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  1. Here are my ideas for a live action cast for Fire Emblem 4 : Sigurd : Karl Urban Quan : Charlie Cox Finn : Tom Holland Seliph : Asa Butterfield Oifey : Dominic Monaghan Arvis : Hayden Christensen Manfroy : Anthony Hopkins Lewyn : Tom Hardy Shannan : Hiroyuki Sanada Kurth : Jude Law Eldigan : Daniel Radcliffe Julia : Evana Lynch Loptous ( voice and motion capture): Ralph Fiennes Travant : Ray Park Let me know what you think
  2. Here are my ideas for a live action cast for Fire Emblem 4 : Sigurd : Karl Urban Quan : Charlie Cox Finn : Tom Holland Seliph : Asa Butterfield Oifey : Dominic Monaghan Arvis : Hayden Christensen Manfroy : Anthony Hopkins Lewyn : Tom Hardy Shannan : Hiroyuki Sanada Kurth : Jude Law Eldigan : Daniel Radcliffe Julia : Evana Lynch Loptous ( voice and motion capture): Ralph Fiennes Travant : Ray Park Let me know what you think
  3. Ok here is a second map concept. The goal of the mission is again seizing a castle, but the castle is on a mountain which can only be reached by a small road or flying. The castle is guarded by snipers and mages with wind magic. The road is locked by a general using a tomahawk. There are 2 ballistas (left and right). The boss is a sniper with a killing bow. The rest of the level is filled with basic units. The map is under a blizzard, every unit has an accuracy malus when attacking at 2 squares or more. On hard mode, the ennemy doesn't have any malus. The best strategy for this map is to use your myrmidons and swordmasters to kill the snipers and the mages. Let me know what you think.
  4. Here is a little topic for those who want to share how they would design a map for a Fire Emblem game. Here's mine The level takes place early in the game. The goal is to seize the castle in the center. In this map there are several pre-promoted units. The castle is located in an island. The two bridges leading to the island are guarded by a General each. There are two villages in the map, one near the North bridge and one on the bottom of the map. In the north village, you'll find an armorslayer. You start on the North-West of the map with your Lord, your red and green knight, 1 mercenary, a priest, an archer and a Paladin (your Oifey). The strategy is to carefully advance and use your Oifey to deal with the promoted units. To defeat the Generals, the best way is to visit the North Village to get the armorslayer and then use your Paladin. The boss is a level 2 Paladin with a Steel Sword and a Silver Lance. When defeated, he drops a master seal. The south Village will give you a C-rank weapon. The promoted units are 5 generals, 1 paladin, 1 Halberdier and a Bishop Let me know what you think, and share your ideas.
  5. How do you think Intelligent Systems should handle the music in a Fire Emblem 4 remake ? For the track "Beloved One" would you like a male voice or a female voice or both? It could be wonderful if the voice were Sigurd's or Deirdre's one. For chapter 5's music I'd like an organ and a choir. I've seen a remastered version of this track on YouTube, it used both and it was quite good. So what do you think
  6. And I fought Travant was a bit like Boba Fett from Star Wars
  7. Lightsabers would be E rank weapons but the rank would grow with the crystals you put inside. The ability saber throw allows you to throw your lightsaber up to 3 squares. Most Sith Lords would have "Duel of the Fates" as a boss music
  8. Do you think that Arvis and Travant ruled with fear or respect ?
  9. So, if Fire Emblem Heroes had guest characters from Star Wars it could look like this: Anakin Skywalker : Skywalker's lightsaber Voice : Matt Lanter Obi-Wan Kenobi : Obi-Wan wan's lightsaber Voice: James Arnold Taylor Darth Vader: Vader's lightaber Voice : Matt Sloan General Grievous : Collected lightsabers Voice : Matthew Wood World : World of clones Just for fun.
  10. This a bit for fun ( And I didn't know exactly were to put this subject). As the title says, here is a little concept of Star Wars themed Fire Emblem classes or if you want, what if Intelligents Systems were to make a Fire Emblem like Star Wars game. So here are some class concepts Troooper≥elite trooper ≥commando Heavy trooper> Vanguard> destroyer Scoundrel> smuggler> crime lord or assassin Scout> adventurer> explorer Jedi guardian/sith warrior> jedi weaponmaster/sith ravager> jedi master/sith master Jedi consular/sith acolyte> jedi erudite/sith sorcerer> jedi master/sith master Jedi sentinel/sith marauder> jedi protector or jedi shadow/sith assassin Jedi lord (main character's light side third-tier class) Sith lord (ennemy class, and main character's dark side third-tier class, all Sith lords have the title Darth) Here are also some techniques for the classes : Pain master ( stat boost when health is lower than half) Crucitorn : all attacks affect resistance instead of defense Shatterpoint : halves your health and gives it to attack and speed for one turn. You can move and attack after using the technique Jedi defense : defense+5 Force immunity (fear, freeze, poison...) let me know what you think of this little concept made for fun, by a Fire Emblem and Star Wars fan.
  11. Fire Emblem 4 is a great game, so I wonder what would a screen adaptation be like (either live action or animated) Personally, I'd love an animated adaptation because you can do so much things. For the animation I think it should be 3d animated ( yes I know Berserk wasn't done so well) because of motion capture and other things that made series like "Star Wars The Clone Wars" visualy great. So I wouldn't mind if a western studio did the animation (Castlevania is a proof that a western studio can produce a great series). If I had to choose a studio to produce a Fire Emblem 4 adaptation, I'd pick Lucasfilm Animation ( the guys tha made The Clone Wars) So here is a fan made concept of what a Fire Emblem 4 animated series could look like ( it's just for fun): Fire Emblem : Scions of Light Aired on: Disney+ Production : Nintendo, Lucasfilm Ltd Animation : Lucasfilm Animation Weapon advisor : Ray Park Scenario : Dave Filoni, Shouzo Kaga (original story) Music : Kevin Kiner, Yuka Tsujiyoko (Original themes) Voice cast : Sigurd : Grant George Deirdre : Erica Mendez Arvis : Xander Mobus Manfroy : Sam Witwer Narrator : Ian McDiarmid This was a little concept for an animated Fire Emblem 4 series. I don't have ideas for a live action one. Let me know what you think.
  12. Just for fun and because I'm a big fan of Star Wars. Jedi Guardian/ Sith Warrior ( from Star Wars Kotor I and II and the Old Republic) Class description : A champion of the light/dark side. Weapon : Swords ( Can use lightsabers), lances, axes, the Force Techniques : Critical hit (stuns your opponent when a critical hit is performed), Weapon specialist : lightsaber, Force Jump ( Can attack an ennemy from 2 squares at level 2, 3 squares at level 6 and 5 squares at level 12.) Promotion : Jedi Weapon Master/ Sith Ravager Jedi Weapon Master/ Sith Ravager Uses : Swords (lightsabers), lances, axes, the Force Techniques : Shatterpoint ( boosts everything, costs some health), Flurry ( works like Astra but it also adds one more strike the next turn, however criticals are disabled) Promotes to: Jedi Master/ Sith Master Jedi Consular/ Sith Acolyte Uses : Swords, the Force Techniques : Strong with the Force. promotes to: Jedi Erudite/ Sith Sorcerer Jedi Erudite/ Sith Sorcerer Uses: Swords, the Force Techniques : Master Heal (Light side only, cures everything at 5 squares), Will Breaker (Dark Side only, halves the opponent's resistance) Promotes to: Jedi Master/Sith Master Jedi Sentinel/ Sith Marauder Uses : Swords, The Force Techniques : Force imunity : Fear, Stun Promotes to: Shadow Jedi/ Sith Assasin Shadow Jedi/ Sith Assasin uses: Swords, daggers, lances, the Force Techniques : Force imunity : Poison, Unbreakable Will ( resistance + 10 and cancers every resistance breaking techniques), Luna, Force cloak Promotes to : Jedi Master/ Sith Master Jedi Master/ Sith Master uses : Depends on what the previous class used. techniques : Battle meditation (only from Jedi Erudite/ Sith Sorcerer, + 5 to Ally stats, - 5 to ennemy stats, does not work on droids), Master Armor ( Jedi Weapon Master/ Sith Ravager only, defense + 10), Master Killer ( Jedi Sentinel/ Sith Assasin only, when activated it allows you to attack one more opponent within half of your range) Sith Lord: All Sith Lords have the title "Darth", the main character's ultimate class ( dark side ending only) Uses : Everything Techniques : Death Field ( takes a part the en ennemy's health from 5 squares in order to Heal you) Jedi Lord : The main character's ultimate class ( light side ending only) uses : Everything Techniques : Force grace ( + 15 to everything) what do you think ?
  13. I have some ideas for à new version of the battle of Belhalla. In my vision of the remake, the battle will be playable. It will be a survival battle. When Sigurd the last man standing, Arvis comes and a fight occurs. Sigurd will lose. In New Game + you have the option to play the battle on Arvis side. In this case your goal is to defeat Sigurd and his men. Battle stats : Boss: Arvis 35 units : (17 mages, 10 swordsmen and 8 knights) Goal : Face your destiny. Battle stats (Arvis side) Boss : Sigurd Ennemy : Sigurd's men + 10 random soldiers. Music : if we have a New music for this battle I imagine something like that. I know it's not a Fire Emblem music, but I think it is perfect for a last stand. The music En of Despair Can still be used in a cutscene (it was a cutscene ost in the original game) Let me know what you think.
  14. I'm currently writing a cross-over fanfiction between Fire Emblem 4 and Star Wars Kotor. I'm share with you some ideas I have. So if some of you are also Star Wars fans, let me know what is good and what I should improve. My main character is male and his name is Iedal. He crashes on Jugdral not far from Chalphy (I'l name the planet Drasil, because Jugral is based on Yggdrasil) He meets Sigurd and helps him. At some point Iedal obtains a lightsaber (because during the crash, he lost his own). Chagall has discovered and recruited an HK-50 droid (some years before the events of the Story a huge ship crashed on Jugdral and this droid was in the ship) But he also managed to get a Rancor. At some point during the Verdane campaign it is revealed that Cigyun (Deirdre's mother) used to be Nicknamed "Skywalker" (I wanted to involve ancestors of the Skywalker family in this story) At some point, Sigurd saves a Wookie who Now has a life debt. Before the battle of Belhalla, Iedal leaves Sigurd's army. During his journey he finds a ship that is called "the Ebon Hawk". Iedal then returns to Coruscant. In the Ship he finds an astromech droid called T3-M4. He then learns that he was born in the Spirit Forrest, and that a man named Revan took him to be trained by the Jedi. Iedal also learns that he his Deirdre's younger twin brother. On Coruscant, he senses the battle of Belhalla through the Force and decides to return in Drasil. When he arrives at night, he discovered the massacre. He finds a dying Sigurd who begs him to take care of Seliph. Iedal will be paired with Lachesis. For generation 2 here are the ideas that i have: Seliph will become a jedi. At some points Mandalorian warriors will arrive and Travant will obtain a Basilisk War droid. Long ago, a man named Tenebrae merged his spirit with Loptous. In this Story, Manfroy and Arvis will become Sith lords. So could you help me find a Sith name for them. I have already three Deadlords : Darth Malak, Darth Sion and Darth Traya. If you have some ideas, please let me know.
  15. If This game has DLCs (and I'm pretty sure it will have DLCs) it could look like this : DLC 1: The Battle of Thracia : a remake of Fire Emblem 5. DLC 2: The Heir of the Emblem : an dlc centered on Arvis. DLC 3: The Lion of Nordion : a DLC centered on Eldigan. IF this game has Trial Maps or something similar, here are the characters that would be exclusive to this mode. Arvis Julius Manfroy Travant Eldigan Naga Loptous Byleth Veld (DLC) Raydrik (DLC) The Twelve Crusaders
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