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  1. An unimportant hack that let’s you play every different kinds of lyn. You got nomad trooper lyn, a magic user lyn, a tanned lyn, the cool lyn, the gotoh lyn, a better unit lyn, and alot of lyns. Features: beat the game with sacae classes slight gameplay changes harder gameplay (kinda) black fang members now a complete threat IMPORTANT!!! only lyn and eliwood modes are playable, hector modes are buggy. also skip cutscenes they might contain crashes and bugs. Story is unchanged this hack is more focused only on gameplay. report bugs or somthing whatever https://www.mediafire.com/file/nf5o5pty4d1gc72/Lyn_Insanity.rar/file See previous updates on FEUniverse https://feuniverse.us/t/fe7-lyn-emblem-complete-v-1-1-0/14108
  2. ex. i feel h3 is like binding blade hard mode h4 is like conquest lunatic blah blah blah...
  3. for me: fe2: boey (outcalssed) fe4: deirdre (not made for combat only usable in one and a half chapters) fe5: tanya (early game archer) fe6: wendy (everyone knows this girl) fe7: rebecca (even worse than wil) fe8: forde (stays weak even after promoting) fe9: rolf (early game archer) fe10: kyza (i was so hyped by this guy but surprisingly he's super weak being a laguz) fe11: cord (barst > bord > cord) fe12: samto (another fricking wendy) fe14 conquest: laslow (just disappointing)
  4. From my experience: you should beware of a surprisingly difficult recruitment at the near end of Chapter 1. Chapter 2 would make most players drop off the game but it's your own choice if you can take it. But overall the game is pretty easy probably you don't need a guide for it. Just their maps being so long to complete if you had no idea what's about to happen next but they're not that punishing unlike thracia.
  5. fe7? florina right your first peg knight of the game? She's easily one of the easiest to train and a peg knight with the best combat if trained well with super good growths. Thany was the most difficult of all from fe6. Just dont be afraid and force yourself to use them as they can become literal monsters and can dodge almost any attack. If they're still lacking promote them early and give them stat boosts. Also give them lances with low weight so that they can double easily and killer lances if your frustrated of their low damage.
  6. if you experienced and hate annoying chapters then binding blade has alot of them.
  7. The game's story is pretty cool and nice but i think you should improve some of the maps cuz they're little bit generic and unnatural looking. Also the difficulty spike of this game is sometimes pretty high especially at chapter 13. In this chapter you'll have to cross on a valley with group of dragon knights and gryphon riders until you reach the boss and conquer(seize). They will wreck every of your unit because the units given are defenseless and footed. I didn't even have any fliers so my units cannot reach them on top of the mountains unless I bait them in their range. However when I try to bait one of them their backups will trigger and try to reach my units and my units cannot reach in their range cuz those a**holes are on a mountain. I also can't outrun them cuz my units are footed and get easily killed on the next turn. Also the valley is on a wasteland and my units cannot even find a forest to defend themselves. It was kinda annoying that I reset alot of times and i'm still stuck in that chapter.
  8. does this have any recruitments? Am i doing anything wrong?
  9. how can i even download this
  10. Fell asleep playing binding blade on my phone until I woke up and the games is still running lol
  11. slashes: normal fire ice thunder dark blood
  12. dark claw hit projectile space
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