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  1. Hard mode can get hard (or you must bench RNG screwed units) cause if you wanna deploy the full army its really hard to spread xp out well. Cause if I don't use DLC Gaius or Sully drops off cause they got RNG screwed. Sully only got skill/spd and stopped being good after she level 5 GK. Gaius was just a pairup bot and promoted too late and he had to get benched with Sully even if they an S support rank. Yeah Gaius was like a level 8 theif? (I had to use skirmishes to level him from base cause he gets murdered on his joining) and he was just a pairbot for Sully after that. Virion sucks. Its the bandwagon but I only use him on grind runs. Miriel I dont like. Same as Virion. She DOES hve good magic modifiers but she's such a boring character. Heck, I've had a run WHERE ROBIN yes ROBIN (OP god S tier Robin) became shitty cause his level ups were all just +HP and +Spd/+skill and nothing else. It was terribad. Tiki and Anna might be unusable by endgame if you never used them cause their joining ratings are only around 170 and 115 respectively, and endgame swarming murdered them. Tiki has speed issues and Anna can be godly if you just spams staves to 15 Trickster early enough.
  2. Jesus. My record is 300 maybe just under 400 with a lotta grinding.
  3. i can relate cause hard is too easy but lunatic wants me to want smash my 3DS.
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