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  1. 2,500 is average for a growing male specifically. Generally with the sedentary lifestyle most lead the average caloric requirement is now about 2,000. Agree on everything else though, caloric needs are not the only thing you need to watch for, and you should avoiding cutting too many out in the first place. Most dieticians recommend a maximum healthy weight loss of ~10lbs a month
  2. The truth of the matter is that there is no purpose for the human race. While philosophers have debated the nature of humanity, and will until humanity is no more, the most apparent observation is readily evident: That is, in the face of mounting evidence that we are simply the result of a natural causal chain, we are no more innately special than any of the things that surround and inhabit us. While we can use a number of metrics to elevate us above other things, such as our intelligence and self-awareness, they are ultimately subjective evaluations. This is leaving out religious interpretations of the matter, which further muddle the question but similarly offer no clear grounded explanation. So, in light of that, and to escape the sort of nihilistic drain-circling that tends to consume a lot of people that first encounter the question, I would say that from a humanistic point of view, your goal should be to create lasting contentment. Create experiences that you can carry with you long after they have happened. There is misery in the world, and it will never go away no matter how much you dwell on it. Don't torture yourself confronting this fact continuously, because it will help no one and only hurt you. Instead, elevate yourself in ways you appreciate. The world will never be a paradise, and that is alright.
  3. Well I have to say I'm glad I didn't turn the game off after the second half. What an amazing turnaround, history made right there. Also I made twenty bucks so there's that.
  4. The problem is the destruction of the tissue when frozen. Freezing all of the water in your body essentially turns it into mush, once you're thawed out. The thing cryogenics proponents are waiting for is some sort of magical tissue regeneration that can repair the damage caused when the body is initially frozen. It's sad to say, but it is almost certain that all of those people cryogenically frozen are really just creatively embalmed corpses. It's always best to be hopeful, but nothing is likely to ever come of it. That said, if the tech does arise then you can all go to hell, I'm going to take an ice bath so I can wake up a couple centuries from now and fight radscorpions in my power armor.
  5. Fun fact I always confuse The Room with The Road, so my first kneejerk reaction when someone mocks The Room is to choke them out. btw The Room is amazing by all metrics. It's the best unintentional comedy movie ever made man.
  6. This. This game's entire existence is just ridiculous. To be honest, after two disappointing demos and a host of questionable gameplay and cinematics, I have lost all the hype I had for this game. I am probably going to cave in and buy it, but I readily expect this game to be mediocre.
  7. I am honestly surprised. I did not think my opinion of Konami could possibly fall any lower. They consistently surprise me with their gradually more and more suicidal business decisions. The only thing I can happily say is that its inevitable failure will be very, very amusing to watch.
  8. Good job! A lot of this is developing healthy routines. After awhile you no longer feel the need to eat while bored, and you feel uncomfortable going a long time without exercising. If you keep this up for a few months you'll make serious progress towards the kind of goals you're looking for. Just keep at it, that's the key to success. :)
  9. Bicycle's great for cardio. Also excellent for warming up the legs if you're going to be working on them. Great exercises that would mesh well with cycling include squats and lunges. I'm about to go out and do exactly this, actually. As for torso, there are lots you can do, which I would recommend between sets of other exercises. Sit-ups are the most obvious, which I generally pair with push-ups and planks. You can vary it up with fun stuff like dumbbell side bends and oblique crunches and stuff like that, but you'll want to start basic if you're building up a good core.
  10. That's simply what I've been told is the expected single press standard for athleticism in males. True, but I was thinking of the machine, and not the actual bench. An amateur can easily press an extra forty pounds on it because it takes care of all the stabilizing for them.
  11. Comparing those to world war scenarios is silly. They're not a total war situation, and their combined deaths on all sides is eclipsed by singular battles in WWI and II. I do have to concur with Kai, I feel like the pendulum is beginning to swing in the opposite direction in Europe. A nationalized European populace would at the least lead to the possibility of a WWI-style saber-rattling gone wrong. Though, that said, I will admit that I like the idea of a nationalist people. It is when it develops into a sort of jingoism that it becomes worrisome.
  12. These are good ideas, the former especially when making a meal. The smaller plate, the less you feel the need to fill it up. In addition, it's prudent to consume a glass or two of water about fifteen minutes prior to preparing a meal. This will keep you from bending and making a portion far too large, or from snacking while making the meal. Calorie counting helps you eat like a normal person. Eating at his discretion is what caused him to become overweight. It's great that you feel great, but he doesn't and wants to change his body, and he should use a more efficient method than "do whatever feels right maaaan."
  13. I didn't say that people can't get eating disorders from counting calories. I don't care that people can get eating disorders from counting calories. People can also get eating disorders from eating until they feel full. Counting calories is the most effective way to regulate the amount of energy that someone is taking into their body. The entire purpose of a diet is to correct poor habits. He is asking for help in losing weight, not in seeking a spiritual balance, or whatever equally inane garbage you are peddling. I also didn't say that he should consume all of his food at one particular time. Regardless of how and when he eats, being that he is overweight he's going to feel hungry from eating at a caloric deficit, especially if he's trying to a more rapid weight loss. I eat a caloric deficit whenever I am trying to lose weight, and I doubt I feel any groggier or stressed out than you do. Probably less, since I have a consistent diet that produces satisfying results.
  14. Guys tend to have more muscle in general, but you shouldn't let that get in the way of you! I've seen some chicks that can lift just as much as me before! Granted, they spent way more time cultivating that kind of muscle, but I was still quite impressed. They didn't even look all that huge at all. But yeah, I do agree. While it's not innately bad to work out while pregnant, that's not something you want to jump into at that time. And personally, even if it's not unhealthy, I'd still be worried about hitting the leg press while I have a little person growing in my body!
  15. If you don't know, then it's probably not very much. If you don't use the muscle group, of course it will not be very developed. That's not a huge problem, but it's definitely an uphill battle when you first get into the gym and look to build some muscle. And your legs are definitely stronger than your arms, if you were able to bench press more than you can leg press then you're the upside-down pyramid looking guy that never does leg day haha. Quite a bit. If you're looking to shave pounds off you're going to want to steer clear of most chinese food in general. While it is delicious, it's extremely calorie dense. I remember when I worked years ago and used to have a meal of rice, teriyaki and orange chicken. I felt full after eating it of course, but it wasn't until I looked up the nutritional information that I found it weighed in at over 1,500 calories! Pretty nuts. Humans were made to eat whatever they could to fatten up before they were forced to not eat for another extended period. If people could get fat back then, they would. That's what the function is there for. It's not because of junk food, it's because of excess calories to store energy for later use. That's what we were adapted to do. Survival is what we are made for. And frankly, it's a poor metric for overall fitness and health, regardless. Holy shit no one cares what old humans did do, you're arguing not to count calories because old humans didn't. It doesn't matter that prehistoric humans didn't count calories, because they didn't need to. They were fighting to survive. In an age where calorie-dense food is readily available and prevalent, the presence of fat stores becomes a nuisance. He's trying to burn fat, and he's only going to do that by eating less calories than he takes in. Period. Our bodies have evolved so that we tend to grow impacted wisdom teeth, are you not going to get them removed when they grow in wrong? We literally have a vestigial organ just sitting in our body doing nothing. Mine tried to kill me, the rebellious little bastard. Nobody cares what people did thousands of years ago when they had to do something. He doesn't care what Ug did in 100,000 BC, he's trying to burn fat. Ug wouldn't do that, we know. Ug also wouldn't use a developed language and probably shit where he ate. Edit: Also, Zerxen, you should check out some resources such as this handy dandy calculator here. It gives you a good baseline to use for weight loss, and gives some good tips for meal planning.
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