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  1. Ok, DANG! You have some good ideas here there really isn't anything here you mention that I would not agree with or be on board with. Give Micaiha dark tomes? Buff her speed? YES PLEASE! Making Meg a Pegasus knight would be perfect and would reflect her stats, and growths better. Making Part 1 a little bit longer would be great as it is over just a tad quickly, and man! I LOVE your idea of making Part 2 into a Crimea vs Dain conflict with Izuka supporting Ludvick. THAT is awesome. Giving Micahaiah a personal tome would be so cool, maybe something similar in concept to the Book of Naga that Julia wields in Genealogy of the Holy War. Just man, if IS does make a Radiant Dawn remake they should hire you to suggest tweaks and changes here and there I love all your suggestions. To everyone else, thank you for all your comments and overall discussion I did not expect this many replies so fast. Thank you all of you.
  2. While Fire Emblem Three Houses is the focus for a lot of people and understandebly so, I have been wondering what changes might a theoretical remaked of Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn as well as Fire Emblem Path of Radiance have. Personally I would be more than happy with just a re-release or a port to the Switch for these games but I thought it would be fun to speculate on some possible changes and additions that such a remake might include. With that out of the way, let's go! First off, the models. Now while Radiant Dawn's models are top notch I have yet to see a Fire Emblem game with models that surpass what Radiant Dawn achieved. Take the Marshall class for instance. This class looks sturdy, strong, unmoveable with unbreakable defense. You KNOW just by looking at this design that anyone who attacks someone in this class is going to rue that decision of theirs. And the attack animations are quite good too considering when this game was done. Yes I am aware that they are slow I'll address that in a bit. But that aside the animations have POWER behind them you feel the force of a blow when a Marshall thrusts his lance into an opponent or slams his axe upon his foe. Now Path of Radiance on the other hand? The does leave a bit to be desired, for crying out loud GBA Generals look better than Path of Radiance Generals, and when an older game system and game has better looking Generals than the newer one you have a problem. Now the Path of Radiance General model isn't TERRIBLE by any means, I have seen worse General model designs. It does still look sturdy and strong, it looks like the person inside can move around, but I would say that, that is inferior to this This looks sturdy, strong, unmoveable. So the first change I would like to see is the models for Path of Radiance be brought up to the level that Radiant Dawn has. The second is it would be a welcome addition to speed up the animations similar to what you can do in FIre Emblem Echoes Shadows of Valentia and if I recall correctly Awakening and Fates as well had this feature, something that would be very welcomed I believe. I enjoy the animations from Tellius, personally I think they are the best we've seen and I never tire of them what they lack in speed they make up for in power. The ground shakes when a Marshall moves towards an opponent just the undaunting power in their mere prescence I love that aspect. So those are the first two things I would like to see, that there is a more equal quality in models between the two and the option to speed things up. What about an avatarr? Would a theoretical Radiant Dawn remake have an avatarr? Ok my immediate response to that idea is a definate and emphatic NO. I really am not a fan of the avatarr as it always serves as a player worship aspect, they are given a unique class that no one else has except for in Heroes of Light and Shadow that's the one thing I do like with Kris he doesn't have a class that only he/she has. But there are a couple reasons why I don't think such a feature would work in Radiant Dawn. First of all you don't stick with any one group for the full entirety of the game but you bounce around from group to group and this would make having an avatarr nearly impossible I believe and any explanation for how the avatarr is in all the groups simultaneously would be cheesy at best. Honestly while some would probably love the addition of an avatarr I don't think it would work in Radiant Dawn's story. What about Battle forecast? I have mixed feelings about this feature. On the one hand it streamlines and simplifies the thinking required for attacking a given unit, and does all the thinking for you, much like a calculator with a math equation. And when there's a mechanic that does all the thinking for you in a game that is about thinking and weighing the odds it's not a feature I care for or like, additionally it I feel leaves out important information. And I think that the GBA battle forecast is simple enough to understand you don't have to factor in your unit's speed vs the opponents to figure out if you'll double or your attack against the opponent's def to find out what the actual damage is.Whenever I have the 3ds games set on the streamlined forecast it always seems to be leaving out important information and when I go back I can make much better informed decisions. So while it probably is something that would be added I really would hope that it would not for the reasons stated. Reclassing? Ok on the one hand reclassing is fun to do, at the same time it I believe takes away from the uniqueness of the unit along with their identity when you swap them into something else. Now of the various features and aspects this one is I believe the most likely thing that would make it into a Radiant Dawn remake, and while it is not a feature I am 100% in favor of. It does have it's enjoyment I will admit and in some cases could even be useful. Take Part 3: Chapter 4 The General's Hand as an example if say Titania could be reclassed to either Draco Master/ Wyvern Lord or to Warrior/ Reaver she could be deployed and used for the entire map rather than only able to contribute to part of it. The question is how would a Reclass system work? In Shadow Dragon Reclass was something that could be done from the menu now I like this in that you do not need to buy an item specific to reclassing in order to do that. Especially when there are several characters that one could reclass and options to consider, I also like how the number of a given unit type that you could have is limited you can't reclass everyone into Paladin or Hero for instance so in a way it is a resource with limits and this I believe is a good idea and should be held in consideration. Then in Awakening each character had limitations in what they could reclass into and seemed to be a reflection of that unit's intended strengths and personality type. Then in Echoes aside from the Villagers who went into the mercenary line there was really no reclassing available however there was some free DLC which added an item which allowed non villager units to become villagers and thus reclass. Now this I like, it is a limited resource but you also are not having to hand over a large amount of mone just to have one extra of blank unit. Like take Donnel as an example I have to pay 2000 gold if I remember correctly just to get him into a class line not to mention promoting him. If Reclassing was a thing for a Radiant Dawn remake I would want to see a combination of it being a reflection of the unit's character and strengths, but at the same time make it a Limited resource. For instance maybe there is an item similar to the Master Crown that you are give, found and can buy from the Shop. However there is a limited number for the entire game meaning there are only so many people who can reclass. Now as much as I would love to reclass a beorc into a given Laguz unit I really think this should not be allowed the only case where I think maybe you could stretch your disbelief enough to allow it is with the Branded units say Stefen for example but otherwise no. On the topic or Reclassing how would this effect class skills? If a mounted unit was reclassed into a Fighter for instance would they keep or lose the canto skill? How about reclassing a Wyvern lord Harr into a Gold Knight? Would he keep Stun and also learn Sol? Definatly some interesting questions and finally would each reclass model be unique or would it be a genaric model? And while we're on the subject would Power Arts be added? I like the power arts I just think that 1) they should not consume HP and 2) it should not take away your ability to double attack. However if you remember the Three Houses trailer we saw what is probably power arts at play and a youtuber emphasizes this I will be linking her video momentarily. Another thing that past remakes have done is add some original and unique characters this is definatly something I can see being done and I would not mind this, it would be nice to have say another Fighter type unit or perhaps a mercenary like class unit aside from Ike, maybe some additional Dawn Brigade units such as a Mercenary, a few original laguz units would be nice especially in regards to the wolf laguz due to you have several feline laguz (cat, tiger, lion) and several bird laguz ( the hawks, herons and ravens). In fact you have a total of three playable laguz for each type, three cats, three tigers, three lions, three herons, three hawks and three ravens. One more wolf laguz so that you have three wolf laguz too would be very appreciated by me at the least, although I think it should be more than three since wolves are pack animals and it would be nice to get a semblence of that, but that may be my wolf biasis talking there. While not a new character I would really like if Largo was made playable first of all he is my favourite Tellius Axe fighter, but also and more importantly the explanation for why he wasn't was very unsatisfactory. You're telling me that he lived through the mad king's war and then some random bandit encounter or something lopped his arm off? I don't think so. This is Largo we're talking about here, the Largo who according to his supports held down two tigers. And this was probably tigers as in laguz in their shifted tiger form, but even if it wasn't holding down two tigers is no mean feat. Largo however is not the only character I would want to see made playable there is another. If Lethe has died prior to Chapter 3-6 the boss will be Kezhda a black cat laguz and if you have ever seen him you'll know that this guy is pretty badass looking with some really good stats for a cat laguz. I would want this guy to be playable when you are on the side of the Greil Mercenaries and the Laguz Alliance personally I think this guy should be playable. Addittionally I think it would be a really good idea to add some original beorc characters such as a Druid, we see druids in the game and they look awesome! Sadly the Druids are unplayable and are enemy only, A playable druid would be sick! However Radiant Dawn druids are one of the few classes that can wield only one weapon type so I would suggest first of all giving them a secondary weapon suck as staves or anima magic perhaps both or to allow them to summon genaric laguz to the battlefield similar to the summoner in Sacred Stones and the cantors in Gaiden and Echoes. While not exactly more characters I would also like to see more 3rd tier units that we have to fight in part 4 with mastery skills instead of them mostly being just 2nd tier units with somewhat better stats. At least have the boss for each chapter be a 3rd tier unit. You may recall a new weapon type being revealed in the Three Houses trailer, the fist category. This is something that I DEFINATLY think should be added if Radiant Dawn got a remake, and could fall under the already existing Strike weapon type and be something for the Laguz. Basically they can be commanded when unshifted to attack and would punch, kick whatever and this would work their Strike weapon level but especially would allow them to contribute even if unshifted without having to have to be attacked by the enemy first. Maybe it could even be something that all units do when they don't have a weapon equipped who knows. Now I'll talk about a few more additions that I think would be a good idea, first of all in chapter 1-1 I would advise giving some dark mages on that map to emphasize Michaiaha's strengths as the unit who gets emphasized is more Edward since he has an advantage over them. While nearly every other game the lord has several units they go up against that emphasizes their strengths. Roy has axe fighters, Ephraim goes up against sword and lance users, Celicae has Terrors she goes up against, etc. Micaiha has no such enemy type that shows what she's strong against. Ok I may be forgetting something but that about sums up things I think would be good or that we might see in a theoretical Radiant Dawn remake, thank you for bearing with me and reading, now as promised here is the video I alluded to that the youtuber PKLucky highlights how power arts may work and how the fisticuff weapon type could work. She has some interesting observations and speculations I would encourage you to watch the whole thing. But her highlights on the powerarts and the fisticuff weapon type if incorporated into a Radiant Dawn remake could be very interesting if such a thing is ever done. She talks about Combat Arts at 5:26 and gives some observations on the fist weapon at 6:12. Again thank you to those who read all of this, we may never see a Radiant Dawn remake but this was fun to speculate what things might be seen if such a thing ever happens, and now for the video promised. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJ_oXsdi6iI&t=2s
  3. I hope we see wyverns or more specifically draco riders perhaps griffons as well, beyond that there' implication that all my favourite classes will be present. For myself I see nothing wrong with implication of a resideing faith, religion and a well established patheon as oppossed to being some vague deity and like that this game seems to have an established religion it's refreshing I think to see them go back to that. I hope that the lore surrounding legendary weapons will be similarly devoloped these things make the world come more alive and have a sense of being real and genuine.
  4. I'm more worried that there will be more player worship. I hope I'm wrong about this but that's my biggest concern and apphrension.
  5. Good world building, some lore for any of the legendary games that exist. Well flushed out characters both of the good guys and the villains. No cameos from characters just because they're "poplular". This is a seperate world and continent characters from previous games have no buisness in this game. Plot twists in the story, don't be completely predictable.
  6. While Fates is far from my favourite game, this hack of yours seems really cool. I will definatly be keeping this one in mind to play. From everything you've listed a lot of the changes make me very interested and I hope to be able to give this hack a try in the near future.
  7. I really wouldn't change anything, since 1) there is a limit to the rounds a unit can do, 2) it is the only way outside of visiting villages for units to get gold and due to the size of the maps your mounts are going to be able to get there a LOT faster meaning you could have units like Ayra with virtually no gold at all 3) while yes you CAN heal up a unit and send them back in often there is something happening at the start of a map and you are going to want ALL of your units at full health and some units just will not be able to beat a certain enemy so sending them in repeatedly only benefits the healer. Honestly I think the arena is necessary for buying items off others (Paragon costs 40,000 gold for example, repairing the Tyrfang costs 50,000) without the arena I don't think units would have the gold to afford things like this. So me personally I would not change the FE4 arena. Moreover knowing who you're going up against and being able to choose what weapon a unit uses is very appreciated unlike the GBA arenas which forced you to use a paticular weapon instead of being allowed to choose a weapon.
  8. Oh wow! This looks fun! I better get started. Lord- Ike Avatarr- Robin Villager- Atlas Cavalier- Titania Knight- Hannibal Myrmidon- Stefan Mercenary- Chulaiin Fighter- Othin Pirate- Largo Soldier- Aran Archer- Favall Nomad- Sue Mage- Tormod Dark Mage- Cainas Monk- Lucius Cleric- Serra Troubador- Ethlyn Thief- Matthew Pegasus Knight- Ferry Wyvern Rider- Harr Manakete- Banto Royal Laguz- Caineghas Non Royal Laguz- Volug Dancer- Tethys
  9. Add Ike, Hector, Roy, Eliwood and Alm nuff said. Ok in seriousness first of all the roster would have been larger and more varied. And would have included characters from all the games (Jugdrael, Archanea, Tellius, Elibe, etc) Units who can wield optional weapons would have those they can select at the start of a map, like how in Hyrule Warriors Impa can select either her sword or the Naginaata. In a similar fashion Xander could select either his sword or a lance of some kind. As to what characters those would be I'm not sure off the top of my head, but the base would include at least one of every major unit type (soldier, mercanary, myrmidon, etc) DLC would expand the already existing representation and perhaps add more weapons, say for example Colm, Garcia and Cormag were the SS DLC there would also be monster enemies added based off of the monsters from SS and of course the legendary weapons from that game. There would have been representation for all the contents in the History of Fire Emblem and DLC would exist to expand the representation and add more campaings, arcs and overall content instead of just making characters playable that should have been playable to begin with. There are probably other things that I'm not thinking of at the moment but those are the big things there.
  10. I like the IDEA of a FE Warrios 2 coming out but I do think we need some more concrete hints, and I would need to see the direction they take it to be hyped about it, I would want to see them do some things differantly. Such as not focussing so heavily on awakening or fates simply because they are deemed the most popular, would want a more varied roster than waht we got, a character for every class type (i.e. merc, armor, fighter, etc) Allow units who can wield optional weapons to do so, if Hyrule Warriors could give characters optional weapons when aside from Link that's not a think in the respective game than Fire Emblem Warrios can DEFINATLY do it. While I would love representation from all the games that is unlikely I think at launch but if we had a FE character for every FE amiibo that's out, representation for the GBA, 3ds and Tellius games that I think would be plenty. And I doubt anyone would be complaining or have gripes with that. Hyrule Warriors by comparison is much more representive of it's series now since I got the game later I'm not sure what it was like at launch but FE Warriors has been out for a while and there still is very little expansion in the representation and there is a lot more at their disposal to work with compared to Legend of Zelda.
  11. Bonuse EXP is a great concept I think, it's something I like and appreciate in both The Tellius games and is similar to the group EXP feature of Gaiden/Echoes just the execution is differant. I think it allows one to more easily level units that would otherwise not get much experience such as healers for example. It has a lot of promise I think and should be something that returns and is maintained as a staple, though I could say that for a lot of the mechanics from the Tellius games. Shoving anyone? Ledge advantages? You get the idea.
  12. I'd say Ethlyn is the best lord's mother. Some other worthy ones would be of course Ninian, definatly Rhana, Elenora, Deidre also I would consider to be a good mother.
  13. Axe units (Fighters, Pirates, Warriors, Berserkers, Axe cavs, Great Knights, Axe Generals) are awesome.
  14. I want Axe cavs and the Great Knight/ Gold Knight class, Sentinals, Bow Knights (not just as a promoted class, I want a base class mounted bow user too), Berserkers and Warriors. Barons (FE4) Marshalls, Dreadfighters, Mageknights, (Mounted dark magic users, same for Light magic) Summoners. Sword, Lance and Axe armors, Generals wielding Sword, Lance, Axe, Bows. I'd like to see Weapon Masters return. Malig Knights COULD be cool but I think it needs some refinement as most either had really high magic or really high str, few had a good balance between the two. Griffon Knight (but make it, it's own class line not as a promotion for wyverns) Seraph Knights and give them swords again. Villagers or Trainees, Summoners would be really cool. I want to see the Druids again (dark and anima magic and staves) Master Knight (I'd really like to see this ESPECIALLY if the Jaigen is a Master Knight). And this is just a nit pick but I really want Wyvern riders to look like they did in the GBA games or Radiant Dawn. I want the Dragons back. I want shifters Lion, Wolf and Tiger (similar to the Laguz) and I want an ARMY of them. Ok sorry for going so long, but yeah. There's a lot of classes from a variety of games that I'd like to see.
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