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  1. The full version would be up here if it was ready. There's no ETA currently, but I encourage you to take a look at the current, albeit old, public beta and keep up with developments as they come!
  2. It's just a POW stat with labels based on class. There won't be an official split, as FE7x won't have any units with both magic and physical equipment, but it wouldn't surprise me for there to be a mod that comes soon after initial release with a STR/MAG split.
  3. Hattusili is correct. If we were to talk about someone named Jennifer and her family, we would use the third plural person as well, even though Jennifer is part of the family. Ex: Jennifer and her family go shopping every Tuesday.
  4. Hey guys, I'm back, alive, and well, but I haven't found it in me to play Thracia lately. I'm not looking forward to the BS I know exists in Ch. 12, and I find myself wanting to finish up a personal, long delayed run of Path of Radiance. Also, I've found my days slipping away in Rocket League, and I'm heading out of town for a few days again. There might be something I have to do for school before the start of the year as well, so I'll be putting this on a hiatus. Hopefully it won't be too long.
  5. Thanks! My eyes didn't like that the map was just off of being asymmetrical, but it does give you that one spot where Karin is safe to lob Javelins over the wall. Fortunately a few Door Keys are catchable. Yep. I'm currently suffering in Ch. 12, too. I'm going to be without Internet next week, so no Thursday update, but I should have one up for next Sunday. Unlike the previous chapter, muchachos, I don't catch onto something that would benefit me. Gather 'round and excuse my mistake in Force's Jugdral Roxy.OS: Despite what you may think, children cannot handle themselves in the face of trained soldiers.
  6. It's such a minor detail that I think it's not that worth it. It's not like a major location or character name had to be changed due to space.
  7. The TL;DR for this thread really is that it's one guy working on a huge project. It'll be out when it's out which will be at some point in the near-ish future it seems.
  8. I think whatever programs you need come with FEXNA and/or Windows itself. I've run it on Windows 8 without a hitch, but I haven't tested it after upgrading to Windows 10. If you're on a Mac and are missing something you need to run the game, I wouldn't be surprised if they have what you need on Microsoft's website.
  9. Trade ages? I'm probably pretty young for someone who enjoys the entire series, though. I'm a year older than "fucking 15 or something," as Raven would say. To be honest I'm getting worried that I'm going to be slammed with some huge thing of bullshit in a few chapters considering how well things have been going. So far the game doesn't seem too bad, but I'm sure that will change at some point. Until then, muchachos, we'll gather 'round for shitless Force's Jugdral. Roxy.OS: Don't be scared, or you'll be shitless as well.
  10. Not completed, no ETA. This engine is built on Microsoft XNA, so it's not a mod. It's its own program.
  11. To my understanding, the singular they isn't ever "wrong" unless the person does not want it used. I think this situation has the possibility of a male or female character to take that place, so if so that just makes it a little easier, not having to replace a whole other word.
  12. I gotta say the cross-dresser error is kinda funny. Gives me the idea for an army completely made up of cross-dressers...
  13. Wow I actually did things this week! Learning how to fly drones was pretty fun, but considering I was actually away from my computer that gave me less time to work on this. I suppose that's a lesson in time management. To make up for that lost time, I'll throw in my thoughts so far about the units in the game. Without further ado, muchachos, gather 'round for rain delayed Force's Jugdral! Roxy.OS: You drone on too much, Force. Hopefully you'll manage things in 11th grade better than this.
  14. Awesome! I gotta say that I love the banner in your sig.
  15. Gotcha. Next time I go through 8 I should be able to get through it and capture the boss in 15 turns since it's relatively easy. Interesting, I like that a lot! I ended up having to kill Benny in my Revelations run, so I wonder what the music could have changed to had they accounted for that kind of situation. Took quite a bit of dusting off, but it is! I updated the link on that post, and if that doesn't work I should be able to PM you the copy/pasted version. If it's not working for anyone else, I'll look into what's going on, since anyone who can click the link should be able to view it. This time around, muchachos, I shouldn't have gone over any important turn barriers that create Deadlords. Gather 'round for a not lazily done update of Force's Jugdral! Roxy.OS: While there may be hope for Thracia, there is none for Force's memeing ability.
  16. I'm going blind so I couldn't have known. If I went any faster I would have gotten him most likely. That last bit is spoiler territory for purposes of this playthrough, so I'd rather not know more stuff like that before I get there.
  17. I think I see what you're trying to say. Would the amount in the character's stat be 21 mounted, but the game forcing a 20 cap despite that undisplayed value? I have seen Marty get BLD when he was capped, so I know what it would look like. Thanks for the praise! I probably would have been flailing around trying to figure out who to recruit him with, though, and I wish I decided to be smart instead of provoking the Zerker. Hopefully forgetting everything before Ch. 5 won't hurt me in guessing recruitment in future chapters. Short chapter this time around. I'm glad about that since I've been a little tired. The calm between storms, possibly? Anyway, muchachos, gather 'round and chill with this update. Roxy.OS: Grab a blanket if you'd rather keep warm!
  18. If you end up making a character guide and a tree would be too complicated, I'd suggest writing up who everyone has a connection to and mention significant events they took part in. Doesn't have to be too complicated. For example {completely made up}: Don: Billy's father, married to Jessica. Leader of the 5th Cavalry during the Treeland Liberation War. What you're doing now is one of the parts of game design that isn't the most glorious, but it will help the game be complete. Keep up the good work!
  19. Welp, there's another casualty of my blindness, adding onto two holy weapons lost. I might have been more worried about Nanna at the time. I'm just glad I didn't go with my old Ch. 6 at this point, that was a disaster. As for plot armor, seems she has even better of that than Ephraim! I suppose Marita and related stuff are things I'll have to look forward to in another run. I'm wondering how Galzus coming in would work out, so maybe I'll try out some stuff the next time around. Anyway, muchachos, we'll be caught up with this update. I'm settled back home for most of the rest of the summer save another week out, but I'm hoping Thracia will be done by the end of the summer. Gather 'round for Ch. 7! Roxy.OS: I'm getting bored of all this escaping.
  20. Man, it's a great time for translation! Project Naga and this, a well deserved update to Kaga Era accessibility. Thanks a million, man. c=
  21. Whoops, forgot that my most recently completed chapter isn't the most recent update. I have no idea what I was thinking at that moment because all gameplay before Ch. 6 was done 10 months ago. I'm going to assume I thought Dark sword = irredeemable evil = kill on sight. Oh well ;-;As for spoilers, if I've missed something I'm fine with you telling me what it is. I'm not going back to re-get missed stuff, which may hurt me in Genealogy. I will admit that I re-did Ch. 6 once I picked this back up because I lost Lara to Galzus capturing her, however.
  22. Are you talking about Finn? If so that whole ordeal was just a terrible decision I wanted to try but deeply regretted. Thanks for staying with this by the way! For whatever reason I thought I said Thursday and Sunday. I'm a bit forgetful, muchachos! Anyway, gather 'round and we'll establish a schedule somehow. Roxy.OS: Hard drives never forget, even beyond the recycle bin.
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