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  1. You’ve consumed enough gameplay to drop an elephant, you must stop before it’s to late!
  2. You can Shrimp-kun, just play the 1996 version. You mentioned a 1995 Anakos, it could possibly be a beta or something?
  3. It did however come with a free copy of Blood Omen so that was a win win all around.
  4. No my copy worked perfectly fine. I don’t know what this Anakos 1995 version is though.
  5. Wow, your copy of Engage must’ve come with a lot more gameplay then I thought.
  6. Oh Shrimp-kun, you and your bogus insinuations about me. Comeback to me when you’re sense are in order once more, but until then, just ride the wave.
  7. The comedown is an absolute bitch though, my hands won’t stop trembling.
  8. You see, Shrimp-kun is already having a tea party with Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel!
  9. Don’t think about the plot Rubenio, just enjoy the gameplay, and you’ll be saying hello the angels.
  10. And the cherry on top of the Sunday is that in the hands of decent (competent) writers Engage’s story actually could have been at the very least interesting without have to change to many of the major events in the plot.
  11. No, Wraith suffered/accepted his excruciation and manage to survive to tell the tale. There’s a big difference. Less likes and more barely tolerated.
  12. Emperor, I need something to enjoy that has a simply yet well executed plot and interesting characters to wash away the taste of regret and blood out of my mouth: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/60841.Sorcery_in_Shad?from_search=true&from_srp=buCXqcLp2h&qid=1 Wraith’s reaction:
  13. Fire Emblem Engage or How Wraith Learned To Stop Worrying And Except His Excruciation. My TLDR review of what it’s like to play and finish Engage:
  14. Wow, that gameplay must’ve really gotten them as high as the Somniel, I know it did for me.
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