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  1. Like this Conan stuff is interesting and all, but where are all the waifus?
  2. I always imagined that when Alear adopted an animal they would just stuff them in a burlap sack and then run.
  3. Amen Armagon. Who needs those silly pesky things like world building, believable character motivation or internal plot consistency when you have great gameplay! And of course Hortensia!
  4. You big meanie! What are you talking about silly, I’m right here!
  5. Oh you. Enlightenment, damnation, they’re both the same really!
  6. Oh you silly billie Shrimp-kun, a person doesn’t need a mind or a soul to function. That’s what moe is for!
  7. Ah, the majesty of the sky, with its azure sheets and it’s cute white pillows.
  8. Don’t worry about, just focus on the gameplay and let it take you for a ride.
  9. I can taste the colors! I’m as high in the sky as the Somniel man.
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