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  1. R.O.Berc

    Dat Merc

    Gaze into the iris.
  2. Love it, the hair especially. You still got it! Also welcome back to the life. Now you can inspire me to be more active again. :D
  3. Hey, say sub sandwich

  4. R.O.Berc

    Dat Merc

    I grow tired of waiting.
  5. Whoa that looks great. :D Love the way the torso came out and the shading on the sleeves.
  6. Professor Eucalyptus, I'd like to remember the name of my rival now. Also I'm a boy. Eulala 4 life
  7. Happy birthday!

  8. The shading on the face under the hood looks very impressive! The two lightest skin shades on the bottom mug are really popping quite a bit whereas the top mug is perfect.
  9. R.O.Berc

    Dat Merc

    Words of wisdom: Hair sucks. That's it, thank you. Charlotte halfbody
  10. It was so you could update your halfbody resume, and because of your love of streaming. Turned out great! ; D #facehuggerpalettes
  11. Oh man, loved the tongue action from the right mug. Great mugs!
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