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  1. 41 minutes ago, Shrimpy -Limited Edition- said:

    I am trying to write down my Engage thoughts atm

    in the meantime



    …The mill of God may churn slowly, but it churns non the less. If Engage has done anything it has made me appreciate Dune, The Book of the Sun and The Coldfire Trilogy even more.

  2. 16 minutes ago, Saint Rubenio said:

    Also Twilight of the Gods keeps playing in cutscenes. It's funny hearing that badass (even in NES) theme over Paola saying "be careful, Kachua! They are thieves! Stay with me!"

    Wait you’re playing the original Gaiden? Well best of luck to you Rubenio.

  3. 2 minutes ago, Saint Rubenio said:

    That, and I liked the chapter 11 funny, myself. I thought it was a pretty interesting way to shake things up. But then, I am someone who doesn't mind it as much when a game sweeps the carpet under the player's feet, if it doesn't become outright unfair. That moment struck a nice balance of taking the player by storm without making things overly miserable for them. 

    Cue my righteous histrionics:


  4. 7 minutes ago, Acacia Sgt said:

    I guess the idea is that Alear managed to get over it quickly. We do get lots of time skips between chapters, after all. Like the boat trip from Lythos to Firene. And to be fair, when the first people they meet is... well, Clanne and Framme, some awkwardness will ensue no matter what. lol

    Then why make it a thing though? As much has I hate FF X Tidus breing a fish out water like Alear was used for more then just exposition. Tidus was unaccustomed to many of Spira’s customs and it’s religion which played a huge part in his awkwardness around people, his growth as a character and how he was able to inspire his allies into fighting against their false religion. It should have been utilized more, especially seeing that while Tidus was in a brand new world, he still had all his previous memories and experiences to draw upon, unlike Alear.

  5. 51 minutes ago, Saint Rubenio said:

    In summary: Break is the most impactful the WT has ever been, Emblems are one of the richest, most enjoyable and surprisingly balanced mechanics in the series, the map design is excellent, the game's take on reclassing is the most painless it has ever been and will greatly add to the replayability, the cast is diverse and unique and I've enjoyed the supports I've read. Also graphically it's the best-looking 3D FE has ever been, and the music is great as always. And Sommie is a thing.

    If you want more details, I wrote like ten paragraphs the other day that you seem to have missed.

    Well since you stated your opinion I suppose I should expand upon mine.

    Pros: The graphics, gameplay and music are pretty good. I enjoyed the emblem gameplay, but didn’t like how the game stripped you of then halfway through. IS might as well have written “buy the expansion pass which will give you emblem bracelets which aren’t taken away from you” because that how I felt while playing it.

    Cons: While the characters overall are likable I felt that they were horribly underdeveloped. While there was at least a few instances where I almost got interest in them (Diamant and Alcryst when you first meet them) none of them ever really come together in the end. Both Diamant and Alcryst ceased being interesting after Chapter 10, and it really feels like many of the non-main royal characters could have been given more screen time but weren’t. The supports are not great either. There are a few that do give the characters some backstory but I never felt that they progressed much further then the few characteristics that one sees from normally interacting with them. The villains are at best dumb as dirt and at worst horrifically underdeveloped.


    Trying to get the player to sympathize with the Hounds by giving their backstory during or right before their deaths is Engage’s writing at its worst. It feels like the writers realized that the death of the Hounds won’t resonate with players, so tried to give them more characterization at the eleventh hour right before their deaths. The game needed to present this information early and flesh out the characters sooner to get any kind of sympathy from me. It is possible to have a character’s death mean something when the audience has only just met them, Janos Audron jumps immediately to mind, but it requires good writing which Engage isn’t capable of doing.

    As for the story, I’ve probably never seen a more boring story told as ineptly in my entire life, and I’ve read Bram Stocker’s The White Worm! Moments that should be impactful lack any sort of punch due to how underdeveloped everything in the plot is. Outside of Solm I felt like all the kingdoms were greatly undeveloped, and I hardly got a sense of who it’s people were or why I should care about them. Lythos was easily the worst due to feeling like less of a kingdom and more like a castle in a field populated by like five people at most. Plus there are a crapload of plot holes and things that are left unexplained, such as:


    1. How did the party escape from the cathedral in Chapter 11 without Emblem rings and the time crystal and when the villains had them dead to rights?

    2. How does Alear still have a physical body after being turned into an Emblem even though the other characters who are emblems are at most spirits or souls? How is Alear not effect in being banished like the other Emblem rings in the last chapter when they are now also a Emblem as well?

    3. Why introduce time travel into the game at the 11th hour and show that Zephia can create an artifact that is more powerful then the Draconic Time Crystal? If Mage Dragons can use magic to time travel why did they use it to win the ancient war? Why doesn’t Sombron use it? The Draconic Time Crystal exists so why not use more powerful versions of it?

    4. If Lumera and Alear are worshipped as deities why is no one in the game horrified that the holy land has been raided, a god killed and another one attacked with the intent to kill Alear? Where is the religious zeal? The righteous indignation? Why include overtones of religiosity in the narrative and Alear as a character when it’s never used or treated with the reverence or gravitas it would warrant. A god has been killed and people’s reactions are “That’s sad, I’m sorry for your loss Alear”.

    5. Why are there a whole bunch of locations in the world that are exact replicas of important places from the previous games? Did Lumera make them? Where they designed by the ancient Divine Dragons? How come the Emblems can move about and fight the party when it has been established that they are limited in what they can do unless on the Somniel or a person is wearing their ring?

    And are the one’s I can come up with off the top of my head.

    As for Alear, I just don’t know what they where trying to do with them. It’s established early on that Alear is a bit awkward around people due to being a fish out of water in this new age they find themselves in and are sacred of the Corrupted. However after the first few chapters Alear is speaking to people with no difficulty or awkwardness and outside of being mentioned a few times, especially in Diamant’s C support, the being scared of the Corrupted is never brought up or shown to have any negative effect on Alear in the story.


    When Veyle raised Alear as a Corrupted I burst out laughing when she had to restate to the audience Alear had a fear of the Corrupted and that it was brave what they had decided to do to save their friends. Instead of allowing the player to deduce this from what they have learned about Alear over the course of the story (or more aptly what has been established but never used) the game has to tell use this fact instead.

    Alear being worshipped as a god was easily the most interesting narrative conceit but again outside of Ivy and Pandoro, nobody seems to treat Alear like one. Instead it feels more like Alear is a celebrity and people are surprised to see/meet them. When Alear is talking to ordinary people shouldn’t  they be in awe of him? Even in a place like Solm which isn’t really religious, shouldn’t it be consider a big deal that a GOD is talking to you? It would be like if a Christian met Jesus Christ, was surprised at first and then proceeded to have a normal discussion with him like nothing is amiss or that this meeting isn’t one of the most significant events in their life. You’re literally talking to the being you worship and pray to everyday! I can buy Alear’s allies being more casual with them after getting to know them, but the first meetings and interactions with everyday people lack any sort of gravitas or impact the way they should. If Alear is treated more like a celebrity and less like a god, why make them a deity in the first place? Just make Alear the legendary hero who defeated Sombron and important dragon prince in the world. That way people’s reactions would make more sense and the  shock of meeting Alear would be more in line with what the game is constantly showing the player.

  6. 45 minutes ago, Saint Rubenio said:

    I'm talking about Garon with a pal, and... you know one thing that I don't talk about enough?

    His introduction.

    Garon is one of the most important characters in the game, Revelation aside. And yet, for his introduction, he gets no fancy camera shot, no cool anime scene. The game fades back from black and he's just... there. Not even on his throne, he's standing in some random corner of the castle, at the top of some stairs. For no reason. Right before he gives Corncob a fancy sword, pops a group of prisoners of war out of his pocket and goes "okay duke it out with 'em kid."

    I love this character too much. Okay, Gaiden time.

    It feels as if your faith in Engage is…wavering Rubenio.

  7. 30 minutes ago, Saint Rubenio said:


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    Fair enough. That probably makes sense. Still, imagine being part of such a reject force that you get stationed with the woman who died and the old guy who had been retired for 20 years.

    Then again, he's more of a threat than anyone else on the ship, so...


    I can't believe Garon is Anankos.


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    No actually, I remember what you posted. Come to think about it, I believe you said she should die in chapter 11 too. I thought it was a better take, to be sure... not that it takes much to be better than what we got lolololol


    *Wraith chuckles to himself while reading Sorcery in Shad*

  8. 8 minutes ago, Saint Rubenio said:


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    Yeah, fair enough. I just wish the game had earned this melodrama, instead of Lumera being a non-entity for 22 chapters until the game feels the need to bring her back.

    HEY GUESS WHAT, IT'S "RUBEN WANTS PLAYABLES TO DIE IN THE STORY" TIME AGAIN! Lumera should've been playable like Jeralt. And move her sacrifice to like, chapter 11. Give me more goddamned time, like even Jeralt didn't fail THAT hard, and Jeralt fucking sucked lol


    *Wraith laughs while reading Sorcery in Shad*

  9. Just now, Shrimpy -Limited Edition- said:

    Nah i always felt thar since i played FE4 6-7 years ago, straight after Fates.

    I found Gen 1 amazing, and was slowly understanding why people disliked Fates...then Gen 2 happened and i felt like i was Fates'ing again and that the whole outcry against Fates is 90% bs...without Fates much superior gameplay

    There, a bigger elephant

    Oh my Emperor, we’re losing him!

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