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  1. Thracia 776 comes to mind. It's really hard, ESPECIALLY when going in Blind.
  2. So which do you mean: Playing AS the villain, or just a story where the villain ends up winning? I guess the closest we're gonna get to the former is something like Conquest or Crimson Flower. As for the latter, I think it would only happen in a scenario with multiple endings (Like FE6 and its "bad" ending). The stories in Fire Emblem are generally really straightforward and normally lead up to the heroes defeating some form of "ultimate evil". There might be some gray along the way, but in the end its usually a pretty black and white conflict. It would be pretty cool to see a Fire Emblem game with a kind of bittersweet ending though. Who knows, maybe we'll get a game with a darker tone somewhere down the line.
  3. I've been wanting to make the shop in FE6's battle preparations accessible in HM (In case you don't know, FE6 only allows you to shop between chapters in Normal Mode). I'm using FE Builder and there's a patch available for this exact issue. It works with the regular version of the game, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to work with the latest version of the localization patch by gringe (Likely because that patch edits the preparations menu by implementing some QoL features like the support viewer). With the localization patch installed, the FE Builder patch does nothing, the shop is still unavailable on Hard Mode. It DOES work when using older versions of the translation, but I would really like to use the most recent one with all of its features. Unfortunately I do not have the slightest clue about hacking and wouldn't know how to enable the armory in HM myself while also using the newest translation patch. You'd likely have to do some Hex edits, but I wouldn't even know where to begin. Anyone know if there is a way?
  4. I'm from Germany and have been a fan of Fire Emblem ever since Awakening came out. Since then, I played most games in the series. The only ones I didn't play yet are Radiant Dawn, Birthright, Revelation and FE1-4 (Only 2 chapters into FE4 so far, can't really seem to get into it though). Also know close to nothing about Heroes as I'm not into Gacha games at all. My favorites are the GBA games (FE6 in particular) as well as Thracia 776. I'm also working on a little fan project of mine (Basically a map design, gameplay and difficulty rework of FE6. I know, I know, ANOTHER one of those. Just couldn't help myself though, since I'm having a lot of fun making it). Would love to share it here once it's done! I'm normally somewhat reserved and not a very outgoing person, but I do like engaging in discussion as well as Fire Emblem, so I hope I can combine those two things on here. 🙂 Thanks for having me, everyone
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