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  1. Sweet_Basil: Is that Monteriggioni? Mono: First Map: It's good, though kinda symmetrical. It's not exactly something that's wrong with the map, but I tend to avoid it if possible. There is one random tile with grass borders on the left side of the map though. Second Map: Same symmetrical thing. Third Map: I like it, not many maps in that Tileset. These three tiles look off to me though, I don't think you need the shadow in the first one, and the other two are missing borders I think. https://gyazo.com/38178b8184b0afababbd060a957b265f https://gyazo.com/d00e9cc1fbd2658b22573c0be153f2f8 https://gyazo.com/4a460c78b8d5fe0fac73959576c5daf3 Fourth Map: I like pretty much everything that's on land, but the river just looks so weird and spammy to me. I'd personally replace the river border tiles with cliff/sea border tiles, and then fill it with stationary water. Fifth Map: I like it, though it feel kinda cramped. Like there's no actual room despite it being that big. ANother thing that bugs me is the backwards cliff/river tile you used in some places ( https://gyazo.com/5f3277284b7d3403e0311fc5e3c5b738 ). I'm pretty sure you're not using it wrong, that tile just looks wrong to me, same as the moving river tile. There are also some problems in the mountains, but nothing too noticeable.
  2. You used and FE8 file right? I used an FE7 one by mistake the first time.
  3. I'm pretty sure some of the shading close to hair of a few of them is off, and Hyde's scarf/bandana doesn't have a shadow on the cape beneath it.
  4. Awesome, you can use these if you want though they don't have much in the way of backstories. I pictured this one as a mage when I was making it, though idk, I could see him as an archer as well. Probably timid or just plain quiet. Also I say he's a guy but I could see the same portrait as a girl. This guy is probably a Hero or a high level Merc. Knight or Cavalier. Probably snarky. This one was a bandit when I was picturing her, which is why her coat is tattered (or at least is supposed to be). Probably Myrm, or a fast class with lancers.
  5. It might be that the ones that seem more complicated are cheating by using the same pixels but rotated 90 degrees. Using the same edges for the boxes can help alot with simplifying the graphic, just make sure that they all line up the same or it won't help. Good luck.
  6. Question, are you still looking for Bosses/NPCs? I'd imagine that at this point all the characters are filled up.
  7. I'm not sure if anyone told you via message or if you already knew, but having it show up like that probably means that you inserted it correctly, but that your image uses too many unique squares/is too complicated.
  8. They don't suck XD. On a quick look I can't see anything wrong with most of them, except for the mountain and maybe the "indoor forest" one. The temple's my favorite one, especially because of the water, most of the time it's just pitch black on that tileset. Maybe you could add some more places where it moves, though that's just my opinion. The Castle Courtyard doesn't have any technical errors, but it's kinda boring. Try changing the pattern you used on the northern wall, and maybe adding some dark grass, or making another part of the castle visible? The path could also be changed, though yours is probably more realistic, I would use the "dirt" path, not the "brick" one, it tends too look more... interesting I guess. Yours looks too meh IMO. The Bandit map looks nice, though you do have some technical errors on this one, your paths tend to be missing a tile at the end, to smooth the transition from grass to dirt. The two paths on the left of the map, around the village are the best example of this. Try making the river less straight, that's probably what's making it look weird. Also this isn't an error or something, but I think that the single cliff tile would look better if it was facing the other way, to make it look like the middle part of the map was a bit higher than the rest. Ok so the forest map looks off to me so I can't really tell you that it's good, but maybe if you get rid of the huge swathes of thicket tiles, and instead have a single thicket that doesn't let you pass into the "inner forest", than that would look better. You could also add some details inside of the "inner forests" to make the map look more interesting. The idea is pretty cool though I think it could be implemented differently. Also I feel the need to point out that there is more than one thicket tile XD. As for the mountain map, it looks pretty good, though it could use something in the upper part of the map, it looks kinda empty. As for how to make mountains, try reading this: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=25963&page=4#entry3241524 Good luck making maps. I'm probably gonna try and make a forest like yours, I really liked the idea.
  9. You can't walk to the left Island but you can walk across the two (middle) beaches on the left. Water looks kinda blocky in some places (the top left especially) but it's good overall. Your paths are all kinda short as well, and they don't really connect with each other. The fortresses also look a bit spammy but that might just be me. Also someone (Probably Prime) might have already said it but all your mountains go to the top left corner and never split into different peaks. If you made some of the peaks move left, or have 2 peaks on same mountains with different elevations you could have the mountain look more interesting by having more shadows instead of a line splitting light and dark. Other than that doing great.
  10. NEW HACK ON REDDIT! https://www.reddit.com/r/fireemblem/comments/3kk7uj/we_are_delighted_to_announce_the_release_of_the/ P.S. BLAZER DOESN'T GIVE A FUCK
  11. I'm pretty sure that you mixed FE8 and FE7 colors, though I can't say for certain, but that makes splices look weird so try not to do it, and just stick with one. Try maybe focusing on one so that you can get it to look cleaner/making sure everything meshes together correctly, and then moving on to a new one, that way you figure out the more basic-ish stuff. Also most of the hair lines are kinda wierdly shaded (I think anyway), I'm not an expert on spriting as this piece of advice clearly shows but mostly I try to just completely copy the old sprites hairline shading and hope it works out, maybe try doing that so that it doesn't look so flat, like in the character that's using Roland's hair.
  12. Flying Icon look pretty cool IMO. Horse looks a bit to dark/not enough contrast maybe? I couldn't really tell what it was at first. Also why is it on a wyvern knight?
  13. If I could I would insert Anomander Rake and Kellanved from the Malazan Book of the Fallen, even though they would both completely ruin the game's balance.
  14. If someone was willing to completely change how the weapon triangle works, and then remake almost every class, then sure. Thing is I don't really see how it would work since in the future there is basically a superior weapon that's easy to make and easy to kill with, guns, so it wouldn't make much sense to give a soldier anything else for the kind of war (Unit against Unit) that FE uses IMO.
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