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  1. A few months ago, I tried following the guide for installing the fanmade localization of the Japan-exclusive Festival of Bonds DLC (link: https://github.com/SilentHeII/Fire-Emblem-Fates-Festival-of-Bonds-Translation-Project/wiki/), but when I got to the part in step 3 that required me to open the Windows Command Prompt and type in a certain string of text, all I got was an error message. I followed the guide exactly up to that point, but I don't know where to go from here. The creator of the project seems to have gone AWOL, and the only other people I could find who had the same problem gave inconclusive data, so I'd really appreciate it if anyone either knew how to circumvent this problem or already followed the tutorial and successfully installed the DLC and would be kind enough to share their files with me through Google Drive or some other service.
  2. I recently installed CFW on my 3DS, and I really want to get all the battle and visit rewards without having to make it my life's work. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find anything of the sort online. Is there even a way to manipulate your renown points?
  3. I decided to try out vanilla Lunatic for Awakening's 10th anniversary, and this chapter is a massive roadblock (no pun intended). Any ideas for how I can make it through? Since this is a quasi-ironman run (i.e. I'm allowed to reset from my last save if I get a Game Over instead of starting the whole run from scratch), I'm open to any plan that requires sacrifice, though I'd obviously prefer keeping everyone alive if I can. I know Lunatic doesn't really have any consistent strategy and requires you to rethink your plan on the fly, but even just an idea for what to do on Turn 1 would be a huge help. NOTE: This is NOT Lunatic+; this is regular Lunatic. No worrying about shit like Vantage+, Luna+, Pass, or Hawkeye. I'm masochistic to a certain extent, but I have my limits, and Lunatic+ sounds like CBT without the CB. (Plus, I haven't unlocked it yet, so I couldn't play L+ if I wanted to.) My current team (not including Stahl, Vaike, or Miriel) Chrom Level 3 Lord (36 EXP) 22 HP 8 STR 2 MAG 9 SKL 10 SPD 7 LCK 8 DEF 3 RES Inventory: Falchion, Rapier (34 uses) Supports: Frederick (C Support) Weapon ranks: D Swords Skills: Dual Strike+ Robin (female, +Spd/-Def) Level 5 Tactician (98 EXP) 21 HP 9 STR 7 MAG 8 SKL 11 SPD 8 LCK 6 DEF 4 RES Inventory: Thunder (25 uses), Vulnerary (1 use) Supports: Lissa (C Support) Weapon ranks: E Swords, D Tomes Skills: Veteran Lissa Level 2 Cleric (19 EXP) 18 HP 2 STR 5 MAG 4 SKL 4 SPD 9 LCK 3 DEF 4 RES Inventory: Heal (23 uses) Supports: Robin (C Support) Weapon ranks: E Staves Skills: Miracle Frederick Level 1 Great Knight (76 EXP) 28 HP 13 STR 2 MAG 12 SKL 10 SPD 6 LCK 14 DEF 3 RES Inventory: Silver Lance (18 uses), Miniature Lance (10 uses), Bronze Sword (50 uses), Elixir (3 uses) Supports: Chrom (C Support) Weapon ranks: D Swords, B Lances, D Axes Skills: Discipline, Outdoor Fighter Sully Level 2 Cavalier (93 EXP) 20 HP 7 STR 1 MAG 8 SKL 8 SPD 6 LCK 7 DEF 2 RES Inventory: Bronze Lance (47 uses) Supports: None Weapon ranks: E Swords, D Lances Skills: Discipline Virion Level 2 Archer (0 EXP) 19 HP 6 STR 0 MAG 11 SKL (9 naturally, +2 granted by Skill +2) 5 SPD 7 LCK 6 DEF 1 RES Inventory: Iron Bow (40 uses) Supports: None Weapon ranks: D Bows Skills: Skill +2
  4. OK. You got the address for your Birthright castle?
  5. I entered that address and it went to a CQ castle that didn't have Kana on its StreetPass team. Can you double-check to make sure you typed your address right? (Also, I think you have to put Kana on your active StreetPass team for me to get a skill from him.)
  6. I accidentally passed down Dragon Ward to Kana instead of Swordfaire because I didn't know that skills that you learn during the paralogue get passed down to your kid. Does anybody have a castle with MALE Kana with Swordfaire? I'd really appreciate it. (Note: My avatar is female, so it has to be male Kana. I found someone with a female Swordfaire Kana, but that didn't help.)
  7. I'm currently doing an FE4 ironman, and I lost Finn in Chapter 2 to Waltz's mercenaries since he couldn't dodge enough 50+ hit rate attacks. Worse, he was holding the Brave Lance, Speed Ring, and Paragon Band and took them with him when he fled to Leonster. I want to know if I can bring him back in Chapter 3 with Claud's Valkyrie staff, just so I can retrieve the Paragon Band and Speed Ring and give them to Seliph. I'm assuming I can't revive him since he's not actually dead, but the information I found on this topic is inconclusive, so I'd really like to know.
  8. Just looking for some advice on doing an ironman run of Conquest on Hard mode. (In case you didn't know, ironman means no resetting under any circumstances, and if I get a game over due to my avatar dying or me failing a specific map objective, the run is over.) Examples of things I'm looking for: -Avatar builds -Which characters are worth using and investing into -How to deal with death/permanent injury -Utilizing DLC items (only the free stuff like the Exalt and Hero Brands and the gifts from Anna) -General strategy -Good couples -Building support -When to recruit children -Best generic units to capture and where to find them -Forging
  9. Yeah, I think I mismanaged a lot of my resources. I kinda wanna start over from scratch and try a different Corrin build. I've heard Ninja is a really good talent. Master Ninja can use the Yato, has Lethality for a chance to instantly kill the enemy (not very good, but damn if it isn't satisfying to watch), and has reliable 1-2 range which is a blessing in Fates, while Mechanist gives Replicate, which seems like fun for cheese strats. Swordbreaker probably isn't that important considering daggers have WTA over Ryoma anyway, and it'd really be nice to be able to fight Takumi without having to worry about dying in a single shot from the Fujin Yumi. What do you think should be my boon and bane? Strong/Unlucky seems pretty good, since ninjas need strength a lot more than they need speed.
  10. I want to recruit all the kids in Conquest (or as many as I can). Trouble is, I've made it to Chapter 18, and the only paralogues I've unlocked are Fight or Flight (Dwyer), Dragon Blood (Kana), and Great Heroism (Percy), so I still have ten kids left and about a third of the game left to get them. I still haven't done Kana or Percy's paralogues since I want to save them for later for the purposes of grinding supports. The only reason I recruited Dwyer early was so I could have him to heal in Chapter 12 while keeping Jakob a Wyvern Lord. So, is it feasible to pair up my remaining couples in two paralogues and approximately ten main story chapters? Also, how do I build supports? I know you can do it by healing, attacking while in Pair Up or Tag Team, or having Azura sing, but can you also build supports just by standing next to each other like in the GBA Fire Emblem games? I also know that the Before Awakening DLC map is infinitely repeatable and can be used to grind supports, but that's not an option since I have no money. I could use other people's castles, but I want to keep my first playthrough as isolated as possible, so I'll only do that if I have no other options. I appreciate your guidance.
  11. Corrin and Jakob had a Dual Guard charged up, so I had them attack Takumi and Camilla landed the finishing blow with Beruka in Guard Stance. I didn't even need to put Elise in danger, so I was able to have her help Odin guard the chokepoint. I gave Camilla a Defence Tonic and the HP Tonic from Chapter 5, which may not have been the smartest investment, but tonics aren't that expensive, so it's not a big loss. I've made it to Chapter 12, by the way. I'm sorry to ask so much of you, but I'd like to pick your brain one more time. I know Dwyer will be my only healer for this map since Jakob is a Wyvern Lord and Elise can't be deployed, so should I promote him, and if so, is Butler or Strategist a better choice? (FYI, Corrin is also a Wyvern Lord now since I used the Master Seal during chapter 10 for a bit more power.)
  12. Well, I already recruited Mozu and used my second Heart Seal to make her an archer. I got her to Level 7 as a villager by feeding her Faceless kills in her paralogue (I did the paralogue early so Silas would be able to use her Brass Naginata for a bit of extra bulk in Chapter 8). This is my team right now after completing Dwyer's paralogue: Ryan (Level 12 Wyvern Rider) Jakob (Level 15 Wyvern Lord) Elise (Level 1 Strategist) Silas (Level 11 Cavalier) Arthur (Level 8 Fighter) Effie (Level 14 Knight) Odin (Level 12 Dark Mage) Niles (Level 11 Outlaw) Azura (Level 13 Songstress) Nyx (Level 10 Dark Mage) Mozu (Level 9 Archer) Dwyer (Level 14 Troubadour) Haitaka (Level 10 Spear Fighter) Because I doubt either Jakob or the avatar has enough bulk to take on Takumi while riding wyverns, my plan for Chapter 10 is to have Camilla take out Takumi before he pulls a Moses and unchokes all my points with the Dragon Vein. I know she can one-round him with her 21 Strength and 19 Speed, but he can also one-shot her with the Fujin Yumi since he has 57 attack power against flying units. Is it feasible to give her an HP Tonic, a Defence Tonic, a Beruka pair up, Rally Defence from Jakob or Haitaka, Lily's Poise support from Elise, Gentilhomme support from Jakob, and/or the Dracoshield from one of the villages so she can just barely survive a hit from him?
  13. OK, I know that now. I decided on Wyvern for Swordbreaker so Jakob and Corrin can both cheese Ryoma. On a somewhat unrelated note, should I use my first Heart Seal (the one you buy from the staff store) on Corrin or Mozu? I don't want to deal with any reinforcements in Chapter 8, but I also want Mozu to be able to contribute to the team ASAP. Should I just bite the bullet and let the first Lancer summon some reinforcements instead of pairing up Elise with Wyvern Corrin and freezing him?
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