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  1. I mostly want heroes from tellius because its my favorite overall cast. I also would want more characters from marths games because they havent gotten a non alt unit in ages. Same for binding blade.
  2. Act 3 Zofia Forest 5 turns Ridersbane clair had just enough spd to double fernand and cavaliers. Lightning sword alm, silque and lukas were the bulk of the offense with leather shield! Silque nostanking on ep and killing archers on pp with seraphim. Lukas could orko the archer which was pretty neat. Witches fell to alm and lukas. Clair baits the arcanist and lukas orkos him. Boss fell to seraphim. Arcanist hell 5/10 turns Silque nostanked arcanists and killed mire ones w seraphim on pp. She needed to hit at least once on most. Ligthning sword alm baited like 2 to him in ep 1 and clair+alm killed those together in pp2. This map required precise positioning so that weakened enemies could be offed by lukas alm and clair without being in range of more. The boss was a pain, because if i used seraphim it was likely silque would die. So i waited it out a bit and lured him so everyone could give him a piece of their mind in pp5. Berkut and fernand 2/12 turns If clair was better couldve been a 1 turn? But uh gl hf w that berkut is one tanky mofo. Went straight to desaix because a pally would spawn. Desaix fortress 5/17 turns Silque warped lukas to the fort and he orkos an archer. Clair went for the witch. Lightning sword alm baited desaix. Turn 2 clair kills the witch. Silque seraphims desaix. Alm heals up, lukas goes up a bit. Turn 3 lukas kills an archer and is healed by silque. Alm kills the other archer. Rigged the cantor to not spawn enemies this turn with wheel. Silque warped lukas and he started to attempt to kill the cantor. He eventually does in turn 5 pp. Zofia Forest 3/20 turns Deployed undrafted matthilda to plug the supplies. Boss is kinda tanky but he fell to ridersbane clair and alm. Lukas and silque handled the left. Silque got invoke. Sylvan shrine: went in and did one battle to get clair to level 12 and promoted her then got out. Also baron lukas get. Forest northside 4/24 turns Invoke dread on pretty much every turn except the last. Lukas alm and clair picked off whatever lived the dreads. Sluice Gate 5/29 turns Invoke dread once again coming in clutch. This map was a pain though because i cant control them and if delthea warps, they would attack and kill her. Dreads made short work of most enemies. The boss was lured by one of them and silque+clair finished him off. The last arcanist was killed by warped!alm. Ring!silque is pretty cool. Lukas orkod an arcanist at the beginning but lagged behind/was a nuisance otherwise. I was originally aiming for 6 turns but dreads behaved amazing. Delthea get. Palla and Catria 4/33 turns Saber took the north and celica her side. It was eazzzzzy. Seashrine 2: Went back and got catria up to level 9 (which wasnt easy, i had to use leather shield and hope she didnt get enough crits. The 2 exp for chipping was crucial to getting there because i had used a battle before for saber). After that i gave her a golden apple and 2 the shrine levelups to get her to level 12 and promoted her. Also gave her the res statues and got all the rest of the loot. Atlas zombones 1 2/35 turns Zzzzzz. Village: made a brave sword forge called it killing edge. Archer hell 9/44 turns Saber did most of the work. He stormed the fort by himself and killed most archers. He later got joined by thunder!celica and catria when numbers thinned down enough. Catria javelind the 2 arcanists at the beginning. Deen 4/48 turns Saber is op and so is killing edge. Catria went for the supplies and 3rkod 4 mercs there. Deen crit saber but he lived barely and didnt crit back. He then killed deen in pp. A bandit spawned from grieth and so i went back, sold some stuff in order to forge the steel lance to +8 atk and named it silver lance (yeah i couldnt afford a real silver unless i sold way too much more food) so she could orko some crucial enemies. Atlas zombones 2 2/50 turns This was on my way to the village. Bandit ambush 2/52 turns Rearranged the order around and let them ambush me to have a better shot at them. Only catria and saber got attacked. Hid the undrafteds. Catria killed the archer and a mire arcanist in both pps. The rest sd'd on both saber and catria. Grieth citadel 9/61 turns Catria went and killed the arcanists and snipera on the sides. Healing w celicas convoy when needed. Saber just charged w brave sword in hand and didnt care. The cantor was tricky but celica got to him in time to thunder him and catria finished him off. Witches were all over the place but 2 of them went for celica and so she killed them in 2 eps by healing and still moving. The other was a nuisance and saber had to use a bit less move to get rid of her. Grieth got orkod by brave sword which was gr8 to watch. Sonya get. Atlas zombones 3+paladinx3 skirmish 2/63 turns Paladin spawned from mila temple when i got out of the citadel. Did atlas zombones with them. They were pretty chumpy so they made no difference. Managed to get sonya a +mag level rip. Shadow sword dude 3/66 turns This takes the award for easiest map to ltc. Zzzzzzz catria killed an archer and the boss. The rest died to celica sonya and saber. Dragon shrine: promoted saber to dreadfighter at level 13 myrmidon. Gave sonya as much exp as i could and got all the loot. Mila Temple 8/74 turns This map was all over the place. Catria was 1 str away from orkoing snipers which was a shame and her first level she only got skl or something. Boss eventually fell to excalibur celica. Then all of them ganged up on the remaining enemies with saber, of course, leading the charge. Stats: Alm Lv 11.47 HP 32 Str 17 Skl 12 Spd 13 Lck 13 Def 11 Res 4 Lukas Lv 1.40 HP 40 Str 22 Skl 9 Spd 7 Lck 8 Def 18 Res 2 Silque Lv 8.27 HP 34 Str 18 Skl 8 Spd 16 Lck 19 Def 6 Res 11 Clair Lv 2.35 HP 34 Str 14 Skl 10 Spd 17 Lck 18 Def 10 Res 9 Delthea Lv 3.00 HP 22 Str 11 Skl 8 Spd 10 Lck 15 Def 3 Res 15 Celica Lv 1.00 HP 32 Str 20 Skl 14 Spd 17 Lck 13 Def 12 Res 8 Catria Lv 7.44 HP 36 Str 18 Skl 18 Spd 21 Lck 15 Def 14 Res 12 Saber Lv 3.32 HP 41 Str 21 Skl 17 Spd 26 Lck 9 Def 16 Res 6 Sonya Lv 11.50 HP 25 Str 16 Skl 12 Spd 14 Lck 9 Def 7 Res 12 Time to train delthea in sylvan shrine and do some of the quests.
  3. Stopped being lazy and redid zofia seaway 5 and got 4 turns like i was supposed to. So turncount at end of act 2 is now 74 turns. New stats: Celica Lv 10.93 HP 27 Str 17 Skl 11 Spd 13 Lck 11 Def 10 Res 7 Saber Lv 5.10 HP 33 Str 15 Skl 13 Spd 17 Lck 7 Def 12 Res 6
  4. Seashrine: went in, did one battle vs a zombone. Got saber to level 7 went to promote him, came back and cut some grass to get coral fragments for the quest and left. Ch14: Zofia Seaway 4 3/31 turns Saber and celica went up and killed things. Ch15: Zofia Seaway 5 4/35 turns Stopped being lazy and redid this one. Last time i had missed a crucial hit w celica and it costed me a turn. Due to laziness i didnt redo it (and cuz good levels). Saber got a really bad first level of hp skl but then he made up for it w likr hp str spd def or something like that. Thanks saber. Ch16: Zofia Castle 3/38 turns Having saber helping out saves a turn unless youre horace and your npc conrad crits the boss. Celica and saber went up. Celica weakens an arcanist w fire and the other suicides on her steel sword. Saber lures the farthest arcanist. Conrad kills the weakened arcanist. Celica moves to the boss. Saber weakens an arcanist. Conrad kills it. Turn 3 saber weakens the other arcanist. Celica weakens the boss. In ep, boss kills himself on celica. Conrad finishes the map by killing the weakened arcanist. Stats at beginning of act 3: Alm Lv 8.88 HP 30 Str 14 Skl 11 Spd 12 Lck 11 Def 9 Res 4 Lukas Lv 7.43 HP 37 Str 20 Skl 8 Spd 6 Lck 7 Def 13 Res 2 Silque Lv 2.67 HP 30 Str 16 Skl 7 Spd 12 Lck 15 Def 5 Res 11 Clair Lv 6.72 HP 23 Str 11 Skl 5 Spd 11 Lck 12 Def 8 Res 8 Celica Lv 10.97 HP 27 Str 17 Skl 11 Spd 13 Lck 11 Def 10 Res 7 Saber Lv 5.10 HP 33 Str 15 Skl 13 Spd 17 Lck 7 Def 12 Res 6 Turns: 74 turns
  5. Zofia Castle 9/36 turns I went back and redid deliverance hideout and focused on silque after trying for hours to ltc this map the other way and keep missing. This was a frustrating map to say the least. I promoted silque at lv12 to saint. What i did was move as much as i could while still warping lukas and alm w silque. By turn 5 or 6 silque killed slayde w a nosferatu crit which was hilarious but probably unneeded (well knowing the hitrates it was probably needed. Having silque clair lukas and alm proved to be enough to kill the archers in the boss area by turn 9. Seraphim having 90 hit is what helped a ton at dealing w this blasted castle. Stats when i get alm again. Act 2 Gave celica atk+2 spd+1 from shrines. Ch8: Novis Cemetery 5 turns Celica went up and killed things and by up i mean left. Ch9 Zofia Seaway 1 5/10 turns Having saber helped. Fairly straightforward so i wont bother explaining this. Ch10 Zofia Seaway 2 6/16 turns This one was fairly convoluted. Basically saber hit the leather shield guy for 1 dmg then healed and celica hit him below 50% hp w fire to make him retreat. Then they get ganged up on and 8 hp celica instead of healing, snipes merc w fire and gets his shield to tank the ep. After that it was a matter of using plenitude and both saber and celica to take down the fleeing enemies. Celica Lv 5.42 HP 24 Str 14 Skl 8 Spd 11 Lck 9 Def 7 Res 7 Saber Lv 4.99 HP 24 Str 12 Skl 10 Spd 10 Lck 6 Def 6 Res 6 Ch11: The Pirate Throne 5/21 turns Deployed mae to sit on the supplies in the boat. That way i maximized exp on celica. Saber made his way to barth and then celica finished him off. Ch12: Zofia Seaway 3 4/25 turns Got lucky with his turn 1 summon (only 3 zombones) so it was super easy to get to the boss by turn 4. In turn 3 he actually wanted to summon more but i used the turnwheel until he didnt and then saber and celica ganged up on him, saber had to hit twice at super iffy hitrates though. Ch13: Hunting Beasts 3/28 turns Saber and celica lured the necrodragons and celica orkod them. Very strategical the map thanks seraphim.
  6. Yeah. Figured since refa didnt use it i shouldnt either. Ch5 3/22 turns Lightning sword alm and lukas did most of the work. Silque lured the archer and lukas killed him. Cavs on the left got killed by alm. Clair got fed the boss. Ch6 5/27 turns Alm led the attack pretty much. I did my best to feed clair kills and i fed her a whole lot of em. I wanted to feed her the boss but couldnt so alm got that kill. In the last turn everyone killed a cavalier. Stats after deliverance hideout: Alm Lv 8.29 HP 31 Str 15 Skl 11 Spd 12 Lck 11 Def 9 Res 4 Lukas Lv 6.31 HP 36 Str 20 Skl 7 Spd 6 Lck 6 Def 14 Res 2 Silque Lv 9.45 HP 19 Str 14 Skl 5 Spd 9 Lck 11 Def 2 Res 11 Clair Lv 7.67 HP 22 Str 10 Skl 6 Spd 12 Lck 13 Def 8 Res 8
  7. Ch1 2/2 turns Positioned Alm in a tile north where he wouldnt be surrounded by 3 brigands. Only 2 went for him. Lukass parked in a forest and 2 brigands attacked him too. In turn 2, alm and lukass weakened the full hp brigands and in the ep all of them died to them since they were on low hp. Ch2 4/6 turns Archer is killed by lukass and alm. Only 1 brigand reaches alm and is weakened. Undrafted villagers start running to the left. In turn 2 that brigand dies to lukass. Alm parks in a forest. In ep all brigands are weakened. Lukass finishes a brigand off in turn 3. Alm moves up to a forest where boss can reach and kills a brigand too. In ep, boss is weakened by alm and brigands start charging to the supplies where the boss was. In turn 4, one of the villagers reaches the stairs to the supply and cuts off the path. Alm moves up towards the stairs and kills the boss. In ep 4, the 2 remaining weakened brigands give up on healing and suicide on alm and lukass. Stats after Thieves Hideout: Alm LV 4.51 HP 29 Str 12 Skl 9 Spd 9 Lck 10 Def 7 Res 4 Lukas LV 7/1.00 Knight HP 34 Str 16 Skl 6 Spd 6 Lck 5 Def 12 Res 2 Silque LV 3.43 HP 19 Str 10 Skl 3 Spd 7 Lck 5 Def 1 Res 11 Silque received +2 spd and lukass +1 from shrine. Ch3 7/13 turns Silque went up the mountain to kill shield guy. Lukas and alm go left and kind of just destroy everyone. Lukas orkos archers and some brigands so that was pretty helpful. Ch4 6/29 turns Lukas charges north. Alm prioritizes going for the soldier on the left. Silque kills the steel bow archer in 2 rounds and the weakened soldiers from lukas. In turn 4 the boss is lured by lukas and hes finished off by silque, who is now almost at warp. In turn 5 alm reaches the left soldiers range and he 2rkos him thanks to iron sword. Alm LV 5.89 HP 29 Str 12 Skl 9 Spd 9 Lck 10 Def 8 Res 4 Lukas LV 3.67 HP 34 Str 18 Skl 7 Spd 6 Lck 6 Def 12 Res 2 Silque Lv 6.96 HP 19 Str 10 Skl 4 Spd 9 Lck 8 Def 1 Res 11 Clair Lv 1.00 HP 20 Str 8 Skl 4 Spd 7 Lck 11 Def 4 Res 8
  8. What did we agree on with the free pitchfork?
  9. Catria and clair damn you horace
  10. The most pressing issue is map skirmishes. Its gonna be really awkward to come up w rules for act 3s skirmish spam.
  11. Me. Edit: hadnt read yet but wanted in just in case haha so i posted me asap
  12. Just wanna confirm if class growths are added to the original chars growth rates? So, say? Peg growths are -5hp and str and def +5spd lck they are added/subdtracted to catrias 40hp 40 str 55 spd 30 lck 35 def to make them 35 hp 35 str 60 spd 35 lck 30 def?
  13. Carmine picked Henry so everyone gets Inigo and Donnel
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