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  1. And Harold Arthur dies in chapter 7 to two 1% crits in a row. I hate my username. Also unlucky RNG thread I guess.
  2. The thing is, the only resource you have to spend on Keaton is EXP. And his daughter is him with better RES and SPD, but slightly less tanky. There is a reason she is considered the second best kid (behind Percy) because she can't be screwed. Keaton can't be screwed as well, and is not affected by the weapon triangle, while still having decent hit rates. He doesn't really need to be reclassed unless you really want him to suck (E weapon rank locked at that point of the game sucks). That's all, he is always reliable, in case you got screwed in other areas. He kinda falls of lategame( like chapter 25 or 26). Xander outclasses him as a tank, but he outclasses everyone lol. Also his personal skill is a godsend for people that play offline only ( like me).
  3. Benny is the second best tank in the game, since his DEF and STR is ridiculous, but his SPD is garbage. Thankfully, Generals have a skill that prevents them from being doubled, so you want that ASAP. Also he has low mov, so if you are going fast, he's hitting the bench. Keaton is an excellent unit, who has ok-good speed (won't double faster units unless you use beaststone+), but he has really high strength, good defense, and most importantly the highest HP in the game. This is Low HP Emblem as you may have seen already,and having a lot of HP never hurts. He is also one of the best units for handling faceless, since he ORKOs them without taking too much damage, and without activating their stupid skills. He regens 40% of his HP every odd turn, so he is somewhat self-sufficient. And lets not forget, one shotting all mounted enemies, including pegasi (you'll see them a lot in future Conquest chapters), and your usual paladins and whatnot. His greatest weaknesses are his low res, and unlike Xander, he doesn't attack on 1-2 range,so he can't counter those pesky mages, But aside from that he has great weapon choices (all 3 of them lol), since beastrune makes him absurdly tanky, and he works well with +spd,+str or +def pair up. Not sure if this is an unpopular opinion tho.
  4. Gameplay wise, this is the best implementation of kids so far. In FE4, if you paired the right people, you would get kids so OP that the game would play itself. But if you didn't, you would have castle benchwarmers. And the substitutes are there to clean the castle. In FE13, they are alright, but mostly superior to their parents when grinded. But on no grind, if your name wasn't Lucina, Morgan, or another early/easy to get kid, you were pretty screwed. Since they all join at level 10, and the later their parents appear, the harder their paralogue (Nah,Gerome,Inigo), and the harder they are to train, and they end up pretty much useless. When grinded however, they are better than their parents by far, and you have an army of children destroying merchants from another dimension, and supersoldiers with insane stats. In FE14, from a Conquest PoV, the children are a huge help because they unlock extra chapters which hold great goods, and a lot of EXP. Children bases are less affected by their parents bases, so you don't have to grind the parents first either. Children scale, so they aren't stupidly broken or useless, and they don't completely outclass their parents either so you have a reason to use either or both. This system also pushes pairing up husbands as a side objective in every map, which means if you want all the paralogues, you must pair every one. And it brings up a dilemma, do I complete this paralogue early to have an easier time with it but obtain a worse unit, or later on when it's really tough but I get an excellent unit? I love the system in this game, but can't say much about the Birthright kids, because didn't get as invested in them. Also, hyperbolic time chamber sucks, I still don't get it.
  5. Odin is also great with the Dread Scroll, if you are not planning to use him as a mage.
  6. I did, but fun fact, if you enter the left room from the right side (the side with the swordmaster pair up) you get lunge chained all the way to saizo, but if you go through the left, they only lunge you inside the first room. The problem is that I didn't know a way to tacke the left side, the walls make it too hard to Player phase kill all the enemies, and the puppetshave insane range, so I basically lucked out with Xander and Nyx and it worked. BowBreaker+Lucky Seven Adventurer!Niles almost solod the right side because all ninjas had 0 hit rate on him, and Leo took care of the master of arms. Now I'm doing Nina's paralogue and it's pretty challenging this late into the game (and I have no more entrap staves).
  7. I should tell you all that the RNG loves me, and that I should probably change my username for it, because on Chapter 25 I decided that Nyx was going to die because I was tired of the chapter and I needed to kill some enemies in the left room. She was facing 2 swordmasters that one-shot her with 69% hit rate on Enemy Phase, and she was unpaired, so I basically said GG. Then she dodged twice, and killed them both. EASY. Also the 4 puppets Lunge chained Xander so hard, he got to Saizou, and had like 10 defense (from 37).
  8. Turn 6 is where it's at. Also Birthright Lunatic gets hard from chapter 22 and onwards. The really high enemy density + the fact that no one that's not named Ryoma or Lance Master Hinoka can tank spikes the difficulty.
  9. Silas is most susceptible to being RNG screwed. Seriously ._.
  10. Maids and butlers are the best. Their animations just scream I don't give a fuck.
  11. Fun Fact, in Lunatic, in Invasion 3 the Stoneborns have Lunge. Birthright Top Bottom Man, Kitsunes and Wolfskins have the saddest death cries, the game really makes you feel bad on those maps.
  12. Adjacent requirement is needed, or that would make Camilla Meta Knight tier.
  13. My personal experience with 21 is why I like it the least, the first time around I thought it was like in chapter 12 where only Corrin had to escape.... Turns out that wasn't the case and Ophelia payed the price. After that it took me so many tries to actually complete the chapter, while killing the boss. Elise and Azura getting one-shot by stoneborns hurts too. And the reinforcements not giving EXP was so troll, I was thinking that I could just level up with these reinforcements but Conquest said naaaaaaaah.
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