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  1. Which gender do you like to use for Byleth on any (or all) of the four routes when you attempt your maddening run? Feel free to state your reason as to why you prefer male over female and vice versa.
  2. Quick question: Does War Monk/Cleric count as a guard adjutant or a heal adjutant?
  3. Oh that's sounds awesome. It's one of my favorite quotes
  4. Was one of the quotes when you score a crit “pick a god and pray!”?
  5. For me it’s the following No.5: Sothis Paralogue pre time skip No.4: Caspar/Mercedes Paralogue post time skip No.3: Linhardt/Leonie Paralogue post time skip No.2: Marianne Paralogue post time skip No.1: Claude Paralogue post time skip. Wyven Lord reinforcements were annoying as hell! Just when I was safe...nope! Had to use up my divine pulses just to reposition my units
  6. Hmmm....that is interesting. Maybe when I get to Crimson Flower I’ll give Mortal Savant Dorothea a shot. I am currently working towards Mortal Savant Yuri. Though he is level 12 and I’m on chapter 8. I got to get caught up fast.
  7. I haven't really tried Mortal Savant Dorothea but I suppose that she can get use out of it because against grapplers tomebreaker can be a pain for her to deal with. But thanks to Swordfaire however, she can go for a combat art and deal good damage to them to bypass tomebreaker. Though they tend to have high HP so I would think that she would appreciate them being softened up first. Plus it would give her an option against Paladins since she can still snipe them with Thoron. Again though I think they would need to be softened up. I could be completely wrong on this one. A friend of mine I know wants to do a Dark Knight Sylvain as well for his Crimson Flower route. I told him about the mage route he can take to get there and that bowbreaker + black magic avoid +20 would give him a niche but notable role in luring in snipers and effectively dodging them as long as he draws them to shoot as far away as possible. He was especially interested in knowing Sylvain gets Seraphim and wants to at least see how well he does as a caster on a horse. Bow Knight Byleth was something I was seriously considering doing for my Blue Lions run but I'm going for War Master instead because Quick Riposte on him is incredible. I'll probably make Felix one since he can use Brave Bow and even Claude's Failnaught for the high damage output. He wouldn't suffer damage from using it since he has a crest and his own crest could still activate so I think it's a cool idea. Then again, I could also do something similar for WM Byleth where crit + 20 and Failnaught would one round quite a few enemies.
  8. I think it’s because Thyrsus as a relic is a great tool for mages with crests while the Caduceus is a nice option for those without one. Plus the pasive recovery is always nice. I especially put Thyrsus on Lysithea because her dark magic is very strong whether she is a gremory, dark knight or valkyrie. Caduceus I tend to slap it on basically anyone that has spells but Linhardt and Flayn both have the same crest so they benefit from a stronger HP recovery every turn. They both have the same reason spell list but I will agree that Flayn has better use for it because she can access Dark Flier or Gremory like you said whereas Linhardt should probably just remain a Bishop. His faith spell list is more valuable than his black magic. Flayn’s faith spell list you can take it or leave it because she at least has rescue and fortify but no physic or warp like Linhardt has.
  9. Damn. That’s pretty enticing. I’ll have to give it a go even if it’s just for fun.
  10. I never tried a NG+ maddening run on any given route. Is it normally better to spend renown on supports early so you can just recruit other units whenever you want first? Or do you just buy up the max professor rank first so you can just increase which ever rank for Byleth that you want instead?
  11. Sorry. I misread your question. That’s what I get for skimming through it while I was tired. But yea like everyone else said, consider how to lure in enemies but not too many to the point where it’s overwhelming. Be aware of Miracle possibility activating. Also Rhea has two life bars with Miracle. On her second form, her luck stat is 51
  12. What chapter are you currently on? If 14 then you need to make sure you have those that can counter the pegasus knights and falcon knights that will no doubt swarm you. That’s part of what you need to do. Setting off the contraption that will cause a fire will help you out quite a bit. There are a few Fortress Knights, Paladins and Warlocks around as well so take every precaution. The falcon knight reinforcements will keep coming until I want to say you beat the boss in question. That or they only come in waves 3 times. Also, what’s your current set up? Do you have someone with lancebreaker or axebreaker?
  13. Nicely done! I did my Golden Deer maddening run not too long ago. Now I’m currently on my Blue Lions maddening run. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up to you.
  14. I also second what @hdawgsizzle said about Byleth being a Falcon Knight. She was excellent on my Golden Deer maddening run. I even kept a save file for the final boss incase if I were to ever revisit it. I’ve used niche skills that I managed to make work like Defiant Avoid and Sacred Power thanks to mastering the Enlightened One class. To give you an idea, she had the Cursed Ashiya Sword equipped in addition to alert stance + and defiant avoid. With sword prowess mixed in since it offered high avoid when maxed out, the assassins had like a 0 - 1 % chance of hitting me when they try to attack me normally. It’s insane how much avoid you can stack on one unit. Sacred Power I used on another mission where Claude was able to do extra damage thanks to their support being very high. The Plus 3 attack in addition to another 3 attack gave Claude a Plus 6 on enemy phase. 12 if you count player phase and Death Blow. Only thing about Sacred Power is that it works with adjacent allies.
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