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  1. A relic of the past. It's Shannan! One more for the family reunion. Cosplay Oifey strikes again.
  2. Merry whatevers and a happy new year. I probably can't do the christmas game this year either- family obligations and health junk. It was annoying to do with this new forum software anyway, too much lag and double posting. just take this and go @Marthur charisu#1383
  3. Seeing as Julia was my first summon it's only fair to support her and her endeavors
  4. and yeah that's an xmas game
  5. Seliph is no longer a legitimate heir to Granvelle as the first born son is Julius. Seliph gets significantly less support from civilians and is not called the Scion of Light. In their point of view there's little hope to be had to tout such a title. Leif might get more traction in his situation or he might just be erased from history without Seliph coming in to save the day on time. It's a coin toss. If the scenario remains the same where she wins over the Isaacians and continues as usual, endgame is where it gets politically interesting. She'd need to bear a son, that bullshit Deirdre had to go through and have a prince consort. I'm gonna throw Shannan out there since he kept her hidden and helped raised her in his kingdom. The landscape might change significantly, with Isaac and Granvelle unifying or splitting up into smaller states. >but chalis why can't she just be an empress in a newly found progressive society feudal jugdral is no place for an easy fix and also i like what i came up with better
  6. I want Arvis to do me like he did Sigurd on homecoming.
  7. Luka in the remake gives me Kircheis vibes. He has a nice softspoken voice too.
  8. Use jealousy. Ares and Shannan are tied for her highest jealousy values, place any two ladies between them in a square formation and reap 10 stolen love points per turn.
  9. Link sporting a hair bun is very cute. That is all.
  10. I've done all I could do. Burned all my flags and keept going with ×1 battles as often. As long as the final round isn't just Awakening.
  11. should I waste orbs gunning for Ephraim, or try my hand at getting an Eldie in time to make him not so suicidal when inheritance arrives? there's also just saving them
  12. Friege. Anyway got Reinhardt and he mentions Cyas which is my cue to hoard orbs.
  13. In the end I never got a Seliph but at least I never spent a dime and now I'm raising three Eirikas.
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