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  1. You're a nice guy for wishing my brother a happy birthday so many times, King Marth.

  2. Definitely Binding Blade, though I still like it. Blazing Sword came out when I was 12-13, and considering its proximity to The Return of the King in 2003 there's just no way I can disavow it. Sacred Stones offered up a lot at the time with branching classes and nonlinear grinding. I think Sacred Stones is actually the first game I ever imported, ca. 2004 or so. FE6 has a banger of a soundtrack, at least.
  3. Fox


    Here I am. Your altars to me yield less and less, yet I will overlook it this one time. Tell me, where is Musashi?
  4. She's feeling very Halloween.
  5. When I was religiously playing when FE7 came out I'd play super late into the night on school nights. Like, 4:00-5:00 in the morning. I'd wake up to my brother shaking me telling me it was time for school and my game-addled brain would dumbly try to calculate how many turns it would take for me to get out of bed and into the shower. Good fucking times.
  6. I see you binch

    1. Ϲharlie


      What brings you here?

    2. Fox


      Drunken nostalgia?

  7. Am I officially an old fogey now?

  8. You still kicking around Bus?

  9. Fox


    Maybe it's a full moon or something.
  10. Custom sprite and great growths. If you're an inefficient piece of shit like me there's nothing not to love.
  11. Fox


    Glad to see this is still going.
  12. Fox

    W i s t .

    1. Wist


      !! Been a while! How's life? Still in Texas? Still playing Pokemon Silver?

    2. Fox


      No to the former! I moved to Boston a few months ago and am enjoying it. And yes to the latter. In 2012 I completed the second generation Pokedex as legitimately as possible. Maybe my greatest accomplishment in life.

    3. Wist


      Glad to hear you're enjoying Boston!

      And well done with the Pokedex! How long were you trying to for that? I'd love to play a cart again for nostalgia's sake. Might try my luck finding a copy online because someone threw out my game box. >8[

  13. I remember you got pretty pissed when another Fox started marching all over your turf ca. 2008. Good memories.
  14. Fox


    I want to see at least fifty thousand.
  15. Ah. my favorite episode: "Hey Patrick, what am I?" "Uh, stupid?" "No, silly, I'm Texas!" "What's the difference!?"
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