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  1. I suggest that a feature be implemented that warns if you are about to necropost. Some people (me 😭) are looking for answers or to help with problems and end up reaching a topic from our browser, rather than searching for this long closed topic through pages of threads. It's not intentional, and for someone like myself who is rarely on forums because of time restraints, looking at the timestamps isn't a habit. This is why a simple warning popup about necroposting would solve a lot of issues and keep users from piling up points for necroposting. Also I do realize this thread is more than a month old, but I feel this input is valid enough to (hopefully) not warrant necroposting penalties.
  2. I wanted to share some of the projects I've been working on for my own D&D games with the community, all of these are free and open to everyone to use and I will be updating this post whenever I make new conversions. Feel free to make requests, I tend to work better with direction! Enjoy and let me know what you think! 🙂 Races Classes Spells Weapons Items
  3. I received the seraph robe and a log for rescuing only one villager. so don't fret too much about saving them
  4. I found a trainee promotion patch, I'm currently testing the changes I made, basically added Franz to the list of trainees, So hopefully this works! and I couldn't find a trainee flag either, I think this patch is the only way to interact with the trainee classes
  5. So now I can't get Franz to promote when he hits lv 10. I saw a post on FEuniverse that says if you set the max level to 10 for the class then it should promote on the battle prep screen of the next mission. That's not happening though, any thoughts?
  6. I did it! there's an option for a new palette assignment in the character palette editor that will create a new pointer. when you make one, you have to click on the battle animation tab and select the class for which you want to adjust the palette of. after that it's just a matter of changing the colors until you're happy with how it looks and writing it to the ROM! Thanks Odyssey for getting me to look in the right direction! Hopefully this information can help someone else too! And Jubilee, I've seen like 10 videos on FEbuilder today and none of them walk through palette insertion/modification unfortunately 😕
  7. Hello everyone! I'm working on a small project at the moment. Right now it consists of turning the soldier class in FE8 into a trainee class and also having Franz be this trainee soldier class. I'm having trouble with the palettes though. there are no characters with their own soldier palette so I can't simply edit an existing palette and point to it. Also, I haven't messed with any ROM hacking tools in about a decade so FEbuilder is very new and strange to me. How do I go about adding new animations/palettes to FEbuilder as I need to make 6 new class palettes to accommodate Franz the trainee? Any help is greatly appreciated, and although this project isn't super crazy, I can certainly use this knowledge in the future(I plan on making a hack with the Dynasty Warriors cast). Thanks to all who decide to help show me the ropes!
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