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  1. That's just DotA... Fire Emblem + World of Warships. ...Uh... I think that's... Kancolle?
  2. -_-;; Ignoring the fact that a completely viable crit build was used against Apoth enemies right there. Was it practical? Yes. [Let's go over the point-- Apoth Enemies had around oh yeah 55-65 Luck [a few moments before the linked point, the critbuild smashed a boss with a crit]] Ogre Strike exists, so did Wrath. Wrath doesn't exist in Fates. Focus is gone as well. Anathema is gone too. A Maximum Crit Build in Fates, ASSUMING those darn Clubs get CRIT when Forged and the Forge Crit bonus is right... nets ~155 CRT, the top Awakening CRT build is about the same. Except Awakening's doesn't only work on women. Crit build wasn't ideal in Awakening because it was running on Wrath, and Ruin didn't have the DPS remotely for it. [Things like say, Nightmare Sniper or Thronie could just tank your crit and laugh]. [And ignoring Apoth, there's 0 situations where crit builds won't avail you in Awakening. Hell Critbot Premade is the best way to sweep L+ provided you get to C3-- as only the Critbot is immune to being burned down by counters.] It wasn't that you couldn't get reliable crits. It's that THINGS COULD SURVIVE YOUR CRITS AND RETURN FOR KILLS. It was a DAMAGE issue in Awakening, not a reliabilty one. Reliability does go both ways. Here, Luck's been nerfed and Damage is up [x4 vs x3-- coupled with say 1/75 'zerk with Vengeance that's +148 vs +126 max in Awakening]. But stacking stats higher applies to both. It's things that lack mitigation that get problematic with scaling higher [i.E. activation skills]
  3. I mean... It's not like there was... There was reliable Crit against Apoth enemies.... https://youtu.be/_ZNvegyZwLs?t=1h16m25s Huge Caps, with LB and Support... it goes both ways. Crit builds are ill favored in Awakening because of stopping power being less than stacking Braves and Dual Strikes. It had tricky uses to make Crit build good in Awakening. x2 + x4 Dual Strikes > x3 + x2 Dual Strikes. [And streetpass it was a bad idea because, unlike Fates PvP, Streetpass was AI controlled, and the AI was gimped] Fates features QUAD DAMAGE Crits, and you're only ever getting 1 or 2 Dual Strikes. Reliable crits are going to be of much more note in Fates, because they have a lot of Damage potential.
  4. PvP has been confirmed to use Statues. Kids increased Stat caps are great, but here's a kick, Einherjar kid has the same caps-- lose support, gain a bit more utility. 4 and 5 are out the window when you consider, you can run Einherjar of the characters as-is. [And besides the Personal Weapons are nothing more than flashy stat sticks, and that's about it for optimized gameplay, Forged Killers and Braves will be eclipsing them]
  5. I'm talking PvP/Potential Apoth 2.0 here-- and I could make a case that Einherjar are better for Main Game too [because I'll hop on the Free Super Premade from a defenseless castle train]. In Awakening, Regular Characters were, defacto, better thanks to Support being as powerful as it was-- because it was centric on one of the biggest damage increases in the game: Dual Strike. In Fates, Support basically got beaten to a pulp with the nerf hammer. Dual Strikes were removed from their dependence on Support-- which basically renders it pretty weak. Furthermore, regular characters-- at least the kids, in Awakening, had better mods than any Einherjar, which for the most part, when combined with their superior Dual Strike rates, outdid the skill advantage that Einherjar had by large degrees. In Fates, this isn't the case-- since you can get Einherjar of the normal Characters. Direct Benefits of Einherjar in Fates: Einherjar in Fates can circumvent the Limited DLC item thing- something "Real" characters can't [since we can use the Logbook trick on Einherjar for such things]-- an entire Army with Aether? Can do via Einherjar. [At this point it'd have to be female, but we can expect to get Vanguard for the males sooner than later]. Einherjar in Fates, if what that Commie Bastard on GameFAQs said is true, circumvent the 50 statue limit [and through crafty use of statues and logbook updates, can utilize EVERY SINGLE ONE] Utilizing Einherjar lets you selectively pick any class for any character or simply stat load-- Every Child with an Ideal Stat Allocation via Kamui parent? Feasible by using their Einherjar. I'm really not seeing any benefit to the normies in this game. You lose, maybe 3 points here and there. Maybe-- depends on how much Dual Guard Stance you're using. [And for Main Game: Find unarmed Capped Castle. Fight. Win. Get Capped Einherjar. You know the Address, don't make like the Valuans. Go again. Repeat collection of Einherjar until you have a handful. Roflstomp. What's worse than Premades-- the real ace in the hole breaker of Awakening [can get past C3 on L+? If you ground out the Renown, you can sell yon S.Emblem. Recruit a LB capped Premade. Throw it at all the things. Easy L+ Clear.] FREE Premades. And that's EXACTLY what Fates offers.]
  6. No. There's been two Great Lords. One was Chrom's and the other is Lucina's. The one you get in Fates is Great Lord (F). Great Lord (M) exists in Fates as well, but is skillless. [Chrom's in it in "Encounter with Awakening"] Grandmaster doesn't enjoy the same luxuries, and it really is saying "F!Robin doesn't exist".
  7. ...Does Yamato bot in World of Warships count as a boss...? Because I mean... I was in a South Carolina... and had to fight Great Battleship Yamato. All because some joker decided to bring a T10 into CoOp at 1 in the morning. Oh and to insult that injury he afk'd and let Langley bot kill him with torps and flooding. ...Probably not. [PS won that fight, surprisingly. Burn! BURN! BURN!!!! </DeLoco>] Anyways... Has anyone mentioned the Batomys in this topic? Quick Rundown of that beastie: 1. It's a Boss in a TRPG [Tactics, there's no Strategy involved in Valkyria] ...which takes no less than or more than 9 turns [ok, it might randomly take 10] 2. It's only really attackable after it commits to an action. 3. It has turrets that will shred you and the RNG in Valkyria is not fun and you need to take 'em out, and it takes 2 shots/turret [unless Tank Hater or Veggies] 4. Another, invincible, high movement, boss that will one-hit kill any of your characters spawns and must be blocked by your "Lord" (and saviour: Panzer 3/4 [which later promotes into Konigs-Tiger/ Panzer 7 Tiger 2]), else she WILL massacre you. ...There's effectively one overall way to beat it. And if you don't figure that out, well, be prepared to reset-- over and over again. [Hilariously it comes on the heels of a hilariously easy mission notable for having one scout just run for it, throw a grenade and then change a flag for a 1 turn victory-- the perfect reason why Sieze is an objectively awful objective] And as far as an earlier mention of DeLoco Chameleon 3 in Skies of Arcadia. Not that it's hard to proceed [but by that logic, the Black Knight in PoR is dirt easy as a boss]... No, Chameleon 3 is a SERIOUS PAIN TO BEAT. See here's the catch: He's got 30000 HP. If he takes ~15000, he retreats and Chameleon 4 starts. Problem: Boss is in bloody Deep Sky. Deep Sky does two things that aren't cool for this: 1. Hides the Battle flow. Rounds still proceed as normal, but you can't tell if chance round, yellow round, red round or he's going to bloody evasive manuvers. 2. Halves Cannon Hit Rate. [And Torps STILL miss half the time] The basic solution is to deal around 14-15k, but not enough to trigger the next phase... And then dump a bunch of Torps on him and hopefully blast him out of the sky. ...Was it mentioned Torps have bad hit rates? Oh wait, they do. Very very very hard Boss. Very fitting for Naval Combat though. Much luck. Very miss. Bonus point is beating Chameleon 3 is the ONLY way to have the 60,000 HP Delphinus. Ack. Does "Three Desians in front of Triet" count as a boss? Because that's the hardest fight in Symphonia, hands down. [Alternatively Kvar]
  8. GATE is great. Whoever thought "Let's take Fire Emblem and Advance Wars and make 'em fight" is a genius. And Rory is awesome. That smackdown.
  9. So what exactly is the buff at +7?
  10. Wait, why can't you use Horse God? Ophelia should be able to. Tomes and Spells are basically the same for all intents and purposes. It's D rank.
  11. It's possible to have a near 100% Easy Life/Smithy Skill Midoriko Einherjar. Midoriko's Personal Hoshido Is +30% on her with both. If you can get ahold of an Anna's Lucky Bow, that's +5 As a War Priestess, that's 34 from Class Cap, and she can have a +3 Mod Luck tonic is +4, which with Household Cure is +6 Rally luck is +8 Pair up can be up to +5. 91% without any cheese. This can provide you with sellable weapons, and coins. If you can afford her upfront cost,that is.
  12. Enter the great mobility creep game. Or one of the myriad reasons why PvP can be quite problematic from a design view. But then again, the definition of PvP: Putting your opponent at so many disadvantages that they cannot possibly fight back.
  13. Strategy -> Overarching plan for victory. For a map, it's a general plan to clear the map. This is why I have a heard time believing that this and Awakening is at all, strategy. I haven't played the game, so anything you say, I'll take your word for it. It's extremely emphasized on RPG in my view tho. For the game, it's general plan to beat the game. Strategy is all the setup. It's resource management and planning. Regardless of how you approach, EVERY FE is a strategy game. There's some level of planning regardless of what you do. Fun thing to note: Grinding's actually a strategy. And as far as it goes, it's the best one. Tactics are the individual moves. They're much lower-- tactics change. And, yes, some games in the series are less tactically involved. And you can have a case where the strategy required eclipses the tactical several times over. [see: Apotheosis.] In this case, you don't have a point for either. The situation is basically fabricated. Awakening didn't have any problems with the fact that you could hit a target for 636 Damage-- to deal that massive overkill hit, you had to have a large setup. This is exactly that case. Of course, there does lie a problem. The alpha of the setup for the 1.1K hit is absurd. It's nearly 200 before procs, and approaching 300 with them. The highest theoretical defense can bring it down a few degrees, but once you factor procs- the only way even that lives is... Miracle. This... could see some practical implementation. Since it can one-hit kill even K!N!M class defense'd units... Not likely though, since there's more practical deployments for things. It's more practical than the 636 though, since Dragon's Fang is just a proc, as opposed to it being Vengeance and requiring setup.
  14. Naw, fairly sure whoever came up with that cutscene was watching James Bond for one of the particular reasons why you watch James Bond films.
  15. Update: Load Type 3 Shell! (Yes, we know! They're totally useless for any practical purpose!) Fire! Unit: +STR/-DEF!Effie/Charlotte!Deere!Kanna Class: Ballistician. Skills: Dragon's Fang [Dark Prince] Strength Drain [Vanguard] Line of Death [Weapon Master] Extravagance [Great Merchant] Aggressor [Dread Fighter] (Oh snap, a natural class, three DLC classes and only two extras...? Geez. It doesn't even need to buy skills) Support: Kamui@Berserker, A rank support Inigo Elise Hinoka Camilla One of the support other than Kamui or Inigo needs to have Rally Strength and Rally Spectrum. One of the support must have very low attack and Defense Seal Max out Strength Statues +STR Food, Str Tonic, Love Swimsuit Butterfly Mask Battle Emblem My Room Level 3 built/present. Weapon: Killer Bow+7 Target: Defense Flaw Kamui with no +DEF levels as a WYVERN RIDER [the Pegasus got spared a brutality because of a quirk] with a Reverse Club. Skills: Line of Death [When LoDs meet, they do stack since both function and the penalty comes into play.] Now for the pain. Battle is My Castle [Offensive] Kill 5 of the Target's Buddies to activate Limit Bre-- Strength Drain Debuff the target. Output: Ballistcian STR Cap: 39 Mod: +10 Statues: +10 Rallies: +6 Tonic: +2 Food: +2 Battle Emblem: +2 Accessories: +4 (Attack) My Room: +7 (Attack) Strength Drain: +10 Aggressor: +7 (Attack) Extravagance: +10 (Attack) Line of Death: +10 (Attack) Inigo's Personal: +1 Camilla's Personal: +3 (attack) Hinoka's Personal: +2 (attack) Berserker Pair Up: +5 Kamui A-rank Pair up: +1 Kamui's Personal: +2 (attack) Killer Bow+7 [Effective]: +54 (Weapon MT) Weapon Rank Bonus: (B): +1 Weapon Triangle Bonus [Doubled!]: 2 Final Prefight Attack: 190 Dragon's Fang Proc: +50% to ATTACK (+95) Final Attack before factoring Enemy's Stats: 285 Enemy DEF: 6-6: 0 Enemy Penalty: +10 Damage taken Final Pre Crit Damage: 295 Critical [With Killer Weapon Effect]: x4: 1180 I don't think a Dragon lives through a cannon shot...
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