make a Paladin in part 1 if you want since Advance Seals are not hard to get. Not to mention that Paladins have 8 move and Great Knights have 7. I can see that they wanted to emphasize the fact that Great Knights are meant to be physical walls on a horse, but Paladins still have better use than them since they have 8 move. Paladins also get Aegis, which can be useful in certain situations as long as your dex stat is high enough, while Defiant Defense is a waste I feel because you'll still die to magic or if the enemy's physical attack hits way too hard to begin with. Not to mention that Paladins have better stat modifiers than Great Knights except for defense. Paladins are easy to obtain because you only need Lance and Riding Investment which is relatively easy to achieve, Great Knights have an awkward requirement of Axes, Heavy Armor and Riding. The reason it's awkward because to level up heavy armor faster, you need to be in the Armored Knight and Fortress Knight class respectively. And I know that's the last thing people want to do because of their poor move and they get wrecked by mages. I think that for Great Knights to be good, I would personally change their growths around. Like give them a 40% HP growth that way they are on par with War Masters. I would also lower their speed penalty to -5% (same with Cavalier and Paladin actually) since they would be consistent with other riding classes. Feel free to disagree with me on this one but I do think that riding classes in general need to be better. I would also give Great Knights a 15% defense growths because they are meant to be tanks so let them be tanks. Take away the -5% res growth too since it just makes their rough spots worse. Finally, I would change their mastery skill to a Lance combat art, and give them Luna. Like in the previous games this would have the ability to ignore an enemy's defense allowing them to inflict more damage. Maybe give it a cost of 5 durability points perhaps. I can understand why defiant skills are in the game but aside from avoid, critical, strength and maybe magic(pending on your taste) they just feel like wasted skills. The only two things I am stuck on is their requirements and class abilities because I can see the dev's way of altering paths from Paladin or Fortress Knight to Great Knight because you would be working on at least some of those proficiencies. Though to take advantage of both Lancefaire and Axefaire you would have to work on them both consistently along with Riding and Heavy Armor which is why this makes the class to awkward. You work on axes for great knight let's say but you don't work on lances as much, and in the cases of Ferdinand for example, he'll probably not learn swift strikes as fast as you would normally want him to.
  7. So far I managed to get past the Gronder Field battle. This wast admittedly very stressful because of Dimitri and Edelgard capable of OHKO’ing any of my units with their respective combat arts and counter attack. The ambush spawn that happens didn’t help matters either since they appear when you attack the Sniper whose at the ballista. Knowing that at least allowed me to plan better after that. I used stride at the beginning so I can get Lysithea in range to take out the Fortress Knight blocking in the way and to redirect the sniper. I gave Byleth Sacred Power because I felt that the extra defense for Lysithea as well as her relic may provide her sole extra protection. I found out with that exchange that the sniper only hit Lysithea for only 9 damage thanks to Aegis. From there I just lured in the paladins with Hilda since she has Lancebreaker. She also did a number on the other fortress knights thanks to her Hammer+. Healed everyone accordingly too. When Dimtri’s forced started to move in I had to carefully lure in the ambush spawn units and madd damn well sure that Dorothea was far away from them since she dies in literally one hit. I was using her as siege tome support for Felix, Ingrid, Yuri and Byleth. I had Yuri steal master seals from both Dimitri and Edelgard so I would save myself some money. The amazing thing is that he had one more point of speed than Dimitri so I got really lucky with the easy steal. Yuri is my assassin with the mastered thief skill. Getting rid of Dimitri was the biggest problem because I had no way of ensuring I’d survive any of his attacks. So after some thinking I used Byleth to soften him up with a gambit and then Lysithea was finally able to finish him off thanks to Hades + Sacred Power. The rest of the kingdom army weren’t that bad, I used Encloser to keep Dedue from attacking one of my allies with his Tomahawk. I also wanted to point out that him having a speed ring served no purpose since he’s slow anyways. If he had something else he would have been better off. But hey IS, you do you. After that I just carefully approached enemy as normal. Though what was amazing is that I broke the demonic beast’s barrier, I decided to go for Triangle Attack. And I am not making this up, it was doing over a hundred damage with a 100% chance to hit and 100% chance to crit. One last thing to bring up, Yuri having Duelist Blow and Axebreaker against Edelgard served him well since she only had a 26% chance of hitting him and that’s included Hit + 20 on her end
  8. Ahh gotcha. I should have asked for more context before I responded. I guess I way you worded got me thinking that you meant the class should be dropped. I most likely just misunderstood what you meant by that
  9. The thing about ditching the lord class is that for better or worse, the Lord class is one of the more iconic classes in the series because how it defines some of the main characters i.e Chrom. I don’t think getting rid of them would solve this issue but I do agree it would be needing an overhaul. The thing about the lord class is that it’s the only intermediate class that gives you bonus exp in authority. Like how pegasus knights gives more exp in flying and so forth. Their growths are only okay since HP, dex and charm are some good traits for the class. I can also concur that Resistance +2 and the Subdue combat art are not great mastery skills at all. The only niche I see with Res +2 is that it combos with Edelgard’s post time skip ability which grants her Res + 4 when using the wait command. It’s essentially Dedue’s Personal Ability Staunch Shield except for him it grants him defense. Except that Dedue’s ability IMO is more useful and assuming you pick the Blue Lions it’s there at the beginning of the game. Maybe if the Lord Class brought back Aether as an ability and Dual Strike as a sword Combat Art or something similar maybe it’d be worth it. Especially since you can carry Subdue over with you anyways (at least I think you can, could be wrong).
  10. This is also one of those cases where a Wyvern Lord Edelgard is better than her cannon class Emperor. Which is to me a bit of a shame because the Emperor class only beats Wyvern Lord in terms of HP, Defense and Charm though by only a margin. Yes her Supreme Armor Co. Battalion has a better AoE radius and damage than about any other flying battalion, but that hardly matters when you look at what Wyvern Lord offers for El.
  11. For Bernie, if you’re going for Vengeance builds, I usually tend to give her lance prowess, hit +20, death blow (or if you don’t want to level up her axe bane then strength +2.), pass, and HP + 5. Pass you could do without but I like having it on so she can slip pass enemies that would otherwise hinder her movement because they are in the way. I like HP + 5 on her because it not only allows her to ensure that she lives at least one hit, but having more vengeance damage is always a plus. Guard adjutants or Blessing works wonders with this set as long as you’re luring in one enemy and the rest is out of her range. From there she can play hit and run. Encloser on the other hand can be useful where vengeance is not. Freezing enemies in place as a Bow Knight is always a useful strategy since it helps you from getting to overwhelming.
  12. I like using encloser myself. She's my bow knight on my Verdant Wind maddening route. Her and Claude can both use it so that will help me keep things from getting dicey
  13. I was actually considering doing Male Byleth for the Blue Lions route and seeing if War Master would be a good fit for him. I'm currently on my Golden Deer run with Female Byleth and I'm really liking her as a Falcon Knight. Is male Byleth inferior to female Byleth in that regard? Or can War Master Byleth be a viable option on maddening? Crit + 20 can be very strong but Avoid +10 + Alert Stance+ is such a potent combo.
  14. Ahh good to note. I didn’t realize that they don’t stack. At least now going forward I’ll know what works better.
  15. Not yet. Though I do have Byleth's lance rank at A so I can give her the gradivus if I need to. Plus I think that I would have needed Argathiums to repair the Scythe if I remember correctly. Though if things get dicey I will use it. I had to use Lance of Ruin and Swift Strikes to take down Maurice. Not to mention that Maurice has nearly 200 HP when down to his last HP bar. I gave Seteth the Blessed Lance and had him use Monster Piercer. Though he is really really close on getting swift strikes. Once that is done, then he can be a legitimate monster killer. I'll eventually give Seteth the Spear of Assal eventually. I haven't been afraid of using the Hero's Relics or Scared Weapons if things got too overwhelming for me to handle so I'm going to continue to use my forged iron/silver/killer weapons until the situation calls for them
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