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  1. Time for more tinfoil! The surface wave on the water at the start is CLEARLY demonstrative of the FE7 opening, and the trailer finishes with the spinning golden eye thing that I say looks like the legendary weapons from the FE7 opening. The big bad Nohr king had the same look on his face as Nergal did when he sucked people's quintessence out. See, conclusive proof of elibe. I''ll upload a 50 minute video analysis soon, you guys'll see [in all seriousness, I like the direction this is taking now; so long as the endgames are drastically different as well... I'm concerned that the we were told that joining Nohr would mean you trying to undermine and reform the country for good, rather than get to be the bad guys :/]
  2. The Dancer singing *sounds* vaguely japanese, but isn't afaik. I constructed it as 'u ra ryu ru ru ri'; ryu means dragon but the phrase is nonsense. It's probably like the Galdr, they've reversed japanese or something and made their singers sing the results.
  3. Oh, I don't claim the power of prescience, but for once I'm doing the exciting betting method. Usually I'd bet for the norm, the boring option. Then I win if it's boring, and lose if it's exciting. There's a net gain. But you don't win at gambling by doing safe bets. And if, beyond all expectations, Elibe is linked to FEif, I can just reference my above post and claim my rightful place among the gods.
  4. Yeah, I would be inclined to agree on the similarities. One of the major reasons I paralleled Max's forces and Bern was his purple armour and their westernised, imperialistic design. Furthermore, the resemblance of the dragon in the teaser to the Mage Dragons of Akaenia and the Demon Dragon(s) of Elibe is something I've only just noticed now. More food for thought. And yeah, I very much agree with Caz's stance. These are all just allusions, and there's no outstanding evidence of this being anything but a new world. However, when the world map comes out, I guarantee congruence to Elibe. MARK MY WORDS
  5. Exactly, this is why FE7 is my favourite- It's story has plenty of fallacies and holes, but paired with great characters, music and having the plot moving swiftly forward (without too long spent questioning Hector's eagerness to kill any passing guards in red armour) chapter to chapter, placing a priori on gameplay fills those gaps. I feel the whole 'important choices' thing in FEif kind of demands, if not a lack of world map, at least limited world traversing. It looks pretty obvious that you'll be fighting on different sides quite often, and I can imagine some choices making it stupid if you could backtrack to reminisce about life in that field all the other main characters found you in back in the prologue
  6. I'm with this. A carefully crafted story and game, where there's added challenge, depth and narrative device in being forced to deal with your previous lack of foresight- IE: Want to level up low level characters? You're gonna have to play smart and let them last-hit enemies. Preperations and limited resources become important again. Each playthrough will be unique, especially if you can't change class infinitely. You won't end up being able to max stat any character in any playthrough. You'll be forced to take the RNGs you get
  7. Oh what. When does that happen. This would pretty much confirm that IS is at least trying to troll the conspiracy theorists into thinking it's Elibe. The next thing to do is play the trailer backwards.
  8. Yeah, I was surprised you didn't spot this in your trailer analysis video. I, like others, thought it brought images of the FE7 opening- holy weapons etc. I did have a look at the trailer on my Wii U, and took some slomos, but I couldn't get any decent images. It DOES look like there are some figures there, but at least two of the revolving objects seem to be weapons
  9. I did not know this was a thing. I will stick my Wii U on on the morrow and confirm this. With images if I can. :D Couldn't see anything clearly. Aw well. FURTHER NEW REVELATIONS: Water droplet noise at the end. FE7 starts with that very same motif This thing? The three colours. Red, Blue, Green. Eliwood, Hector, Lyn. ELIBE CONFIRMED!!!11!!!111!!! *is shot*
  10. Oh yes. Derp. This was something I'd completely forgotten to say. Just having the Legendary Weapons of Elibe not sealed and in their shrines for too long can cause reality to warp iirc. So what if we have a similar situation in future Elibe (or another world), where a domestic war forces a side to dig up the treasures and cause cataclysm..? My first thought when I saw the fragmented island world was the outrealm gate- we didn't see anything so Pokemon Plantinum in Awakening, but I always imagined it to be somewhat like that
  11. Quoted for truth. The relative rarity of useful metals on the Japanese Archipelago meant that iron was conserved to make only the most important of things- Swords, Spearheads, etc. Plate steel armour wasn't a thing because it would be too expensive where wood and laquered leather is adequate. There was an unique shield technology that the japanese had, though: The Horo. It's a billowing cloak of silk that actually stops arrows from penetrating it. see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8B_6BU7SYf8. The Pegasus knights in this game sorely need them. Oh, and Dragonlordsd, the Japanese DID have longbows. Although matchlocks were brought into use in japan at a point where they could have imported better plate armour, so it never had a niche there.
  12. Possible, but I think the evidence is pretty strong that Kamui is the player character. I would be interesting if there was a genderswapped clone of you that was helping the other side, though...
  13. Her being a dancing manakete draws parallels to FE7 - that's all I was pointing out. See the title- Allusions. Covert references. The dancer thing isn't covert as such, but the eye thing is. If the eye thing is merely a visual flair, fair enough. But why bother having the camera zoom in on her eye if it ain't significant. Mark my words. :D
  14. oh god why I agree, it's feasible that this is a Valm prequel story (say~1000 years prior), with a much subdued presence for the game on the spiritual scale (IE, a much more domestic plot than 'evil dudes summoning world ending evil dragon') however, I do think this game will be stand alone and completely fresh (IE not have Elibe links either, though I do want to bring attention to any possibilities. Sciencific method etc. Strive to disprove your theory) The most compelling arguement for it being stand alone is that the first segment of the teaser is probably in the game's distant past (See the painting part); and a common theme in FE games is history repeating itself (Demon king returns, 1000 years of peace happens ALL THE FRICKIN' TIME in FE) and hence the first part of the teaser with the Face of Truth Golem could be this world's founding myth.
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