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  1. Heavily disagree with the bulk of these ideas. I agree that some units need to be upgraded. There's not need to downgrade people like Haar or Titania, that's stupid as hell. No need to make part 2 optional either. It is a critical part of the story, so don't get rid of it. Also don't get rid of bloodpacts. They were an interesting addition to the story. I agree with more part 1 chapters for development. I don't agree that Fiona should not be mounted. She SHOULD be mounted, just make her a lower level, not a paladin. If she's lower level, her bases make more sense. I would give her 1-3 more points on most of her statline, including HP. This goes across the board for the rest of DB. Nolan needs str and def, Edward is mostly fine, just give him more HP and maybe 2 points of defense, give Leo SPD badly and 2 points of str, give micaiah speed so she doesn't suck as much ass throughout the game. Aran needs spd more than anyone else, and laura needs better caps in her base class. I'd give her 10% more growth on HP and speed because that's what she really needs too. Volug is perfectly fine as he is. Ilyana needs to suck less so give her better skill and give her 2 points of speed and she'll be mostly fine. Also, i don't understand making Ike less important or giving micaiah the final blow. No, that's retarded. Ike makes the most sense. Micaiah is too weak to fight ashera and it wouldn't make sense to give the mary sue of the game the killing blow when she's already loved by the plot. she doesn't need any more attention. although i do agree she needs a prf weapon by end game. She doesn't need thani to be brave, that's stupid. Ike is still the main character of the tellius series so the focus should still be on him. he has unresolved story segments with the black knight and others who played a hand in his father's death, like sephiran. if anything, I'd give more spotlight to Sanaki, who got the shaft in this game. she should have have the leading role in part 4, not ike or micaiah. It should be part 1 - micaiah, part 2 - elincia/geoffrey, part 3 - ike & GMs, part 4 - Sanaki. I also agree on availability to some degree. Definitely Tormod needs to come back sooner. Florete needs fixing, laguz in general need fixing.. they should not hog up exp and not get levels (very bad design choice). more forge and skill options for sure. whoever said that is on the right track. making wind edge forge is an interesting idea but i would not do that until part 3 because it can be broken early on. I would say that they could just include more ranged options for weapons like how fates had a variety of weapon choices. keep the idea but don't use the nerfs on weapons that fates had. The story itself is fine. It doesn't really need modifications, especially not ideas from fans who don't even know about how to write a story lol. I'd argue the story isn't even that important anyway. the gameplay is the main highlight of this show anyway. the number one thing they need to do if they're going to remake this game, above all else, is to create post game content. challenge maps like in path of radiance. that was awesome. maybe add some more to it. somehow incorporate multiplayer into it like with the gba and 3ds games. that would be swell. also, edelgard was a trash character and an even more trash lord. don't model female leads after her. do agree that all the female leads have sucked. micaiah didn't just do some stupid things, she did some absolutely braindead stupid things. she is borderline the villain of this game along with sephiran. a lot of what was caused is on her hands. there was nothing wrong with celica and alm being together, stop hating. lyn was probably the best female lead in the series. too bad she got overshadowed by eliwood and hector. i found her more interesting that eliwood at least.
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