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  1. So Nihil and Wrath would be best then? Nihil would prevent Luna from going off, and Wrath could maybe compensate for misses when Ike's health gets low enough. Since I'm playing hard mode, the reinforcements will be two halberdiers and a bishop, all of which Mist could probably take care of if I put a bit of work into her in time. Yep. Like the other dude said, 9 damage per hit with capped strength, and then BK also has Renewal, which maxes standard damage output (no skills) to 12 per turn. I'm kind of reluctant to rely on Aether again, since I'll need to be constantly healing Ike because Luna made things more problematic than they needed to be. Well then, Nihil+Wrath it is, then.
  2. I've started a Hard run on this game, and I've reached the part where Ike gets promoted to a Lord. Last time I played the Nados Castle chapter (27?), it was a couple of repeated attempts to kill the Black Knight because I was relying on Aether. I had thought to run Resolve+Wrath on Ike, only for the game info on this site to tell me you get the Resolve scroll on that very chapter. What skills are generally more reliable? Wrath+Nihil (for Luna), or just try my luck with Aether again? Or any other ideas?
  3. Chrom married Sumia and Tharja married Gaius. I haven't decided on parents for the other daughters, but I'm definitely not going with a mage build for them. Would it be best to marry Cynthia/Lucina or Noire?
  4. I plan on trying Apotheosis soon, but I want to prepare as best as possible first. Morgan definitely has a spot on my team because of her amazing versatility. For a mage build, should I go with Emmeryn for her high magic modifier, or Aversa for a slightly lower modifier with Shadowgift?
  5. Morgan is incredibly diverse and open to just about any role. Very universal and flexible, and can fulfill any given role (except, of course, dancing) with the proper parent. So I give her a solid 10.
  6. Oh my, now that you mention it, they ARE. Stahl is always hungry, Cherche is a cook with a motherly personality. But I suppose it works better for Yarne and Gerome in the game too. I'll definitely consider it.
  7. Thank you for catching that. My bad :P I was thinking of using Iote's Shield, but Bowbreaker probably would help Cynthia offensively as well. Thank you again for throwing that out there.
  8. I'm still a bit preoccupied with how some pairings will work in the long run, so before I go through with them, I wanted to get some opinions on them to be able to optimize the children's capabilities for Apotheosis. Who my MU will marry is still a big gray area because Morgan is incredibly diverse, so the mother can potentially be another future child for stat optimization, or someone for skill purposes, such as Lucina for Aether (and high speed) or Aversa for Shadowgift. Chrom x Sumia* Gaius x Tharja* Kellam x Nowi Vaike x Lissa Stahl x Panne Virion x Olivia Libra x Maribelle Donnel x Sully Lon'qu x Cordelia Frederick x Cherche Ricken x Miriel *already married
  9. Well then. Surprisingly I missed Kellam's birthday. But I got me a nice Celica's Gale out of Libra's birthday! Happy birthday, o hot androgynous trap.
  10. Gareth. He can't survive a turn in the Tower of Guidance because several spirits gang up on him and each one can double him easily for heavy damage every time. Ena may have terrible offenses, but unlike Gareth, she can actually survive in the tower and be put to use as a support unit with her Blood Tide skill. I found Ena to be really useful because of that so I don't really get why people talk so much smack about her and not Gareth. Oh, and oddly, she doesn't get one-shotted by Ashera like Gareth does either. Although I will agree that she does indeed suck in Path of Radiance. On my first play, I gave up on repeatedly beating the chapter just to beat the Black Knight, and so I ended up with Ena. Terrible stats contradicting the expected marvel of a dragon. Nasir wasn't very good either, but at least he was usable, but I digress.
  11. I used her during my first play, and while her stats weren't particularly excellent, she was still quite usable. She was a rather tanky for a paladin, and to top all it off, she has Canto. Canto is the reason mounted units are so good in the Tellius games.
  12. Depends on whether or not you're doing an LTC challenge or anything similar. Other than that, a few of them tend to be terrible due to low growths, and sometimes low base stats as well. Sothe and Titania are actually good in Radiant Dawn (they have great base stats too), and definitely usable because of the implementation of a 3rd tier, but Titania is only decent in PoR (not awful statwise like a true Jeigan) and Fredrick can become as good as most other characters because of the limitless reclassing. Seth managed to keep up fairly well on my second Sacred Stones play, so I can't call him bad. Jagen is just absolutely horrid. His base stats are nothing special, his growths are simply laughable, nor is he versatile in any way because of the lack of rescuing in the Archanea series. You can use him to weaken enemies in the max difficulty to help everyone else, but that's about it. I'm not far enough in Holy War to say anything about Oifey yet. Arran is sadly the same. As for Marcus, he's basically the prime example of a jeigan from the first part of my comment. Statwise, he's just super weak in FE6.
  13. Augh god, they certainly did a good job of emulating his stats as a Jeigan as well. So... low. Compared to the makeshift Cain and Abel, at least. I guess reading too much into anything is just one of my bad habits.
  14. I only got Awakening about a few weeks ago, bought a couple of DLCs, but I'm kind of curious as to what people think regarding why Micaiah is a Dark Mage and why she has Shadowgift. My theory is that as the priestess of Yune, she's attuned with chaos, which is commonly associated with evil. And I'm guessing that her "underhanded and dirty" act was pretty much everything she did when Daein took part in the war between Begnion and the Laguz Alliance like attacking retreating troops and her dumping oil on Sanaki's pegasus knight guards? I would just like to know what others think. Or whatever's been confirmed that I haven't heard.
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