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  1. I voted Knoll. I like his personality and Summoners are so fun to use. Canas is a close second. He's really cool too, and he's a really good unit for me. I just like Shamans/Dark Mages in general.
  2. I like using premotes that have a personality I like, such as Pent, but even though I like Seth, using him is a bit boring because he makes the game really easy.
  3. Fixed the names and added the songs to the OP.
  4. Added A Knight's Oath due to requests. Also changed the poll options to the name of the songs, with the game's name in brackets.
  5. Ok, I fixed the poll, and also added Melee's version of Together We Ride.
  6. I'm sure this has been done before but I couldn't find this thread on the first page so.. My favourite is probably Comrades from Sacred Stones. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xag92jwdnv0 HOSHIDO VERSION NOHR VERSION
  7. I'm currently using Rebecca and she's a pretty great unit. Once she gets going she's almost unstoppable. I also liked Innes in Sacred Stones but I wasn't a big fan of Neimi.
  8. FE6: So far, Bors is a terrible unit and I haven't heard great things about Barth or Wendy either. FE7: Oswin is an amazing unit. He tanks everything and deals great damage. His availability and starting level and bases are great too. FE8: Gilliam is pretty good, not as good as Oswin was but decent and I heard Amelia makes a great General but I never used her before. FE10: From what I've played, my only armoured knight was Meg and she wasn't very good at all. FE13: I've always ended up forgetting about Kellam and he went to the bench. For postgame, Kjelle usually ends up as a good unit, but I prefer promoting her to Great Knight after her supports with Sully. I've heard great things about Effie so I'm looking forward to trying her out.
  9. I feel like they all wouldn't be as unique if that happened. Maybe just for Morgan, considering he's Robin's kid, but not the rest of the kids.
  10. Glitchy


    Did I post in this thread? I don't think so. On my current playthrough I decided to go with him instead of Sain or Kent and he's a decent unit, but he doesn't have many strengths I feel, other than a bit above average defense and high HP. Sain has great power and Kent has great speed/skill meaning he hits easily and doubles most enemies. Sain and Kent also have the added bonus of being able to be levelled in Lyn's mode. I think Lowen's good but he doesn't really compare to Sain or Kent.
  11. Companions is a great song. I just prefer Distant Travels by a little bit.
  12. Erk. Especially since he gets screwed so easily. My Erk in my current playthrough didn't gain one point of defense until Chapter 31 (not including promotion bonuses).
  13. Pent's a great unit and I like his personality and design as well. He gets my vote.
  14. I never had the chance to use Fae, but Myyrh was a pretty great unit so I voted her.
  15. Dart's probably my favourite but I never really used any of them.
  16. l like Amelia the most but I find Ross the easiest to use without grinding because he comes at the start where the enemies are super weak. Amelia is amazing if grinded in Tower of Valni though. Overall I vote Amelia.
  17. Glitchy


    Hello, Icemario. It's me, Glitchy. Welcome to Serenes Forest!
  18. Path of Radiance In all seriousness, I say Sacred Stones. I would like to see older Ephraim and Eirika rebuild Renais.
  19. I like the Shadow Dragon/New Mystery version. It has an amazing buildup. Path of Radiance comes close.
  20. It's a troll. There is no way this would get so much likes if it wasn't, the posts themselves seem very satirical and Fire Emblem isn't even a kids game in the first place. EDIT: Wow, a post showed an eraser labelled "for big mistakes" next to Shadow Dragon. That gave me a laugh, considering Shadow Dragon was a big mistake.
  21. FE6: Lot was decent at best and Wade was pretty bad. Really inaccurate though. FE7: Dorcas and Bartre were pretty bad. They had awful speed and have a hard time hitting. Never used Geitz so I can't say anything for him. FE8: Garcia is a pretty good unit. I usually go Hero for the speed and swords, because Hand Axes > Bows. I always make Ross a Pirate over a Fighter, so I don't know if he makes a good one, but he sure does make a great Berserker. FE10: I haven't played much of this, but Nolan is pretty good. One of the few fighters I like using. FE13: I've used Vaike a few times, and he makes a much better Hero than Warrior. As a Warrior, I felt he had a hard time taking hits and bows aren't very helpful when Hand Axes exist. Postgame-wise I go Berserker for him. I'm hoping Arthur is a good unit because I want to use him for Nohr.
  22. I have FE7 on the GBA and it's really hard to see in a darker room. But the portability more than makes up for it.
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