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  1. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

  2. Another mostly generic Parent-Child support, yay~ [spoiler=[size=2]Lucina X Olivia (Parent)[/size]] [spoiler=C support] Lucina Mother, guess what? I found a wonderful dress in the town market. Olivia Oh? Lucina It was gorgeous! I thought it'd be perfect for you, so I bought it. I was thinking you could try a different style for once. Olivia Why, Lucina! What a lovely surprise! Now let me get a look at this gorgeous... Er...dress? Oh dear. I've never seen so many... unusual colors and shapes in one piece of clothing. Lucina I know! It's very modern. See all the giant pink polka dots? If you look carefully, you'll see that each one is a portrait of Emmeryn herself! I wager when Father sees you in this, he'll just scream with delight! Olivia (I bet he'll scream, all right...) Lucina Pardon, Mother? I didn't catch that. Olivia I'm sorry, Lucina. It's just that... Well, this isn't exactly my...style. I'm very grateful for the thought, but...I don't think I can wear it. Lucina Oh? I was sure you would like it... Well, perhaps next time I go to the market, you could come and pick something yourself. I know it seems frivolous in times like these. But in the blighted future I come from, I often fantasized of such simple pleasures. Olivia Why, Lucina. What a considerate daughter you've grown up to be. I'd be delighted to go to the market with you. ...Delighted and honored. Lucina Wonderful! And when we go, I'll wear the new dress! Olivia (Oh, gods, no...) Lucina Pardon, Mother? [spoiler=B support] Lucina Everyone in this town is so stylish. I wager we'll find you the perfect dress here. Olivia Er, yes. Just so long as it's not TOO stylish. Frankly, dear, you have much more... flamboyant taste in clothes than I do. Lucina I favor the tasteful and understated. For example, what about this one? Olivia G-gracious! I don't think I've ever seen such a... shimmery magenta. Lucina Hm. I suppose it IS a little bright. Well, what about this one? Olivia Oh my...That's very lacy. ...In fact, it's nothing BUT lace. Lucina, I can see right through it! Lucina Oh, all right. Well... how about this one, then? Olivia Well, it's certainly a nice color. But I'm not sure about the whole octopus motif... Lucina Oh. I thought you liked octopi. ...This is not going well, is it? Why don't I come back another day and pick out something nice for you? Olivia Er, well, I'm not sure if that's a good idea, but... all right. Let's try it. Lucina Wonderful! I shall not rest until I find you the PERFECT dress. Something that you will truly, truly adore! Olivia Oh, yes, I'm sure you... Hmm? Oh, look at this... Lucina Which one? ...The baby garment? Olivia Oh, isn't it just adorable? Look at the tiny little bow, too! ...Well, enough shopping for today. We should really be getting back to camp. Lucina ...... ...Hmm... [spoiler=A support] Lucina Well, Mother, I've done it. I've found your ideal outfit. I just know you'll love it! Olivia Oh, goodness. I didn't think you'd find anything quite so quickly... But... I'm sure it will be just fine. I can hardly wait to try it on! Ha ha...ha. Lucina And I can't wait to see how it fits! Are you ready? TA-DAAAH! Olivia ...Huh? It's... tiny. Almost like... Lucina, these are baby clothes. Lucina Yes! I saw you admiring them in the shop when we visited the market together. I didn't understand why, until I realized you must've been thinking of your daughter. The one you have in this era, I mean. Your REAL daughter. Olivia ...... Lucina You could send it to her back at the castle. I'm sure she must miss you. Olivia Why, Lucina... Lucina I've been so happy here, despite having to fight this war. Being able to see my mother again has been like living in a dream. I didn't want to wake up and remember that you have a different life in this world. Olivia ...... Lucina Whenever I think of your little girl, I can't help but feel...jealous. I know it's ridiculous to envy myself, but I can't help it. Olivia Oh, Lucina... don't be silly! I've thought of you as my daughter from the moment we were reunited! Believe me when I say I love you just the same as I love that child at the castle. Lucina ...Honestly? Olivia Yes! You are a true daughter to me. I want to give you happy memories to make up for those you lost in your future world. And I know your father feels the same way. Lucina If anyone knows how he feels, I imagine it would be you... Olivia Of course! Your father and I are alike in so many ways... We're both parents to the world's most wonderful daughter, for one. Lucina ...Thank you, Mother. For everything. I fear I must default on my remaining support claims due to being exceedingly busy these coming weeks; score one for biting off more than one can chew. I am most sorry v_v. Anyway, these are what I had left; if someone else would care to transcribe them, it would be much appreciated. Miriel X Cherche Inigo X Chrom (Parent - Generic) Gerome X Cherche (Parent) Gerome X Frederick (Parent - Generic) I also had Lucina X Inigo (siblings); Carilhelol offered to post it, but I don't know when that might be.
  3. {Greetings, comrades!~} @Azel Asakura - K (or Kari) is myself. Hello~ @RayDavid - Chidokyo is right, there aren't very many enemies with Counter, but I've found this to actually be worse than the alternative, because by the time one is late in the game (which is when the units with Counter begin appearing, for the most part), you are lulled into a false sense of security and content to simply send your overpowered units into the fray with nary a care, expecting them to hammer entire maps into the ground with little need for your strategical input. Until the black 'Skipping...' screen gives way not to the azure bands of the Player Phase, but a death quote. Because there was a single enemy with Counter you had overlooked, and one of those aforementioned overpowered units suicided on him. ...Or was this just me? Additionally, I would also recommend replacing Luna with Quick Slash when it does eventually become available. I've been abusing Armsthrift to no end. It's actually become more important than Galeforce for me. Give an Avatar with maxed luck a forged Celica's Gale and Brave Sword, a support with a class that increases luck (I've been using War Cleric Lissa), and Sol (along with Ignis, Luna, Astra, whatever you like). Voila! Hilarious overkill up to and including the final boss. It's nice to be able to use all those rare and legendary weapons I would otherwise stockpile without worry. I began a new file with a Male Avatar. I plan on marrying Cordelia this time around - I like her well enough, but I'm ashamed to say the main reason I decided on her was so that Morgan might have that lovely red hair color. And I've always prided myself on not being shallow. *sigh* I'm despicable.
  4. I must say, I've grown really rather fond of Say'ri. I regret not using her outside of grinding for supports. She will most definitely be a regular party member in my next game. [spoiler=Tiki X Say'ri][spoiler=C support] Say'ri My lady! Tiki Ah, Say'ri. Good day. Say'ri You fought the last battle masterfully, my lady. Truly, your power is beyond my ken. Tiki You're very kind. Though I must say, it has left me rather tired. Say'ri Then pray do not waste your words on me. Go now and rest. Tiki Yes, I... Hmm, I fear I... may not have much choice... Say'ri My lady? Tiki My power has returned, but... Still, I... Say'ri M-My lady! No! Alarm! Call forth a healer at once! The Voice is fallen! Tiki ...Zzzzzzzzz. Say'ri Fallen... asleep? My lady? My lady, can you hear me? Tiki Mmm... Five more years... Say'ri Fie! I pray the war will be long since over by then. Though p'raps it would be for the best to permit her to sleep through it. 'Twould be selfishness itself to drag her with us in such frail condition. Tiki I'm not so fragile as all that. Say'ri Ah! You're awake. Tiki I am here of my own will. I wish to stay and be of use. Pray, do not push me away. Say'ri On the contrary, my lady! I ask that you do not leave my side. The risks are simply too great for you to wander hill and dale alone. Tiki Ah, Say'ri, always so serious! It is sweet of you to fret so. Very well, I give you my word. Say'ri And I my thanks in return. [spoiler=B support] Say'ri My lady! Where are you?! Please, by Naga's mercy, respond! Tiki Ah, Say'ri. Splendid! Your timing is perfect. Some lovely villagers just shared some of their apples with me. Will you have one? Say'ri Apples?! Nay, I shan't! Tiki Suit yourself, though I see no cause to shout. Say'ri I've cause aplenty, my lady! Just how many times does this make?! You swore your word youu'd not leave the camp without me at your side! Tiki Did I now? ...And you're certain the word I swore was "yes"? Say'ri Fie! You can't honestly have forgotten? Tiki I fear I have. Pray, forgive me. I am a being unlike you humans. Say'ri Being the voice does not give you a license for falsehood! Tiki Thbbbbt! Say'ri My lady, I have no words. You are acting as a child! What would the people think if they saw you thus? Tiki Like I am, you mean? I care not! Let them think what they will. Say'ri The Voice is a rarefied and exalted being, sacred unto all. I fear dwelling amongst us lowly mortals is corrupting that sublime character. Tiki That's preposterous. And if my sublimeness precludes me from being around humans, I say good riddance! Say'ri My lady, please! Tiki Do you want an apple or not? Say'ri I speak of larger things than fruit, my lady! ...But I will concede your words do bear a ring of truth. If you see fit to gift me an apple, I shall humbly accept. Tiki Splendid! Now open wiiiide... Say'ri You can't possibly...?! If the people witnessed such a vulgar display, 'twould be the end of--Hrrmph?! Tiki Delicious, isn't it?! [spoiler=A support] Say'ri The day draws ever nearer, my lady. Tiki What day? Say'ri The war's end. The day peace returns to the land. The day we might return home for good and all. Tiki Yes. With luck, it will come. But I fear the road we walk is paved with the bones of good people. ...Of innocents lost. Say'ri Aye and aye again. Tiki And poor Yen'fay among them. Do you grieve for him still? Say'ri 'Twould be false to say the sadness does not haunt me. But my brother met the end he himself chose. I've come to accept it as unavoidable. What's done is done. Tiki Liar. Say'ri M-My lady?! Tiki Lay down your stoic mask. I know the pain tears at you still. If you are in pain, tell me that you hurt! Let me in, Say'ri. Say'ri ...What would you have me say? Tiki Not that what's done is done! Not that you can forget so easily! Was your bond so feeble that a few weeks marching might erase him from your heart? Say'ri Enough! What could you possibly ken of the bond I shared with him?! Forget? Erase him from my heart?! 'Twould be easier to erase the heart entire! He was my brother. ...My only flesh and blood. Tiki ...Forgive me, milady. I would retract those words, if possible. It was not my hope to deepen the wound. Say'ri My lady, please... Just... Tiki But I was desperate to hear the contents of your heart. To hear you speak frankly. I wanted you to tell me everything, Say'ri. Say'ri But why? Why me? Tiki Because I very dearly want to be your friend. Say'ri My... friend? Tiki Long have you stood at my side, Say'ri. Always faithfully, but never as a friend. Only as guard, disciple, and servant. I find it terribly lonesome. I think you are a beautiful person, Say'ri, and I would call you an equal. ...A friend. Say'ri I fear my lifetime is but a few short days compared to yours. Would you still have me, knowing that I cannot stay for long? Tiki Without a moment's hesitation. I am used to loss. Do not deprive me from the joy of ever HAVING. Say'ri ...As my lady wishes. Flighty, heedless, and exasperating as you may sometimes be... I like you a great deal as well. So equals it is from this day hence. Tiki Equals, from this day hence. ...And thank you, Say'ri.
  5. Here is Morgan's parent support with Henry~ [spoiler=Morgan (M) X Henry (Father)][spoiler=C support] Morgan Hmm... I wonder why I have no memory of my father... All my memories of Mother are so crisp and clear... I remember what an amazing tactician she was, all the time we studied together... But nothing at all about my father. It's one big blank. Henry Whatcha up to, Morgan? Morgan Father! That's amazing! I was just thinking about you! Is this fate?! This is totally fate! Family-style fate! ...Wait, no. How did Mother put it? "We're not pawns of some scripted fate. It's invisible ties we forge that bind us." So yeah, it's not fate. It's the whole invisible bond-link... thing! Henry If you say so. Morgan: Yup! Even without my memories, there's an invisible thread that links us. Er, but that reminds me... I was just wondering how I could have possibly forgotten you, Father. Do you think maybe you could help me get those memories back? Henry I suppose I could help. After all- Morgan Yay! Thanks so much! I'll start preparing. Oh, I can't wait to get started! Henry Nya ha! He sure is full of beans, that kid... [spoiler=B support] Morgan Father? Do you have a moment? Henry Sure do! Morgan Perfect! Then let's get started on Project Get Memories of Dad Back! Step one--figure how we're going to trigger some flashbacks. I've already tried banging my head against a post, but nothing. I mean, it made me dizzy and nauseated, but it didn't unearth any hidden memories. What do you think, Father? Perhaps a stone wall would work better? Henry Um... Let's hold off on the head smashing for now, all right? Let me think... Hmm, there is that one curse, but... yeah, it'd probably kill you. Oh, I know! Maybe you could try staring at me for a while. You know, into my eyes. Morgan Argh, that's perfect! You're a genius! I must have seen your face a million times in the future. It's bound to bring SOMETHING back if I stare at it long enough. Okay, sorry to invade your personal space here, but... Here goes... ..... ....... ......... ............ Drats! It's not working. I don't remember a thing. It's like... Have you ever stared at a word so long it kind of fell apart? And you think, "Is that how that's spelled? Wait, is that even a real WORD?!" Except here it's "Is that what Father looked like?" Henry Er, right. Welp, back to drawing board, I suppose. Morgan Sure... I'm still a little dizzy from banging the post earlier, to be honest... But this doesn't end here! I'm not giving up until I remember you, Father! [spoiler=A support] Morgan *Sigh* No luck today, either... I'm going crazy trying to remember you. I feel so useless! I'm just so... *sniff* Why can't I... *sob* Henry Huh? Are you crying? Morgan B-but I know I must have loved you just as much as I loved Mother. I bet we had a million memories together, and the thought of having lost them... I feel like I failed you. Like I... Like I... *sob* Henry Morgan... Morgan *Sniff* S-sorry. I guess I got a little carried away there... Ngh! M-my head! ...Wha--?! Henry Uh-oh. Head wounds are the worst. Are you okay?! Morgan I...I remembered something! Just one tiny little memory, but... I remember! You were smiling at me... and you called my name...Ha ha! Yes! You looked a little bit older, but it was DEFINITELY you! Oh thank you, Father. I never would have remembered without your help. And hey, this is great! If I can get one memory back, maybe I can get the rest! It may take time, but I won't stop trying until I remember everything about you. Henry Hey, neat! Take all the time you need. I'll be sure to help out however I can. Morgan Aw... Thanks, Dad.
  6. I give you one of the funnier supports in the game~ (P.S. I've stopped bolding the names, as it has become rather tedious. Hopefully, readability is not affected.) [spoiler=Libra X Virion][spoiler=C support] Libra It's remarkable how much rubbish an army on the march leaves behind! I'd best pitch in and help clean up. ...Ungh! This is heavier than it looks! *Gasp* It suddenly feels lighter! But how?! Virion Such slender, delicate arms are ill-suited to this kind of work! Libra ...Virion? Virion Please! Allow gentle Virion to carry this! I think there's a pillow over there that needs moving if you want to help. Libra Oh. Yes, well, thank you, Virion. Virion Think nothing of it, milady! A woman of your beauty shouldn't be reduced to hauling trash. Libra ...... Virion What's the matter, sweet Libra? Did I say something wrong? Libra I'm a man. Virion Ha ha ha! Not only are you beautiful, you have wit to... Erm, to match? Yes? Hmm... Except now that I look more closely at your face... *gulp* Libra It's all right. it happens a lot. I'm sorry I was cross. Virion You had every right to be cross, good sir! Ah ha ha! Oh, my. How could I, Virion, make such an error? Me! VIRION! Oh my stars... Libra Are you all right? Virion N-nothing! It's just that... your eyes are... so very shiny and pretty... Like two pools...of...something... Libra Can we just get back to work? [spoiler=B support] Libra Virion? What happened to you? Your left cheek is red and swollen. Did someone strike you? Virion What, this? It's nothing! Just a memento from the trenches of love's battlefield. You see, I spied a pretty lass walking down the road, and asked her if she was a woman. ha ha! Oh, you should have heard the sound of her palm upon my cheek! Yes, well, one can't be too sure about these things, can one? Ah ha! Ha. ...Yes. Libra How... unfortunate. Virion Damnation, Libra! I've been like this ever since I mistook you! When I approach a woman, I'm frozen by the fear of committing another blunder! You have thrown gallant Virion off his game, and the world suffers as a a result! Libra Er, I'm sorry? Virion When I look at your soft, milky skin and glowing, lustrous locks of hair... Well, it occurs to me that you must come from a very coddled background! Perhaps one of the finer noble houses? Royalty, even? Pray, tell me, good la-sir! Ha ha! Most good and noble sir! What is your lineage? Libra Sorry, Virion. I'm not from a noble house. In fact, I was born to poor, humble parents who neglected me as a child. I only escaped their cruelty when I found the faith. Virion Extraordinary! You're no tame rose gently cultivated in a well-tended garden... But a wild bloom that struggled out of barren soil with petals reaching for the sky! As well as being profoundly beautiful, you're also tough and tenacious! Libra Please, sir. Such praise makes me uncomfortable. I am but a humble servant of the gods. Virion Oh my! Look how your milky cheeks blush when I compliment you! It's so... Er... Yes! Right then! Good to see you again, old chum! Libra Virion? You are a very strange man. Virion (That I could possess only a tenth of his beauty... It's enchanting!) [spoiler=A support] Libra I suppose I'd best get started. Virion Ho, Libra! That's a mighty pile of lumber you have there! Libra Yes, it is. The temple nearby is short of firewood, so I thought to do a little log splitting. Virion You mustn't ruin those perfect hands! Here, let me help. Libra No, please. I've got this. Virion No, no, I insist! As one friend to the other! Now let's get chopping. *Time passes* Virion *Pant, pant* L-Libra? S-stop chopping... I implore you... M-my arms... So... tired and... rubbery... Libra What are you talking about? We're barely halfway done. Virion H-halfway?! I've been... swinging that... that infernal axe... for hours... Or has it been days? I know not... M-my mind is... confused... Visions of logs... piled before me... A mighty tower... reaching to the sky... Which, when I look around me, isn't very far from the truth! What army of madmen collected this uncountable mass of dead trees? Libra I did. Virion Y-you gathered ALL these by yourself? B-but how? Libra I picked them up and I carried them. It's simple, really. Here, are you done resting? This bundle needs to go over there. Virion Er, very well, if you insis-OOF! I-it's heavier... *grunt* ...than it l-looks... J-just... got...to... h-hang on... a little... bit... longer... OH, BLAST! Libra Virion, look out! Virion Hm? I... I'm still alive...? I remember toppling backward with that massive weight in my arms... Libra It's all right, I caught hold of you just in time. Virion Libra! You saved me! Libra It would appear so. Are you unharmed? Virion Er, yes. I think so. Libra Good. Now perhaps we should take that rest after all. Forgive me. I shouldn't have pushed you to work so hard. Virion Hmm... From this angle, Libra looks quite different. Very manly, in fact. That big brow... Those massive knuckles... Libra Sorry? Did you say something? Virion Who, me? Oh, er, no. Nothing of import, my good man! Er, friend. Man...friend. *Ahem* Anyway, you are a stout comrade, Libra, and I thank you for saving me. Libra Hah! Think nothing of it, Virion. I consider you a trusted friend as well.
  7. Entirely off-topic, but I just had to make my amusement known. In Noire's support with Gregor as her father, we have this line from Gregor: "Oy! What a horrible night to have curse, yes?" Score another reference for the localization team. XD >_< Supports coming soon, promise!
  8. Very sorry for the delay. I had to wait to unlock the support viewer, and I fear I took my sweet time (also I was very busy in general *excuses*). My remaining supports should be out over the next few days. [spoiler=Chrom X Olivia][spoiler=C support] Chrom Hey, Olivia. What are you doing here all by yourself? Olivia Oh! Milord! C-Chrom! Sir! Sir Milord! ...Hello! Er, I l-like to come here for peace and quiet. ...To relax. Chrom Then I'm intruding. I'll leave you to your- Olivia NO! Er, I mean, it's all right. i don't mind. Really. Chrom Well, if you're sure you don't mind... Olivia ...... Chrom ...... Olivia ...... Chrom ...... Heh, not very talkative, are you? That's all right. I was never much for- Olivia Oh, look at the time! Gotta go! Chrom Er, Olivia? *Olivia departs* ...Gods, I'm supposed to be leader of Ylisse and commander of the army. If I can't even talk to my soldiers properly, how am I going to rule my subjects? Or inspire people? Or forge alliances with other nations? But every time I try to talk to Olivia, it ends in this awkward silence... Well, no more. I'll find a way to break through if it kills me! [spoiler=B support] Chrom Ah, there's Olivia now... ...Right! Today I shall be charming and witty, and we will talk of this and that. I'll make her forget her painful shyness as we quickly become fast friends. Maybe a joke would lighten things up. Friendly ribbing always puts me at ease... Ha ha! Why, if it isn't Olivia! Ha ha! Here by yourself again? Olivia EEK! Oh, milord! I mean, Chrom! Sir! I was just... practicing my dancing. ...Since I'm useless at fighting. It's what I do, you know? Dancing, that is. Not fighting. ...Yes. Well. Anyway. Chrom Ha ha! Oh, Olivia, what a wit you are! But you mustn't sell yourself short. If you were a poor dancer, I'd just kick you out of the Shepherds! Olivia Wait, what?! Oh my gosh, I'm so... I mean, I'll do my best! Please... I don't... Chrom N-no! That was a joke! Just... joking! Ha ha! Ha ha ha! ...Ha? See, if you were ACTUALLY bad, I wouldn't joke about it. ...Right? Look, Olivia, we all think you're an excellent dancer. Honest. So please - there's no need to be so self-effacing all the time. All right? Olivia Y-you are very kind. But I'm so clumsy, and there's still much that I have to learn. Chrom You're doing it again. Olivia Oh! *gulp* S-sorry! I forgot- Chrom I do think it's great that you want to better yourself, though. I could take a page or two from your book when it comes to practicing swordplay! Olivia Oh, Chrom! Please! You're embarrassing me! Chrom But, I didn't mean to... Olivia Um... Chrom Er, Olivia? Is something wrong? You're... staring at me... Olivia I am?! Ah, SORRY! I mean... Um... I think I left the campfire burning! Gotta go! Chrom No, wait! Olivia! *Olivia departs* ...That girl is a puzzle. Still, we actually exchanged a few words today. i suppose that's progress. [spoiler=A support] Chrom Oh, hello, Olivia. Olivia EeeK! Chrom! Chrom Practicing again? Olivia I was just finishing, actually. Chrom Oh? I was hoping that you might show me what you've been working on. Olivia Y-you mean dance... in front of you? Ah ha ha! Hee hee! Hoooooo... N-no, I couldn't possibly. Chrom But on the battlefield, you never hesitate to dance when called upon. Olivia Yes, but... well, that's... different. The setting... The atmosphere... There's no time to think about it, or worry about it... I just... do it. Chrom It amazes me that someone so shy could be such an amazing performer. Your dances are really quite wonderful. I don't know how you can't see it. Olivia Lord Basilio told me much the same thing. ...Albeit with different words. Something about charming the butt off a butterfly, I think? Chrom Ha! That sounds like Basilio, all right. You and he go back a long way, right? How did you first meet> Olivia ...I owe him my honor and my freedom. Once, when I was with a traveling theater group, I caught the eye of a corrupt noble. He would have stolen me and forced me into marriage if not for Khan Basilio. Chrom Hah, and here I thought Basilio more likely to carry you off himself! Olivia Oh no, you have Basilio all wrong... He's not like that. Not really. He told me a khan doesn't need such tricks to find himself a partner. ...Actually, he was much cruder about it, but you get the idea. Chrom Let me guess: it was something about his "big brown arse"? Olivia Hee hee! I guess you DO know Basilio pretty well after all! Chrom Hey, look at that! Olivia What?! D-did I say something wrong? I did, didn't I?! Chrom No, I just... I don't think I'd ever heard you laugh before. At least not in a nervous way. Olivia Oh, geez. Did I really laugh? Chrom Yes. ...It was actually quite lovely. Olivia Oh, Chrom, you mustn't say that! Gods, i wish the ground would swallow me up right now! Chrom Well, I'm sorry if I embarrassed you. But I enjoyed seeing you today. I feel like we're finally really getting to know each other... I look forward to out next conversation. Olivia Oh, yes! Absolutely! Me, too! *Chrom departs* I can't believe Chrom and I can actually talk to each other like normal people! Gosh, I was SO terrified of him at first. But he's actually quite charming once you get to know him... [spoiler=S support] Olivia Hello, Chrom! Chrom Well, Olivia, this is a pleasant surprise. Usually I have to track you down. Olivia Well, you always make a point of talking to me, right? I thought it was time I repaid the favor. Chrom Ha! Well, I'm honored. I remember the days when you couldn't say two words at a time. Olivia I know! the old me wouldn't dream of just coming up to you and saying hello. In fact, sometimes, when I'd see you coming, I'd run and hide in a barrel! Chrom ...In a barrel? Er, yes. Well in any case, it seems I'm very much in Basilio's debt. If not for him, we'd never have had the chance to become friends. Olivia Oh, don't say that! Chrom To think I might have lived my whole life without knowing you... Olivia I know, I... I feel the same way. You even helped me be less shy around other people! 'Cause if I can talk to you, I can talk to ANYONE! Chrom ...Am I so terrifying? Olivia Oh, no! No, it's not like that! You're an important person, you know? A prince and our leader and all that? It's not folks just walk up to you and start blabbing away. Chrom Hmm.. I see your point. Olivia But it's all right, because I'm not scared of you at all anymore. Hee hee hee! Chrom I do so love that laugh. Olivia And I love seeing you relax instead of reading war books or whatever you do! Chrom Well then, perhaps you would like to see more of me. Olivia Oh... Yeah, sure! Why not? Chrom Then perhaps you'd like to see me... all the time? Olivia Well... I would have to eat and sleep at some point, but... Chrom ...But perhaps we can do that together as well, if... ...If we were married. Olivia Oh my gosh, WHAAAAAT?! Chrom Will you do me the honor, Olivia? Will you marry me? Olivia Hmm, let's see... Will I marry this smart, funny prince who's also super handsome? YES! Of course I will! Yes! Chrom Well now you're making ME blush... Here, then. I've been carrying this around and waiting for the right moment. Please take it as proof of my love for you. Olivia C-Chrom, this ring bears the crest of the royal house of Ylisse! This is priceless! I can't take it! Chrom My parents had it made on the occasion of my birth. They told me to give it to the woman I would spend my life with. I'm only doing what it was designed for in the first place. Olivia Th-thank you, Chrom. I shall wear it proudly for the rest of my days. Chrom I've been waiting for this moment my whole life, Olivia. Today I'm the happiest man in all the realm!
  9. The entirety of Female Avatar X Henry~ [spoiler=Avatar(F) X Henry][spoiler=C support] Henry ... Avatar Henry? What are you doing? ...Why are you hunched over? Are you unwell? Is your stomach... Oh, gods, are you hurt?! Somebody, HELP! Henry's been- Henry Hey-o, [Avatar]! What's all the ruckus? Avatar Wait, you're... okay? You were all crouched down and quiet... I thought you were wracked with pain. Henry Nya ha ha! Nope! I'm completely fine. Avatar Ah, well, that's a relief... But, then, what were you doing? Henry Guess I was having way too much fun playing with this to notice you come in... Avatar What is it, some kind of- AAAAAAAAH! Henry Don't worry. It's perfectly safe! *poke, poke* See? Dead as a doornail. Avatar An arm?! A disembodied Risen arm?! Ew... Did you bring it back from the battlefield? Henry Yep. I was interested in seeing what makes them tick. I thought I'd perform a little dissection and get some "inside" information. Hey, why don't you examine it with me? Maybe we can discover some new weakness! Avatar Ugh! D-don't wave that thing in my face! I don't want it anywhere near me. Henry Suit yourself! Now where did I put that finger...? [spoiler=B support] Henry Lah-di-da, do-di-doh, ~ fee-fi-fo-fum, bom bom bom... ~ Avatar Henry, what are you drawing in the soil? A magic sigil? Do you mind me asking what it's for? I must say it looks rather sinister... Henry Aw, [Avatar], you worry too much. It isn't sinister at all! Not one bit! I'm just going to use it to summon an army of Risen. Avatar Wh-what?! Henry If I get it to work, we can have them all fight on out behalf! Then we can sip tea for the rest of the war and collect the accolades once it's over. Avatar Well I understand the idea in theory. It could reduce casualties on our side... But there is one slight problem. Have you given any thought to how you'll control these soulless warriors? Henry Oh, they can't be controlled. You just let them loose to attack anything that moves. But we'll be safe so long as I draw the sigils far enough away from camp. Avatar WE might be safe, but won't they turn on local villages, wreaking death and mayhem? Henry Yeah, probably. Would be surprising if they didn't, actually. Still, we'd win the battle. Avatar Unacceptable. We cannot sacrifice innocent lives for the sake of victory. Henry See, now you're just not thinking logically. We've killed countless people in this war - what's a few more souls on the ledger? Avatar Those deaths were necessary. We had to kill our foes or be killed ourselves. But killing the enemy isn't the same as sacrificing innocents for victory. Henry Seems like an arbitrary line to me... But all right. You're the tactician! No more unholy summoning sigils. Avatar Good. [spoiler=A support] Avatar Henry, I wanted to congratulate you on that last battle. Henry Oh? Avatar Yes. Especially when those Risen appeared out of nowhere. You placed the village at your back, even though it was tactically disadvantageous. By holding the line, you saved the lives of countless civilians. Henry Yeah, well, you said we shouldn't sacrifice innocents to win a battle. Avatar I know what I said, but I was surprised you'd taken it to heart. Henry Heh, I just do what I'm told. Avatar I didn't realize you were so obedient and...conscientious. Henry Heck, I always obey orders! Well, except for stupid ones like "don't fight the enemy." If someone tried to tell me that, I'd cut 'em in half and feed them to the crows! Avatar I... see... Well! We wouldn't want that happening to me, eh? Ha ha! ...Ha. Henry Hey, you're looking a little pale and sweaty there. Everything okay? Avatar Oh, n-never mind that! I have another task for you. Would you help me organize my library of strategy books? I've accumulated so many recently, I just can't keep track of them. Henry You got it! [spoiler=S support] Henry Hey, [Avatar]. I'm done mending those tents! What should I do next? Avatar Well, let's see. You've sorted my books, swept the floor, checked the weapons... i do believe that's absolutely everything. Thank you so much for the help. Henry Yeah, okay... But what should I do now? Avatar Well, I guess you're free to go and do whatever you want. Henry Oh, really? In that case, I'll stay right here and hang out with you. Avatar Um, you will? Henry It's fun being around you, [Avatar]. And I especially love doing your chores. Avatar Ha! Well, I enjoy your company, too, Henry. Henry ...But when i say it's "fun" being with you, I mean it's... kind of special. Avatar Huh? I'm confused, Henry. It's not like you to be so oblique. Henry Nya ha! I know, right? What's got into me? Here, this is what I'm talking about... Avatar You're giving me a ring? ...A very sinister-looking ring? Henry Oh, don't mind the skulls and snakes carved in it. It's not cursed or anything. I could never curse anyone I liked as much as I like you... It's an engagement ring that I picked out special. I want us to get married! Avatar This is... unexpected. Henry Nya ha! You didn't think I'd do something like this without someone ordering me, huh? But it's abso-tively posi-lutely my own idea. So what do you say? Avatar I accept, Henry. I accept wholeheartedly. You may not have cursed me, but I seem to have fallen under your spell... Henry Yes! Avatar But you must promise me we'll be together forever. Henry Oh, you can count on me. I always do as I'm told! Voiced confession: I'll love you with every ounce of my blood until I die! When do you think that'll be?~ Henry is so adorable. I want to hug him forever. (Also updated Avatar(F) X Anna with the A support.)
  10. I haven't trained Donny at all, poor guy. I've been grinding to a ridiculous extent too, so as to get everyone married before chapter 14 and build the supports I promised to transcribe. I've been wondering if it's a sound idea to wait until Lv.20 to promote. Aren't you just raising your internal level, without the boon of working towards skills? Here's Dark Mage Knight Tarquin now. Lv. 34. Doing well enough... I think. @Intrier - That Avatar doesn't look too bad. Thankfully, you have as many level ups as you wish, eh? (Sumia died and you didn't reset? ) @Raine - While I think making the Avatar into a supporter is a bit of a waste, you've clearly made up your mind - so I may as well attempt to be helpful, eh? Slow Burn really isn't a good ability - at all. The return (+15 Hit and Avoid) is negligible, and you have to wait 15 turns to get the full effect. Lifetaker would only be very situationally useful in your case. You may want to opt out of Dark Knight and go Grandmaster instead, for Rally Spectrum. I'm also not sure if Hex and Anathema work when the unit that has them is doubling someone else, so you may want to look into that beforehand. Valkyrie's Support Boost+ and Great Knight's Support Block+ look like good skills, but again, I'm not certain if they work when you're doubling, or being doubled (or both.) ...I apologize, I'm not too knowledgeable on all the mechanics. Perhaps ask on the "I Just Want to Know One Thing..." thread?
  11. Here is my avatar, in poor quality~ +MAG, -SKL. Internal Lv. 34. I'm not... sure how her stats are turning out. I hope all of you awaiting the game manage to procure your copies soon!
  12. Here's Female Avatar X Anna. Now complete. [spoiler=Avatar(F) X Anna][spoiler=C support] Anna Oh, [Avatar]! Just the lady I wanted to see! Avatar Oh, hello, Anna. What can I do for you? Anna I have a proposition for you... Avatar A proposition? Anna Yes! Just this morning, I got my hands on a stock of special skin cream. You just smooth it on, and the wear and tear of battle and travel disappear! Old, dry skin replaced by silky smoothness. It's the hard-travelin' girl's best friend! And today only, I can offer it to you at an insanely low price. Avatar Er, I see. That's very kind, I suppose. But, to be honest, I don't use creams and lotions much. They're not really my thing. Anna But a girl's skin is her most important ally! Why, neglecting it is like abandoning a comrade on the battlefield! You're so pretty already - just think what a beauty you'll be with healthy, glowing skin! Avatar Er, well, if you put it like that... I suppose I could try a little. Anna That's the spirit! ...Aaand here you go. One tub of Anna's Wonder Cream. Avatar Heh, now you've gotten me all excited. I'll have to try it right now. Anna Great. You do that. ...Bye! *Avatar goes offscreen* Anna ...Wait a second? What's this? Oh, cripes! I gave her the wrong one! The stuff I gave her is the experimental formula that's still being tested on cows! ...Well, I gueeess it'll be all right? I mean, flame-tree resin is probably safe and effective on skin. ...Right? Ans since the sale's been made, I couldn't give her money back. ...Right? No, of course not. All sales are final! [spoiler=B support] Avatar Anna! Anna Oh, [Avatar]! Did you need me for... something or the other? Avatar It's about that skin cream you sold me. Anna (...Oh no. She knows! She's going to want her money back, and I already spent-) Avatar Anna, what are you mumbling about? Are you listening to me? Anna What? Oh, er, yes! Yes, I'm listening! ...So, how is the cream? I only ask because sometimes it, er, doesn't affect everyone... exactly the same. Avatar Well, let me tell you, it works like a charm on me! My skin's been rosy pink and smooth as silk since I started using it. Anna ...For serious? Avatar Oh yes. Can't you tell? Look at my face! I'm beaming! Thanks to you, I wake up every morning confident and ready for any challenge. Anna Oh, I'm so reliev... Er, I mean, pleased! I knew it would work! Ha ha... Avatar Do let me know if you get any more in. I'm ready to buy a lifetime's supply! Anna Er, of course... Avatar Great! See you soon! *Avatar departs* Anna ...Well, that was unexpected. If it's that amazing, I'm going to have to try some myself! [spoiler=A support] Anna Er, [Avatar]? You remember that skin cream I sold you recently? I, er, don't suppose you'd let me try some of it? Avatar Don't tell me you've never used it yourself? Anna Well, the thing is, I has such a limited supply, and it was so popular... It, uh... sold out before I had a chance! Avatar Why, Anna, I had no idea it was such a rare and valuable commodity. Anna Oh, er, it's fine. That's what business is all about, right? B-but after you told me how well it worked, I was thinking I ought to try it myself. Avatar Well, there's no time like the present. I have the tub right here in my bag... Now just hold still while I smear it all over your face. Anna ...Gracious. It's very sticky, isn't it? It's almost like glue. Avatar It always feels like that at first. But soon you'll find your skin tingling with health. Anna So, like, how long are we talking here? Not too long, I hope. Avatar ...Anna? What's the matter? Anna I'm... not sure. Something feels strange. My skin is... It's... Oh gods, it's itchy! So itchy! ...And getting MUCH itchier! Avatar ...Oh? Anna Arrrgh! I can't stand it! It's like a hundred mosquito bites covered in tar! Wh-what's happening to me? How can I make it stop?! Avatar Good heavens, Anna! Your face is swelling up like a balloon! Hold on! I'll fetch some water! *departs* Anna Does she know I sold her the wrong cream? Is this some kind of sick revenge plot? N-no, that wouldn't be her style. ...Or would it? Maybe our skin just reacts differently to the cream? *scratch, scratch* Argh! Such an apt punishment for my crime... It must be the work of the gods! But I'm not going to let this little setback brinng me down... *scratch* When life gives you lemons, you sell lemonade! *scratch* Then you sell the the lemon rinds, and plant the seeds, and sell the lemon trees later on! *Scratch, scratch, scratch* Oh, gods! If only I had just sold her some lemonade! *scratch*
  13. @Maximillian - You're going for a classic fragile speedster type, eh? Take care with that -DEF. I chose -SKL, and here's what Dark Mage Tarquin's stats look like: HP - 39, Str - 13, Mag - 25, Skl - 8, Spd - 17, Lck - 15, Def - 12, Res - 12. That's at Lv. 11/9. ...I don't even want to think about my skill activation rates. If I didn't have Hex I'd be missing constantly. Seems I'll have to switch to PK/DF earlier than I had anticipated. ...I hope we're not making those who haven't acquired the game yet feel badly...
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