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  1. No probs, I'm not in a rush or anything, so yeah I see the thread so I'll just keep an eye on that.
  2. Whoooaaa that is sure a lot lol, thanks! (EDIT: Oh, though, efforts and stuff like that aren't counted? Not a big deal, the system stuff is cute and unique compared to battle voices which also have versions from Fates, but uh, how much effort are these things to rip?)
  3. Well if someone finds ripping easier then that's great! I don't particularly care how they get the clips, I just want the clips :x I guess I was just assuming it would be kindasorta like 3DS ripping where you need to have a different set of things set up which I figured fewer people would have than those with a way to record direct audio. But yeah, whatever works.
  4. Actual gamerip would be awesome, I wonder the same. It would cut out a lot of work too, in a certain way, but it is also a lot of work in its own way so
  5. In my search for audio file game rips I stumbled upon this video and realized actual rips aren't really necessary If anyone has the English version of the game and the voice gallery unlocked and a way to record direct audio (by like connecting a cable from the Switch to your computer and setting it as a line-in microphone or something, I don't know what Switch hardware is like so I dunno), is there any chance I could get, like, one long .mp3 where someone's just going through all of Elise's lines and playing them back (but without the background music going, of course)? Asking someone to go through all her supports seems like way too much trouble so I'd say nah to that. I'm mostly interested in just the voice clips that can be accessed from this menu, which hopefully isn't that hard...? Thanks!
  6. There's totally nothing wrong with making a game and not releasing it to the public. I have a couple games that I made purely for myself.
  7. Boosting stats/crit/mov for 1-3 turns from an item that's hidden in specific tiles is super easy, it's just an item that applies a status to the user. Status also, of course, causes an effect to play on the map sprite, and tints the battle sprite. To make it rainbow, change music, and add another action, you'll probably need to code that in. Rainbow and music aren't gonna be too hard to code if you're crafty at re-using systems already in place, but adding another action is gonna take a little more know-how to make reliable. Far from impossible, of course, but there are various other considerations you'd have to make in doing that, too, like how the extra action is conveyed to the player blah blah blah
  8. Oh yeah trivially there's a button to add class and you can just keep hitting it until your computer breaks if you want. I think probably you can have up to 32000 characters, so it wouldn't surprise me if you can have 64000 classes by default, and you can increase the number if you're absolutely bonkers.
  9. Indeed. Hopefully when FEXNA releases there will be a lot more opportunities for people of all sorts of skill levels to do things, but if you want to do something now, don't let the fact FEXNA isn't out yet be a deterrent. Of course, that can only be said in a general sense. People do have limited resources, so if you want to get maximum lifetime efficiency rather than being able to produce things due to your current situation (be it that you have ideas or free time now, etc) then yeah feel free to hang on tight. Anyway, a team which can be given vague orders sounds pretty doable, I'll bring it up. User-friendliness is one of the big things that we try to push for in FEXNA. There's still definitely work in getting started, but ideally a couple 2-minute video tutorials should be all people will need to hit the ground running, where then most stuff is pretty easy to figure out if you're willing to look. A way to make new units without sacrificing existing units, I honestly have no clue what you mean there. Free roam, I wouldn't hold my breath for that as a default FEXNA feature, but if it does get made you can pretty well count on it having skirmishes.
  10. Also it has nice debugging tools to help show you why it's freezing/crashing instead of giving the screech of death or else forcing you to know exactly what to break on but yeah you still gotta learn the tools and make things and stuff
  11. Kinda? If you're using something like FEditor for battle animation processing then it should be making new images to insert which are properly paletted as long as you don't mess with them. ...That said... omg... I think that might've been the issue I had all those years ago with map sprites! Man, that's not something I expected to find an answer for here. So yeah, if you're doing custom map sprites or title screens or stuff like that, unless buildfiles fixed this, Paint probably won't be your one-stop-shop program. But since the question was about battle sprites and animations, I still think it's plenty adequate.
  12. Then go ahead and use Paint! I still use Paint for sprites a lot of the time. It gets a bad rap, but it's actually a perfectly acceptable program, so you shouldn't feel bad using it. There's nothing that can be done in other raster image programs that can't also be done in Paint.
  13. This program won't reeeaaally help you make custom sprites. For sure, the animator is nice, but if you're already hacking FE8 you may as well use a graphics program. Graphics Gale, Aseprite, heck, even Flash or Paint.
  14. I mean, even if someone's not on the Discord, maybe they find the video here and then comment on it on the video itself? I dunno, I will admit it's a little gloomily empty in here.
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