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  1. I didn't play Conquest on Lunatic so that Birthright and Revelation wouldn't feel braindead easy by comparison, since they're supposedly easier and I wanted to enjoy Conquest first. But thanks for reminding me most of this forum is filled with egotistical little fuckheads like you making shitposts from their mommy's basement.
  2. Thanks, that helps some. So basically I'm gonna be bored regardless? XD If that's the case I might just play on hard anyway :(
  3. So, having just finished Conquest on Hard, I'm having a dilemma. Birthright is easier, at least from what I've hear from literally everyone I know playing Fates. Furthermore, grinding is possible. Supposedly, Revelation is between the two in terms of difficulty. Seeing as there's no Lunatic+ to unlock, and I've heard that Fates' Lunatic mode isn't the totally and completely idiotic and non-strategic RNGfest Awakening's lunatic/lunatic+ was, I'm wondering whether to play Birthright on Hard or Lunatic mode. My concern is that I intend to play Revelation on Hard mode because Hard mode doesn't lock your stat growths at mission start, and I want to use my Revelation playthrough for PvP later on (which means locked growths would make stat-capping awful grindy and tedious). If I play Lunatic Birthright, will Revelation on Hard be boringly easy? Thanks in advance for opinions and input, I'd appreciate someone whose already done this weighing as well.
  4. Hey, I've been trying for weeks to get Lethality and Nohrian Trust on Dwyer, can anyone help me out? Lethality on MU would be nice too... My info: Name: Shakovyn Keep Address: 04222 - 37974 15838 - 84699 Names and notable skills: MU: Nohrian Trust, Vantage, Hoshidan Unity, Replicate, Aptitude Kaze: Lethality, Replicate, Shurikenfaire Xander: Astra, Luna, Sol, Vantage, Replicate Dwyer: Pavise, Hoshidan Unity, Dragon Fang, Luna, Astra Midori: Lethality, Salvage Blow, Replicate, Miracle, Hoshidan Unity Kana: Hoshidan Unity, Replicate, Even Better, Nohrian Trust Velouria: Hoshidan Unity, Renewal, Even Better, Better Odds, Nohrian Trust Ignatius: Countermagic, Lifetaker, Wary Fighter, Pavise Shigure: Astra, Lethality, Hoshidan Unity, Replicate, Amaterasu Ophelia: Vengeance, Gamble, Vantage, Death Blow, Astra Food/Gems: Milk and Crystal All my buildings are at max upgrades. Please please I wanna find a damn Nohrian Trust or Lethality for Dwyer. Everyone hates my little emo butler and he's funny as shit. I don't get it.
  5. Thanks so much for everyone being so helpful!
  6. I'm looking for skills for Dwyer. Most specifically Lethality. Other than that, I'm hoping to find: -Replicate -Sol -Lance/Sword/Axe breakers -Nohrian Trust My castle address is 04222-37974 15838-84699 I have MU with Replicate, Aptitude Xander with Replicate, Astra Leo with Tomefaire, Aptitude Dwyer with Luna, Bowbreaker, Tomebreaker, Aptitude, and Shurikenfaire Midori with Aptitude, Song of Peace, Replicate Kana with Replicate, Aptitude and Velouria with Aptitude, Pavise, and Trample Would really appreciate someone helpin out, nobody ever has f'kin' Dwyer and he's my favorite lol
  7. That'd be great! if you could post up a castle code I'd appreciate it
  8. Care to share a castle code so I might grab some off of you? I'll leave an accessory as well if you're interested in bond units
  9. Well that at least puts my mind at ease regarding whether I f'd up my kids lol Thanks much Looping back to the original point of the thread, if anyone can help me find some of the more difficult skills for him I"d vastly appreciate it!
  10. DLC class skills cannot be passed down to children?
  11. Oh, really? That's news to me, thanks a lot for the info!
  12. Hey ya'll, nobody ever seems to have Dwyer on the MyCastle teams (odd considering MyCastle is pretty much the only thing he's good for :P) I was hoping I could pick up some skills for him from somebody? Namely, I'm trying to find some of the Activation skills like Lethality, Luna, Miracle, etc... or Nohrian Trust I suppose I've got Aptitude and Hoshidan Unity if anyone wants them for him (also have some other stuff for random other people) Castle Address is: 04222-37974 15838-84699 Lastly I know it's a longshot cuz he tends to be people's throwaway kid, but I was really hoping to find some of the DLC class skills.if that's at all possible. Namely Aether, Ignis, and Awakening (Great Lord, Grandmaster, and Great Lord skills) Any of those for MU would be absolutely fantastic and appreciated as well. Thank you so much in advance for anyone who can help me out!
  13. Ahhh. I heard a Selena!Siegbert is inferior to Charlotte!Siegbert, but I might have to end up giving Charlotte to Keaton, since Effie is already paired with Arthur.. Is there a reason Mozu should pair with Niles? You mentioned it in your pairings and I was wondering if there's something I'm missing. Also, I've paired Elise with Odin for Ophelia, is Selena/Jakob better than Camilla/Jakob? At the moment it looks like I'm going to have to decide how to pair Camilla, Charlotte and Selena with Xander, Keaton and Jakob and I'm not sure how. I've already paired Arthur/Effie Odin/Elise Kaze/Azura So I've still got a fairly sizeable pool of characters to work with, I'm just trying to figure out how to end up with a decent Dwyer who can use magic without ruining other children. What I'm considering is: Xander/Charlotte Jakob/Camilla Keaton/Peri Laslow/Selena Silas/Mozu Leo/Nyx Benny/Beruka Niles/Felicia Alternatively: Jakob/Nyx Leo/Felicia Keaton/Camilla Laslow/Peri Silas/Serena Niles/Mozu Benny/Beruka Does one of those two look particularly better?
  14. Seeing as i'm a male Corrin, suggestions for alternates for Keaton if I marry Camilla to Jakob?
  15. Thanks, I'll be sure to keep that in mind for my Revelation/Birthright playthroughs! Any tips for Conquest?
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