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What up, I'm MagicalAlbino, I'm 18, and I never fucking learned how to socialize. I'm a high-functioning adult on the autism spectrum, so I'm super smart, but I have no work ethic or sense of duty to speak of; sort of like Linhardt, only minus being bisexual. I love Fire Emblem, though I only really got into it in the last two years or so, and I still wouldn't call myself good at it. Most of my life has been dedicated to Pokémon. So far, I've played or at least attempted every Fire Emblem game except Heroes, Warriors, and Tokyo Mirage Sessions, though I only own physical copies of Three Houses, Awakening, Echoes, and Conquest, and I still haven't beaten any of them besides Sacred Stones, DS Shadow Dragon, Three Houses, and Blazing Blade. If I had to compare my gameplay performance to a Fire Emblem character, I'd say I'm a trainee unit like Ross or Donnel: inexperienced but eager to grow, and only really useful if you aren't taking the game too seriously.

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