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  1. Funny story, im a forgetful idiot with a broken Circle pad, so that throws a wrench in this till' its fixed
  2. Finally discovered the issue with Amiibo weapons vanishing in the convoy, and learned how to make custom Combat Arts without replacing any unused ones. Expect a V4 Update in the coming days.
  3. New update avalible. Many new things have been fixed or added. Please refer to the changelog, and update your hack via the Gamebanana post. https://gamebanana.com/gamefiles/12895 Amiibos++ Ver. 3 Changelog.txt
  4. Apparently Level 99 Mogalls are spawning for some people??? Fix Soon? Maybe???
  5. just yeet the files to the root of your romfs, and start a new game. It's pratically impossible to miss them
  6. Gamebanana is currently imploding, and the downloads are down. It's been like this for 2 days I think? I'll post a dropbox link when I can.
  7. Found it myself, Shizas is in a pretty obvious spot in the game's Person.bin after all. Yeah, it's my screenshot, I took it a while back
  8. Crap, shouldve said so, but my info about Shizas still stands as being fuctional ingame.
  9. Hello good people of the forums, I am here with my Shadows of Valentia hack, Amiibos++. Amiibos++ turns the various ghostly amiibo into fully playable units, along with updating their animations and models to no longer use that ghostly state! These new amiibos are also now recruitable in a fresh save, but not on a completed save quite yet. I haven't figured out a way to add a new NPC to towns yet, so yeah. How do I install this mod: Drag the files from the downloaded .zip file into your ROMFS folder. This Folder will always have the title id of 00040000001B4000. This has only been tested on a USA Cartridge/Digital, and EUR Digital with the Title ID of 00040000001B4100 on an Old 2DS, so it may not work on a Japanese or English Patched Japanese version of the game. Where do I recruit my new allies: At the beginning of Alm's Route, recruiting Kliff and Faye will result in Marth, Roy, Lucina and Corrin (M) joining, effectively doubling Alm's starting power. At the beginning of Celica's route, you can recruit Ike, Corrin (F), and Robin, from recruiting Genny and the forced Saber Recruitment. Bugs: Shields look odd on Marth and Roy. Find a way to alter where they get attached. Ike's victory animation looks awkward, but a new victory animation isn't possible right now. Will be fixed once I learn how to do specific stuff like that. Male Corrin's cape does not vanish properly during certain animations. Apparently Dread fighter animations don't like his cape. Alm does not hold amiibo weapons in his left hand. Amiibo weapons vanish when put into the convoy, but with auto equip will reappear again. Seems thats about all of it. Now let's move onto the juicy stuff. Screenshots + Download: https://gamebanana.com/gamefiles/12895 I keep this up to date with the releases, so no need to worry. Showcase Video: It's laggy, and it crashes twice, but it gets the point across? This video is from a slightly older version where amiibos didn't use Generic voices.
  10. It's literally just someone pressed the spacebar one time and thats his name, thats what I mean
  11. "However, he does not have a name, portrait or animations so he wouldn’t be able to appear in-game properly." This is qouted from the Shadows of Valentia unused content page. It's a really minor gripe, but Shizas actually does have a name (Albiet Blank.), A Portrait (Using the unused Missing Character portrait, not the Rinea one.), and he can appear in game perfectly fine. I've attached an image of him in my party, and in combat he uses the Generic Gold Knight head. However, Both his Portrait ID and Head Model are simply *missing* files. Yeah, minor as hell.
  12. Does Idiocy count as a second language?
  13. I really like Live-A-Live, and anything associated with it
  14. Man, this is a tough one. I couldn't beat the first chapter, even after a few tries. I noticed the Ice Dragon sprites though, I thought FE12 had proper overworld sprites for them. Other than that, this is a pretty cool hack. I'll keep trying to actually beat the first chapter lol
  15. Ooooh, someone who recognized it! That's not too often something like this happens.
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