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  1. It's getting better. In my Awakening run, Lucina one hit k.o.'d Grima by chance and I had zero idea what I was doing. I didn't even get to hear Id properly. In Fates, Anankos' multiple parts were the only good thing about Revelation. Enemy bosses having shields etc. makes it take longer to defeat them, so you leave satisfied. I always go back to SS final boss, because every time I feel "I can do better next time."
  2. Idk he's hot (except for his S Support image) Jokes aside, I didn't care for him that much in my first CF run. I was amazed by him in his last VW moment. That letter hit me hard.
  3. It wasn't available in my country back then and it still isn't now. So I guess they could improve on reach + region wise.
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