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  1. I even tried Manuela as a Gremory on my BL maddening run. She was fine. 2x of Bolting and Warp did come in handy. The only thing for me at the time was that I didn’t build my team that was centered around her and her supports in order to take advantage of the link bonus she provides. That said, she is outclassed by Dorothea in that role since Dorothea has a boon in reason unlike Manuela and while Dorothea has a bane in faith, she has a budding talent which grants white magic avoid +20 adding flexibility for her. However, if Dorothea and Manuela where to be in the same party, she would benefit the most from Manuela since they share a special bond.
  2. I would just look forward to the next fire emblem to be honest. If they are announcing a remake they might hopefully take this opportunity to fix some of the issues the original had and or maybe expand on what made the original so good and make it better.
  3. Yes the first opportunity to do it is in chapter 9. I did that for all three routes of my maddening runs. It does take some time and preparation for it. You have to buy all the fishing bait every month and then eventually you just fish til it’s all gone. It got me roughly 1 1/2 a professor rank by doing this. I was at B professor rank at that point. I got all the way to A with just a few thousand points until I reach A+. Hell I even got to A+ by the end of chapter 11.
  4. The only thing I can think of for Axes is War Master’s Strike with a forged Killer’s Axe. But that’s quite late in the game to acquire it since most players would rather just get Quick Riposte and take it to another class like Grappler or something. Lances, there is no class that has a lancd crit+10 ability like Swordmasters or Warriors have. I guess the Sycthe of Sariel would be the go to crit lance.
  5. No worries. Topics tend to derail on a forum like this anyways. But back to the topic on hand. When I tackled maddening for the first time, I did Golden Deer and ran a Battalion Wrath set with Claude. It’s reliable because I wouldn’t have to worry about whether or not his crest (which restores HP) would activate. But if I were to ever revisit this (which may not be for a long time because I want to finish Silver Snow and put the game down for a while), I want to try something different for a non dedicated crit set. Same with Dimitri though I do admit I loved his b. vantage + b. wrath set since I feel these two are capable enough to run a different kind of set up. El having defiant crit I was met with mixed results as I mentioned before. Even though El is excellent on maddening too thanks to Raging Storm, it would seem that you just have to pray for her crest of flames not activating in order for her crit string to not be broken. Of course it was in a way a good thing that it did proc because I had 0 divine pulses left when I tried the strategy against The Immaculate One. Chapter 18 was the toughest fight for me yet. And god only knows when the Silver Snow final boss for me will probably top it.
  6. I guess you could say I would. But from my experience I typically don’t really need a HV spammer to have a crit set unless it’s against monsters and monster bosses. For the most part a dedicated crit sniper with HV tends to be overkill for me. I mean I have KO’d most enemies without needing any additional crit than what the combat art provides.
  7. I have used Dimitri’s B.Vantage + B.Wrath set. And I can gladly say that it was a god send. Particularly during the Anna Paralogue where he absolutely cleared out nearly everyone since that was a pain in the neck. Falcon Knight Byleth is also quite good on maddening. I used a defiant avoid built where nearly everything had like 1% chance to hit me after factoring in alert stance+ and an evasion ring with the Cichol Wyvern Co. battalion.
  8. I have a curious question for those who have beaten this game on maddening or any of the earlier entries on the series on their lunatic difficulty. Are critical hit set ups overrated? I ask this because it seems to be an easy way out for those otherwise really difficult chapter battles. For example Claude can go Alert Stance+ and Battalion Wrath as a Barbarossa or Wyvern Lord and just score a crit with a forged Killer Blow after dodging an attack with retribution activated. Dimitri has the B. Vantage + B. Wrath set and we all know about that. Edelgard does not have access to B. Wrath. Just regular vantage + wrath+ defiant crit which everyone else can do. I recently beat crimson flower maddening using El as a WL with a defiant crit set. My goal was to have her score a string of critical hits while her HP being dangerously low against The Immaculate One using Raging Storm. It didn’t exactly work out because of her crest of flames activating and restoring her HP but it did bring her down to her last health bar before it broke. Makes me wonder if maddening can be beat without resorting to dedicated crit sets. I’m sure it probably can be beaten but does it make it harder to beat without crit sets or is it necessary anyways because of how difficult maddening can be by the end game?
  9. As already pointed out, the Black Eagles doesn’t have the best start in terms of defense since your only tank by default is Edelgard. Later on Ferdinand can be one if you choose the armor route, but as a Fortress Knight he’ll have a miserable time getting around maps but that role can be alright in certain situations. Of course if you want the most out of Ferdie and even Petra for that matter, they should end up being fliers. In part thanks to Ferdie’s ability confidence which combos beautifully with avoid +10 and alert stance+. Their advantage over the other two is that they are more magic oriented so Hubert, Linhardt and Dorothea already have access to their offensive magic (Hubert with Miasma, Dorothea with Thunder and Linhardt with Wind once you tutor him for a bit in chapter 2). Plus Hubert may along the way during the battle learn Mire which can be nice for softening up enemies for your physical attackers to pick up and easy kill with a CA i.e Tempest Lance or Wrath Strike. Dorothea can be a pseudo healer with Songstress so have let’s say Byleth, Ferdinand, and Petra protect her while enemies approach, eat a hit and then get some HP back. It allows you too make better use of vulneraries this early in the game.
  10. While it may be a bit late to point out considering how far you’re into the game already, but there are a couple of tricks to pull to bump up your squad’s stats by certifying them into certain classes. For example, if you certify someone as a armored knight, their base defense goes up to 12 at level 10. They will also gain an additional defense bonus as a class stat modifier if they stay in the armored knight class which would be increased to 16 . Plus later on if you certify someone into a fortress knight at level 20, they get their base defense increased to 17. If they stay in the class at level 20, their defense will jump up to 27. Same with Warrior which grants someone 19 strength at level 20. Wyvern Lord at level 30 by bumps up a unit’s speed to 20 then if they stay in the Wyvern Lord class their base speed jumps up to 24. You can pull this off with any character. As for Felix, Leonie and Shamir, yes they are great units and if possible definitely deploy them.
  11. Interesting. So it's kind of a speed run or at least a no monastery run. I think the game will force you to pick a dancer though. Not entirely sure
  12. I have seen rallies mess with the AI before and make them do something else so that makes sense. How are you approaching your maddening run? I typically do monastery, battle, monastery, battle then mission.
  13. From my experience, if an enemy has a battalion equipped and they see that two or more of your units are bunches up, they will go for who they feel is the easiest target. So like someone who lacks a charm stat i.e Caspar would be a likely target. But only if he is within their range. Knowing that you could put someone else in range that has a higher charm stat to make the enemy waste their gambit. They will go for it because it doesn’t allow a counter attack. As far as Ignatz, Raphael and Lorenz, it depends on what chapter you are on and what their current level is. I know that at least training them up to be at least able to survive chapter 13 is for the best at that point that way if you wish to bench them you could. I personally was able to train Iggy to be a good enough Sniper where he’ll have no issues one rounding enemies with HV. To be fair the same can be said for other Sniper candidates but I think Ignatz is underrated even for maddening standards. He’s worth it if you’re actually planning on using him. He just takes a while to get going. Raph at least has high enough HP to not die in one round while being doubled. Lorenz imo is just there. Some find him underrated to since he does make a decent dark knight. Nothing wrong with them technically but I feel Ignatz is the better out of the three “meh” units. He is imo less meh.
  14. That’s a fun Byleth build. I mean Byleth can make about any class work considering their starting base stats and growths. Plus with a battalion that offers high avoid and the white magic avoid +20 can be a cool combo along with canto. Marianne as a Mortal Savant is another solid pick for her for the reasons you mentioned. She has a lot of boons which is admittedly curious but she can certainly venture options outside of her typical bishop role.
  15. That's a fair point. I mean of course those 3 are good choices but if you are able to make the argument that MS and HK can fill some kind of role for you then more power to you. I am doing the same thing ironically. I am curious though who you used as a MS and HK. I am currently using Mortal Savant Lysithea on my Crimson Flower maddening run out of curiosity, and I must admit I am impressed with her damage output with a forged Levin Sword. She was rocking at least 55 damage or so since her magic stat is around 40 (I think it's above 40 now since she is level 35). She can certainly make it work. I wanted to like Mortal Savant in the beginning because it's a master class that can use both swordfaire and black tomefaire efficiently. I compared Assassin Felix's stats to Mortal Savant Felix's stats since I was raising his reason magic a little bit. He would lose 4 points of speed and I think 2 points of dex in exchange for spell access, higher strength, defense, res and magic. I'm not sure if losing that 4 speed for Felix (or anyone else for that matter) is worth the trouble. I have also done Holy Knight Bernadetta. Her role as a rescue/physic bot isn't too shabby but you would have to go out of your way to increase her magic by for example certifying her as a bishop so you can bump her magic stat up to 15. Then her magic growth would bump up from 20% to 30%. It's a bit better but chances are her magic stat would in theory only make it to 18 magic by the time she makes it to level 30 as a holy knight. Though I suppose that's why stat boosters exist. She was useful on a few maps for me when I was doing Azure Moon. Her rescue spell was helpful in bringing my units closer rather than pulling them away from certain death but still, I liked what she brought to the table there. If we hope for a future Fire Emblem game that can better balance the class options and class access, I think a first step is to remove gender restrictions on classes. I know I'm not the only one who feels that.
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