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  1. Rosado to me seems like the perfect target for cannoneer. I'm aiming the xenolouge to be complete around 15 to 16. By then you should have more solid wyvern options in kagetsu, lapis, chloe, even Amber, jade, or diamant anyway so sacking him to go that class is good. He'll have strong enough rates to gain both strength and hit in the class. As for enchanter, assuming like the dancer you'll almost never attack, anyone who gains defensive stats the best is good. Bunet or Boucheron would be fine, framme losing staff access is a little sus to me so I wouldn't do it unless I'm planning to have multiple staff users.
  2. Enchanter seems like a pretty cool concept. I like an arts user that has ranged fallback with knives and it seems like a perfect lucina tech since you'll want to be near allies anyway, so free dagger chain attacks will be pretty nice. I can see this working well for fogado especially. As for the cannoneer, I've stated this on reddit but the main thing is; is the cannon more viable than having a sage with thoron. If the answer is yes, then it's pretty easy to slot in. Having it be dexed based but hit res (theoretically) could be interesting aswell. Units like Boucheron or clanne or even bunet might have a niche now, but high dex tends to go with high speed so making the sacrifice between having a speedy unit or a long range debuffer will be a cool new add on to a run.
  3. Any physical class will do for them. Kagetsus probably best on a wyvern with access to spears and ya warrior is pretty great as well. Panettes probably best with warrior, though I found paladin to be pretty good as well on the account of mobility.
  4. They do mag + strength รท2 and are counted as a physical attack.
  5. So I'm not sure if you watch faergast but if you do, then you'll probably know this bun you can run either Pannete, alcryst or zelkov. If you have max support on them (A in their cases) that support bonus will give you 20 Hit each. So in theory running all 3 and having them next to ivy can generate +60 Hit. Here's the video that explains it but the tldr is that supports are separated into 4 groups that give base bonuses to hit dodge and avoid. All the three I mentioned are in the Hit category meaning any unit their supported with and if they're fighting next to eachother will get +20 Hit on A level supports. The video explaining this:
  6. So on a second hard classic run and just recieved every available unit Best: lyn. Lyn is just a busted emblem and makes any unit ridiculously good. She's made my paladin byleth a solo squander and I know if I gave her to anyone else she'd do the same for them. Best unit: merrin has been really clutch. Easily the best falcon knight Levin sword user behind chloe, she's far more ready to go and can basically solo hold an area. Disappointed: zelkov. Man just isn't hitting the same level yunaka did on my first run. He seems more suited for a different class but who knows.
  7. Went for soren on a hard run around ch 15. Map was fine, just pay attention to your positioning and don't be afraid to end on smog. His skills make mages overall tankier with damage reduction on tomes and having plus to both mag and res combined. He also has cool debucfing abilities and unique support staffs. He also has unique magic effects that can add variety to your casters. Probably better than celica or eirika as a magic option for mages (eirika still better for magic weapom users). Don't know if he beats lyn byleth or lucina for them though. And I still think you're best shot is to go olwen S for your mags, but maybe once we have the new classes it'll be better. He also would be very good for mage knights and I think his supportive elements do have him going over the edge. Better used than just an skill tree we have to bond with (sorry leif)
  8. The trick is to only send a few units up into the temple to clear the mobs there. Park the majority of your army at the reinforcement spawn point (the entrance to the temple). The mobs are not infinite but are cycled out to a max of the amount of unit types (backup, armored, mounted, flyer, mystic, covert, with weapon types). An armor, archer and thief are enough to deal with the inner temple.
  9. So will it be like tiki where the map scales with level? And have the inherited skills/ profficencies been leaked yet. I have a complete save and a 2nd playthrough going on atm (I wanted to use every character so I planned 3 runs before dlc released) so I guess I'll know if it's worth going for earlier or later. Also with how fast these releases are coming, I'm guessing wave 4 is coming summer. I have a feeling IS doesn't want to overlap engages dlc with anything they plan for the advance wars reboot.
  10. Etie x M Alear. I like their overall interactions, and it's a unique one in the alear supports where it's him intrigued by someone else rather than the other way around. Also while I didn't get to A rank in time, the louis x ivy supports were interesting and made want to see their end result.
  11. That also would only be optimal if your consistently feeding the unit xp, or else constantly switching to another class while leveling in previous classes would just stunt the exp growth of said unit. An example I use is kagetsu. I found his most high end build to be wyvern rider with maxed out killing edge with lyn emblem. He hits around over 50% crit on most mobs. Add in alacrity, he basically crit every opponent, making him an amazing 1v1 independent unit. To do that build, I just need to second seal him to wyvern, while grabbing axe profficency. Optimal time to do this is later into the game, because he's so plug and play that I can wait on getting him exp and use him when the deployment slot gets to 14 around ch 23. That means I don't need to level him way until then, where because he'd be lower level than most mobs he'd gain good exp.
  12. A quarter of the roster come pre promoted making it possible. Assuming you will not advance zelkov/yunaka you only need 20 master seals. Now if you do multiple class changes on base that's different, but most ppl have matched out that going early promote is generally better
  13. Ya with this my own experience and the video varsona posted, erika is a must have to make Arts work
  14. I generally feel martial master is the class that needs the most tlc to be effective. Good engraving, early class upgrade to get better odds of stat boosts, refinements up the ass, and access to the erika skill lunar brace so it can threaten armor. It does get interesting benefits though. One it's a healer class that can actually stick closer to Frontline. This is valuable as physics, the only ranged healing staff is limited stock on shop while heal and mend are unlimited. Having access to healing at any moment is valuable. Also they are probably the best obstruct user since they'll be closer to the front which is where you'd have positioned your Frontline anyway. Also the early brave option is useful with alears skill early and by the time you get the brave version of the arts class, you'd hopefully have enough resources for refinement. It also just makes certain units better. Mixed growth units often tend to just be middling versions of more attuned units that use either offensive stat better. With arts at least they get am interesting niche. Chloe, celine, framme, mauvier all have a case for going this class rather than going into a physical or magical class.
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