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  1. Happy Birthday!!!

  2. I THINK everything is updated. I'll try to update quickly tomorrow morning before work, but do try to check the last page to make sure you're doing something that's claimed. For all the people who like doing what's unclaimed, do try to post what you're planning on getting right before you do it - just to make it a bit clearer. I'll be working on the wiki and setting up the rest of the Season 1 claims this weekend. Is this one for Festival of Bonds? I'll double-check this soon.
  3. Yup, go ahead and claim SB stuff. I'll double-check the LB3 claims first, and then I'll set up the claims for SB.
  4. So I've had no reliable internet access for about 4 days. I'll be fixing this stuff up now. ISorry for all the claiming confusion from me not updating the posts. I *luckily* don't forsee any more busyness, so I should be able to update everything continously for the next while. I DO have work the day DLC is released though, so everything that morning to afternoon will have to wait - despite the surge of posts at that time. Now to look through what I missed... EDIT: Taken off what was posted from LB2. Checking Regalia next. EDIT 2: Checked Regalia, almost done, apparently.- and to check the support topic...
  5. IIRC, which should help when doing the epilogue and endings, whoever ends up doing them - they follow recruitment/support order. Can you confirm this? So it pretty much goes... Characters recruited in Main Chapters (Lucina is between Henry and Say'ri, if I remember, and support list when chapters give two characters) Characters recruited in Sidequests by Paralogue order (Donny, Anna, then the children starting with Owain) Spotpass characters And in the paired endings, the basic structure of each support is based on the males and Avatar, so they take priority order in the list. Like, Lissa will come up pretty early if she's unmarried, but could come in as late as Henry. I'll need to double check this to make sure - once I'm done my work. Probably sometime tomorrow?
  6. Maybe do Chapter claiming? Or at least post when you start working on it or something? Oh, and I think I have some of the encouragement lines somewhere... Even if you have them already, I at least have both Morgan's. Should've typed out their endings and post-game quotes when I had the chance though.
  7. I haven't worked on Gangrel's section sorry I like Walhart better but here's all of Walhart's support increasing/sparkly text, minus the normal ones. I decided to grab 'em while getting Walhart's supports. He's surprisingly romantic, and I personally think "My star" is a really cheesy nickname, really odd coming from Walhart. The parent/child conversations, he's a lot less strict/cruel/what ever your opinion of his support with Morgan. Never grabbed Gangrel's, but he seemed a bit less... romantic and nice. Although I don't remember it all that well. (If someone want's to grab Gangrel's - or anyone else's for that matter, feel free to PM me - I'll find some time to add it to the wiki. They're all fun to read :) ).
  8. Just to corroborate with an internet source, it is different with a Male Avatar. EDIT: And considering the japanese wikis wanted to have all six scripts for each Avatar voice before, anything you do will be more organized :)
  9. Thanks for the help. To be honest, those supports have already been posted - I'm a bit slow updating the main topic from work and school stuff so ill apologize if you dtarted working on those. there are some parent child conversations available, and you can also PM people who have claimed conversations if you would like to takeover for them - assuming they agree, of course.
  10. Conquest (the skill) can be inherited. Conqueror (Walhart's class) cannot. EDIT: ninja'd
  11. http://www.serenesforest.net/wiki/index.php/Support_Increasing_Quotes_%28Awakening%29#Henry Dream - Question We all need a dream worth dying for. Or a death worth dreaming about! What's yours? I should ask about making a topic to promote the wiki/script efforts...
  12. From Morgan(F) x Yarne B Morgan(F): Seeing cute, defenseless things just brings out the sadist in me. I just can't help myself! So it looks like I should try Morgan(F) and Laurent. I need to post my supports soon...
  13. Acrobat is actually based on the units traversing capabilities. So if a unit can't move on mountains at all (horses, generals IIRC), Acrobat won't give them that ability, no moving on mountains. Which is why some units still can't traverse on water and none traverse air with Acrobat. But if they can move only one space on a mountain normally (a few... berserkers for sure...?), Acrobat will make it so they can traverse it normally, or the full 5/7/whatever spaces. I actually have no idea which classes can traverse which terrain though - just guessing.
  14. Updated. Going slow. Still need to post my supports. Sorry for being rudely blunt. Don't forget to read the first post for procedures on posting claimed conversations - PM the original claimer and wait.
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