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  1. Atlas couldn't handle raspberry schnapps, let alone babysitting my kids. Hell no.
  2. Nope, I don't trust people with weapons near my kids.
  3. Funny you mention environmental interaction. There's a hidden achievement for doing just that in Block Man's stage.
  4. Mega Man is the trope codifier for the Boss Rush. So yes.
  5. I'll admit a mistake I made and will give some advice. If you've upgraded the speed gear, using it against Impact Man is a terrible idea. His hitbox is large enough while he's charging and you'll land if you try to jump over him while he's slowed down. A younger me would've called foul at this, but to be honest, I do think it a bit clever. The game punishing an over reliance on the speed gear as a crutch. Oh yeah, for an example of how powerful the power gear can be. Here's me doing a challenge.
  6. Block Man's weapon is insanely useful in general as it's also capable of attacking opponents that are currently blocking from the front as it strikes from above. It also does a good amount of damage and with the Power Gear... it eliminates the one weakness. All of the weapons are pretty good and I used them all, but Impact Man's weapon and Bounce Man's weapons are fairly lackluster with the power gear.
  7. I've beaten it on normal, I can confirm this game is one of the hardest if not the most difficult of the classic series. However, none of it ever felt... bullshit except for one thing.
  8. Burn the bed, burn the bedroom, set fire to the undead dragon, then burn the house.
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