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  1. This is probably the most depressing news I've heard all day. I loved this project to death, everything was so amazing and taking another look at it recently made me love it all the more. It was one of my favorite games to play in high school and it could very well be my favorite Fire Emblem game period. It's going to be really sad to see it go, but I hope for the best for everyone who worked on it.
  2. Happy Birthday! And I know you don't know me, but I know I know you! (?

  3. I believe one of the devs mentioned they were going to nerf the enemies a bit. iirc, I believe they were going to lower the HP of grunts to dispatch them quicker.
  4. No manaketes as of yet; Onduris has a Wyvern Rider, though. You'll see more magic enemies in Musain and more physical units in Onduris. You'll get a Mage and an armor lord in Musain and a sword and lance wielding lord in Onduris. I don't think you get more stat boosts in one route than the other and I can't quite remember all the boosts, but I know that there's a Con boosting item in Onduris.
  5. Spoopy is what you use to describe something when it's too spooky to be described as spooky anymore.
  6. Oh my, that wouldn't be an Arcus redesign now would it? Looks like he's fancied up.
  7. Happy birthday!

  8. Yes, it is up to date. The file from the download link says V4. As was stated recently, V5 is currently being worked on. I believe at some point, the creator said the total amount of chapters they would like to make is around 30, so there's plenty more to play once it's all out.
  9. If I were to take a guess, since Summer break just started, they'll begin working on it now. Any expected releases would probably be in a few months.
  10. Now IS is trolling? Damn it, I have enough companies teasing me with video games, now I have IS destroying me as well. Stop giving me reasons to take hours out of my day for Fire Emblem.
  11. WANT I wonder if this'll eventually turn into Epic Battle Fantasy where units start dealing 10,000 points of damage per hit. This actually looks really cool. I think it shows more variety in enemies early on, adding more stressors to the player in earlier levels. I'd love to see how this works in the actual game!
  12. At this point, yes you'll need one. I believe this was talked about earlier in the thread, and it may be fixed in a later patch. Edit: Looks like Astra was quicker on the draw.
  13. Damn it. Why do you have to be right? I really only meant the ones before the end of the game since there's no reason for Chrom and company to move away from their goal when it's right in front of them. Emmeryn's is the only one I vehemently disapprove of since it removes the effect of her death, and adds nothing to her character while the other paralogues did so.
  14. Thread progression: MarthxIke --> Really cool discussion about interpreting the sexuality of characters with Ike and Soren as mediums --> Ike's relevance in FE10 I'd have to play the game again to have a fair opinion, but at this point, I feel the same. Agreed. If you're adding in a character who is integral to the plot, one would expect that character to be developed upon, especially if that character is a protagonist. Otherwise, you'd have a boring main character, which is a critical writing flaw. Though, again, I'd need to replay this to have a more solid opinion. Elincia and Micaiah both felt like well-rounded, integral characters. Through recollection, Micaiah was an interesting character, scrounging up street urchins to fight an oppressive government to eventually building an army to overthrow it, much like Ike in a way, though still being a breath of fresh air. Elincia struggled with trying to rebuild her kingdom while stubborn nobles fought her at every turn to an eventual revolution, to fighting for her country on her own. Ike... Helped. He's still awesome, and playing him again in a brand new story is invigorating, but I felt let down slightly from lack of development. He functions as the strong character he is, but doesn't stand as high as he did in the previous game with the constant progression of his character. If I may give my two cents on Priam: I like to pretend that those Xenologues don't exist because it kinda sorta undermines Emmeryn's character and her role in the story after not dying when dying helped her resolve the first arc. But that's just me.
  15. I don't think IS may invest in another remake anytime soon, but my ideas were some sort of morph of the Jugdrali or Elibe series. Of course, the Jugdrali idea would have to go through some changes due to big differences in maps, but the Elibe series wouldn't need that. They could both implement the children system, and it would certainly make for a long game. Though, I'd prefer the FE6 side go under some renovations since I felt Roy was a little lacking in character; he was there to lead the army, but he didn't have much personal motivation like his father did. Nintendo actually turned a profit this quarter due to Mario Kart sales, so the WiiU isn't doing too bad anymore! They just need to keep it up, and considering Smash is coming out soon, they probably will. I don't think a WiiU venture for FE is entirely a poor economic decision, but I suppose IS wanted some insurance hence the crossover with SMT, and I think they might be taking a while to make sure that this game works well, taking into consideration both IS's and Nintendo's money crisis. I couldn't explain the absence of any news for SmtxFE, but they may just have nothing to show as of yet. If IS really isn't comfortable with another single FE release, then another handheld release wouldn't be that bad, pressure is probably the last thing they need right now.
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