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  1. Yeah I think this is something that you would need to simulate to get an effective growth rate. That’s what I would expect, low growth stats will have little to no change, and a 4-5% increase at the extreme side with Constance’s magic (this what I empirically saw, 64%-65%). Does not make much of a difference at the end.
  2. If anyone is curious what happens if multiple stats are tied. HP is skipped if 3 or more stats are tied for closest. if HP is selected as the first stat, then there's some weird skipping of tied stats to select the second stat. Skips the first stat in any 2 way ties, and any 3+ stat ties if Str and Mag are not both tied. Ignores Str and Mag if they are both tied in any 3 or more stat ties.
  3. I can now 100% confirm that the stats are picked by minimum difference. No rerolling of stats is used, just picks the stats that are closest to level up. I used an adjutant level up, which the RNs are fixed for a map, and continuously change the growth rates to get the RNs and play around with the growths to see what stat would appear on the level up. Weird things happens with ties. If all of them are tied, you get Str + Mag, skipping HP. Other than that, it goes by order.
  4. The "re-roll" stats, at least what empirical data supports, seems to be the highest rolled stats. Level ups don't appeared to be re-roll, so might actually pick the stats based on the closest to proc. So on a blank level up, it would pick the closest two stats that would have rolled. On a one stat level up, you would get that one stat (suggesting no re-rolling the levels), and the highest rolled stat. This way of performing the blank/one stat level up matches pretty well statistically with what I have observed with Constance.
  5. You can repeatedly farm exp from dealing chip damage to boss. It's easier to do if the boss doesn't move and they are on a heal tile. If they can move, why not just make them not move? Chapter 14, Bernadetta kept using Encloser to force Randolph on the heal tile. Dimitri and Constance attacked at 2 range repeatedly.
  6. Hence why "make the challenge appear harder" is in quotes. It was actually needed to get people to level 20 before chapter 12. Dimitri get exp would make getting to advanced classes a lot harder. Chapter 13 might be interesting for you to watch to see what I did to completed. Lots of exploiting odd map mechanics used in the run. You should watch the run. I made it so each chapter is completely watchable by making them under 10 minutes long. Recruits were Leonie, Bernadetta, Cyril, the Ashen Wolves, were used. Catherine, Shamir were recruited for other reasons. Dimitri helped a lot by allowing better exp allocation for other units.
  7. I have done a "No Aux/Paralogue No Optional Monastery Exploration" Run on Azure Moon. Not quite an old-school FE feel in terms of gameplay but in terms of gameplay pacing. The rules used: No Optional Battles: No Aux Battles/Paralogues (besides the forced one in Chapter 2) Monastery Exploration in Chapter 1, 2, and the first week of Chapter 4 and 6 Units must have 100% pass rate to cert into a new class. This done to discourage ability grinding/stacking and rigging promotions. Dimitri must be at Level 1 at the end of Chapter 12. To make the challenge "appear harder" All maps must be routed if possible: "Kill Every Last of Them". Done to fully engage with the map design. All Recruits must be asked directly by Monastery dialogue. No B-Support Auto Recruit. No DLC Stat Boosters or Items (Chalice of Beginnings) Because of the limited monastery this means: No Saint Statues: Flayn is unavailable for the quest in Chapter 6 for story reasons. No Dancer No S-Support Can only ask for a Mission Assistant in Chapter 4 I have a playlist for all 22 Chapters of the Blue Lions/Azure Moon Route. Each video is edited and shorten to shows the completion of each story chapter in about 4-9 minutes, along with some strategy notes and weird map behavior that I found and exploited in the video descriptions. This was probably the most fun I had playing the game. I would recommend it to people that dislike the monastery tedium or grinding aspect of the game, maybe with more lax rules (include paralogues, no class cert restrictions, etc...).
  8. Some of the Blue Lion Map were on NG+, as I just wanted a video to highlight the strats but didn't want to replay the early chapters, this would be chapter 5, and 6. Paralogues and timeskip maps on Blue Lions are on NG. I did uploaded the Blue Lions exclusive chapters. Entirely of CF and SS is on NG. S+ gauntlets is indeed doable. It took the forced aux battle in Chapter 2, Chapter 2, and another aux battle in Chapter 2. Balthus adjutant was used to get Constance's magic rank if I remembered correctly. Chapter 4 is on NG, despite Chapter 5 and 6 are on NG+. I don't know how that came to be. The Azure Moon Endgame video is just a silly video to one turn the map with the month glitch abuse. I did play the map but it wasn't interesting to actually show. It was basically using a dodge tank to avoid the boss's attacks and slowly killing everything. These are the first set of video I uploaded and are very slow and probably do not have any details in the description.
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