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  1. Eh, Libra's jaw always struck me as less feminine than Lucius', so he wins in pure dude-looks-like-a-lady-ness.
  2. Look the last time we went all space hippie love party we created a Chaos God. We are now arrogant pricks because apparently the Great Enemy (No not CS Goto) doesn't feed on that.
  3. Brainwashing Xeno, and not of the good kind. Get out of the thread, you filthy mon'keigh.
  4. Still, what was the last good game LucasArts put out? Force Unleashed 1? From a buisness perspective, it's a good call for Disney, LucasArts have been loosing money for ages. From a gaming perspective, it really sucks
  5. ...I fail to see any comedic character traits. HAVE WE FINALLY FOUND OUR STRAIGHT MAN?!
  6. Frederick. His body was not ready for bear meat.
  7. Welcome to lunatic mode, leave your dignity at the door.
  8. Ambush Spawning: Where the actual difficulty in this game comes from.
  9. Happy Alcohol Consumption Day, you mean?
  10. I never could bring myself to like the original. There's just something off about the plot (Reading the manga first might have done it).
  11. ...what if we don't OWN any other 3DS games other than Awakening not that I need them
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