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  1. Good news: This was pretty much EXACTLY how I imagined the Awakening trio's story pre-Fates. Not necessarily that good!Anankos was involved, but that a higher power had brought them to the world to help, they were aware of the Invisible Kingdom, and were basically in on the whole truth. In my own story, the two of them have a larger role in the plot, and this does nothing but help support it. Bad news: They should have had a larger role in the game proper, based on this. I suspect fanfic writers will eventually fix that. As for why the other Awakening kids didn't get involved: Actually, we can infer why some of them weren't recruited. Brady canonically can't fight, and even quits being a healer in his epilogue. Nah and Yarne are both shapshifters who don't exist in the Fates world (dragon and rabbit respectively) and would stick out like sore thumbs, especially since Anankos emphasized that the mission was 'covert' so to speak. Gerome could barely be convinced to meddle in the past, he would be a very hard sell on helping another world. Noire is sickly, and between that and her 'other' personality, she wouldn't be a good fit for the mission. I mean, obviously, the three we got were picked because they were the most popular, but still...
  2. On the issue of why Kamui is the leader over Ryoma and Xander: In fact, in the Birthrish route, Ryouma was believed to have been possibly captured for the first part of the story, a plot point that comes up again in the Invisible Kingdom route. Out of the three routes, though, I'd say Birthright has the least justification for Corrin being the leader. In Conquest, Corrin performs several missions under Garon's orders, and since its their mission, that sort of makes them the leader by default. Around the point Xander joins, Corrin begins pressing the 'King Garon is not whom he seems' issue, and since that was their plan, they naturally take the lead on it. In the Invisible Kingdom route, Corrin is trying to unite the two sides, and since there's still tension between the Nohrians and Hoshidans (best seen by Xander and Ryoma's Support), that makes them the best leader of the united army. IK probably has the most justification out of the three routes for Corrin being the leader, since they specifically go around and recruit the members of their army in a manner more traditional to previous FE lords. In contrast, in the other routes, they tend to be 'given' a good chunk of their units. In both Conquest and Birthright, the subordinates of their siblings at a couple points join Corrin before the siblings themselves, on the latter's orders.
  3. Well... Honestly, I think those who say its optional and you can just ignore it have a point. A good comparison from Pokemon would be Super Training. Super Training is a way to raise your Pokemon's stats, and like My Room, was heavily advertised and is completely optional. Any competitive battler worth their salt would tell you Super Training is a boring, repetitive, and inefficient way to raise stats. There are actually other, more efficient methods, including one that allows you to fully train your Pokemon in a quarter of the time ST normally takes. You can go the whole game without touching Super Training, and use the other methods to raise your Pokemon stats instead. The inclusion of ST literally doesn't affect those who dislike it, as they can very easily chose to ignore it. At the same time, I can appreciate what ST brings to those who do use it (those who aren't aware of the other methods due to being more casual) so I'm not opposed to ST. I actually used it myself in Y version before learning of the other methods, and proceeded to go the whole of Omega Ruby without once touching it. It had zero impact on my experience. Same deal here. While what it brings to those who use it is more, er, questionable, from the sound of it My Room is just as optional as Super Training is. I was opposed too, before I learned of that, and now I'm more or less indifferent to its inclusion (I'm not buying Fates for a different reason).
  4. Uh, while I confess I'm not completely familiar with how it works, don't Support levels affect Pair-Up like in Awakening? So, in that sense, Support convos do affect gameplay? (Since viewing them raises the Support level of the involved units, and affects Pair-Up) And thus, aren't exactly optional in the sense My Room is? (I *refuse* to refer to it as Amie out of a life-long respect for Pokemon.) EDIT: To contribute to this discussion, Amie in Pokemon *does* affect gameplay, even if its only in minor ways. Raising affection levels in Amie gives Pokemon a 1.5x experience boost, raises their critical hit rate, and even give them a chance to shake off status effects on their own without the use of a move or items (the latter two don't apply to Wi-Fi battles, naturally). And Eevee requires two hearts of affection in Amie (and must know a Fairy-type move) in order to evolve into Sylveon. None of those benefits can be obtained without Amie, and its often recommended to have a Pokemon you're leveling to have at least two Amie hearts so they can get the experience boost. If my knowledge is correct, all My Room does is raise the Support level of one character once per chapter (or so I've heard). And there are plenty of other ways to raise Support levels, and you don't eve have to have the My Room in the first place. So in that sense, My Room is even more optional then the Amie its so often compared to.
  5. So, first, this patch is awesome! Not using it myself, for various reasons, but that said... Can I possibly request transcripts of the main chapter translations? More specifically, for the IK path? I'm aware only a few chapters have been done so far, but that's fine. The reason I'm asking is for fanfiction purposes, I need the IK script, and not just the summary. Actually, there are probably more then a few authors who would appreciate transcripts of the translations for all three story paths (I just happen to be interested in IK specifically). For instance, there have been a couple threads in the Fates general forum concerning rewrites/adaptations of the story. Even what few chapters done so far would be a godsend so I can actually start working. Much appreciated in advance!
  6. Asama, no. As with Rinkah, the fact he has a Pokemon that can Mega is coincidence. Silas and Kaze...Maybe, it depends. Its less that Ryoma and Corrin like mid-stage water starters, and more that I have a personal preference for mid-stage starters. No, you aren't being annoying. That said, as I put in the notes, this is going to be less extensive then originally planned, owing to the fact that if I wait for a translation of Invisible Kingdom, I'll probably burn out beforehand. Meaning such worldbuilding ideas are going to get much less use, as the focus is now on portraying how the plot differs.
  7. No that's not where the argument falls apart. The war was happening before Mikoto got assassinated. Remember in Chapter 2 Rinkah and Kaze had been captured as prisoners of war during a skirmish. From Mikoto's character and the existence of the barrier, one can infer they of course don't want to fight. And the barrier made it *physically impossible* for Nohr to strike directly at Hoshido. The only way Rinkah and Kaze could get captured is if Hoshido was already sending in soldiers. And the reason they sent in soldiers was because they believed the Faceless was Nohr's doing. Nohr was effectively on defense before the barrier fell.
  8. Okay, first, Rinkah having a potential Mega is sheer coincidence. As a member of the Flame Tribe she HAD to have a Fire-type, and since she's a 'proud warrior' type a secondary Fighting-type was appropriate and of the three Fire-Fighting lines the Blazikein line just happened to feel the most fitting.Actually, some characters not having their Perfect Links yet is more an indication they will get those Pokemon later in the story. Such occasions are inevitably a source of character focus, but except possibly in the case of the older brothers, not indicative of anything in particular. Originally, very few characters were going to start with their Perfect Link, but I eventually the decided the process of them obtaining those Links would drag down the story (not to mention nearly double the number of Pokemon characters) resulting in all but a few starting with their Perfect Link instead. And did you catch the other joke with Ryoma's Pokemon A character does not have to have a Perfect Link with a Pokemon to Mega Evolve them. Mega Evolution is more connected to the 'main game Trainer' side of the story. By which I mean while Conquest is the primary inspiration and operation, more traditional one-on-one battles are still a thing and are important to the story. Thank you! This was more difficult then it looked, because I also had to ensure there was a relatively balanced representation of Types. Still pulled it off pretty well. Nah, it's not a Shigure reference. I'm actually going to tweak Azura a little later, but Altaria's still her starter. (Also I'm on my phone right now so my response is hindered a bit)
  9. I've been thinking about the Nohr-Hoshido war, and doesn't it basically boil down to this? -For whatever reason, Garon traps Sumeragi in Chavelier and kills him. Afterwards, he kidnaps the young Corrin. -At some point, Queen Mikoto puts up the barrier that keeps people from remaining hostile towards Hoshido within its borders. This effectively stops the probably-impeding Nohrian invasion. -Aqua is kidnapped as a bargaining chip to trade for Corrin. -Unfortunately, shortly after Aqua's kidnapping (or perhaps even right before) Garon is replaced with Hydra's minion. The minion could give less of a damn about about Aqua, and so the trade never goes through. -After fake Garon takes the throne, Faceless start attacking Hoshido, being able to bypass the barrier. Hoshido blames the Faceless on 'Nohr witchery,' and presumably retaliates by attacking Nohr. However, *and please correct if I'm wrong because this was the impression I got,* Nohr was not responsible for the Faceless at all. They're minions of Hydra. -Of course, Hoshido's attack creates the perfect excuse for fake Garon to formally declare war on Hoshido, and the main bulk of the fighting takes place outside of Hoshido's borders. This comes with the caveat that we don't know when Mikoto put up the barrier. But if I'm interpreting this chain of events correctly, from Nohr's perspective Hoshido struck first, while from Hoshido's perspective Nohr struck first through the Faceless. The Hoshido falsely equivalate the Faceless attacks with Nohrian attacks, which feeds into their continued aggression. Nohr, meanwhile, is pretty much stuck in a defensive position because of the barrier. Once the barrier falls, they naturally surge to finally get on the offense, and at this point the conflict is being pretty much self-sustained by the countries involved. That's the critical thing I need to ask here. Was Nohr *really* responsible for the Faceless? If not, and my interpretation above it true, then the war is probably more grey then we give it credit for, as the Hoshido were provoked into attacking by Hydra. And from Nohr's perspective the attack was almost entirely unprovoked, and combined with the discussion of crop problems in Corrin's support their reasons for invading become a lot more justified and understandable. If nothing else, its a mess with Hydra behind it all cackling to himself. Jeeze... EDIT: And while Garon himself is obviously evil, my point is that the rest of Nohr as a whole is more grey. If I'm right in Hoshido being tricked into striking first, then they likely would have gone to war even *without* Garon on the throne. Fake Garon's main role then was to fan the flames and direct Nohr into becoming more and more aggressive.
  10. Elise getting Plusle later will no longer be a problem. One of the changes I'm making is that all the recruitable Fates characters will now have the ability to Link, since as I stated the Conquest manga made it clear the ability was more common then I originally gave it credit for. Basically, I made it out to be a bit more special then it actually was. Right now, I'm busy 'statting out' everyone. Determining their Type Specialty, starting Pokemon, Perfect Link, and converting the Personal Skills into appropriate Warrior Skills. And once I'm done with that, I have to determine a move and Ability for every Pokemon used that wasn't in Conquest. As a result, I'm actually altering several Pokemon assignments, Xander and Ryoma included. They're still going to get appropriate 'foils' though. Once I'm done, I'll put my work up in the main post and you'll be able to see for yourself.
  11. Hm, it didn't occur to me to give her a Water-type. Like, at all. XD While a few important characters 'water' theme, including Aqua and Anankos, I've largely ignored it in favor of the 'black and white' theme. Actually, scratch that, I did try to work it in at some point, but the lack of a large body of water that would allow Water-type legend-WAIT A SECOND. ....Hm...Uh, ignore me, something just occurred to me, something that would potentially work *really well* with the story. I need to think more on this. I'm afraid Gallade is taken by another character, serving as their Mega, but that's venturing into 'major, major spoiler' territory. On another note, you probably noticed I changed Kaze's Pokemon from Pinsir to Scyther. I've decided to ease up on the 'foil' theme a bit for those outside the royal siblings in order to give those characters more fitting Pokemon. That said, some minor-majorish spoilers on Corrin's dragon form: I'm glad you enjoy the idea! I have some great plans for it! Also, you aren't being annoying. I enjoy the feedback.
  12. WARNING: Really, super long post ahead! So, I invested in a used AlphaSmart Neo and holy crap. It’s pretty much everything I’d been looking for in a writing tool, that I’d been trying (and failing) to find in my tablet and laptop. It’s lightweight, runs on double-A batteries, and has an extremely long battery life. Since getting it, I’ve been on a writing frenzy. It’s perfect for writing a first draft, helped by the fact that it doesn’t have Internet access to distract me. I’d actually wanted an AlphaSmart for years, but kept getting told a tablet or laptop would be a good substitute. Yeah, no. I finally got it for myself off Amazon because I wanted a way to write while on the upcoming camping trip. Fine motor control issues makes handwriting a pain. The one year I fell back on that after I finally couldn’t hold back my need to write anymore still haunts me and I became determined to avoid it. The AlphaSmart, however, will perfect for the job. Too bad the company discontinued the line, as it really is an awesome writing device. Anyway, second chapter of this is done! This isn't really a first draft, more like a second draft. I did the first draft on the AlphaSmart, uploaded it onto my laptop, and did an editing pass on there. So this is better written then the last chapter. Still not perfect, and will likely require another editing pass at some point, but its improvement. I should note, Eevee is a girl, and Lucario is a boy. Some of those gendered pronouns, instead of ‘it’, are scattered around and I didn't get around to fixing it. Just to ease up confusion in advance. Second chapter, done! ...Actually, I jumped ahead a little and have started work on Chapter 4 of the Prologue. But I’m also going to split up Chapter 3, simply because so much happens. So, I was trying to go for a ‘Conquest’ feel for the battle. The results, I think, were mixed. This is partly because I made some false assumptions. Namely, I forgot to take into account that Conquests maps portray a far smaller area then Fire Emblem’s maps. Same goes for Devil Survivor, which is another inspiration. One concern for this chapter was explaining why the human characters didn’t try attacking the Pokemon themselves. Well, they could if they wanted to. But this isn’t Devil Survivor, where the COMPs’ Harmonizer function put the humans on the same footing as the demons. Most of the time, such an attempt isn’t going to end well for the human. That doesn’t say it doesn’t happen, just that common sense leads people to refrain most of the time. The other thing was starting to portray the empathic connection Corrin has with her Pokemon as a consequence of being a Warrior (as in Conquest). The idea of her having limited Aura sense emerged over the course of it, and I’ve since tweaked a few things to give her a very justifiable reason for it. I also figured out how to write around the sword finally. Oh yeah! Character-wise, I actually don’t have Lucario’s very well-defined yet. I do have Eevee’s down pretty pat though. Eevee is basically a chihuahua that keeps picking fights with dogs much bigger than herself in the sincere belief that she can take them. First question: Yeah, I know. I'm sticking to English names, but because I used a translation that used Japanese names (and the fact that I like Marx over Xander) means yeah, there was inconsistency that slipped through. The second chapter fixes that issue, and in later transcriptions I made the point of replacing the Japanese names with the English ones as I wrote things down to help as well. The initial draft of the first chapter is as crappy as hell, and I freely admit I'll have to go back and do some major editing on it at some point. But in writing, the general advice is to get the story out first, then go back and edit. Advice also says that the first draft is allowed to be crappy, so I don't feel too bad about it. But it will be refined at some point. On Elise and Sakura: I was really, really torn between Cottonee and Petili, or Plusle and Minun. I settled on the former, but the door is definitely open for them to get the latter at some point. The problem is, except in rare circumstances, non-Warrior characters are generally limited to one Pokemon each. (Warriors being the in-universe term for those who can Link with Pokemon.) And while Sakura is a Warrior (the whole Hoshido royal family is, in fact), Elise is not. None of the Nohr royals are. Nohr has a relatively sparse Pokemon population, and you're really going to see a contrast in the handling of them once Corrin is taken to Hoshido in a few chapters. Camilla has a Sableye, though it hasn't made an appearance yet. That's 'cause it prefers to keep to the shadows, and doesn't really show itself unless Camilla orders otherwise (and you can naturally expect to see it kicking some serious ass during the latter half of the Chapter 3 events). You can imagine it lurking in the background, a pair of glistening diamond eyes watching from the dark...Actually, I should write that in during my next editing pass. But Camilla's Sableye is meant to contrast to Hinoka's, Mawile, in keeping with the 'foil' theme. There ARE horses, wyverns, and other 'ordinary' animals in this setting, though they're used more for transportation then fighting. Nohr is more reliant on them then Hoshido. One thing I'm trying to figure out is how Tyranitar and other similarly large Pokemon are transported around. I'm thinking something involving Teleport. I have not played Devil Survivor 2, no. Technically, I haven't played Devil Survivor 1 either. XD. But I've certainly seen and read enough about it. The post-battle scene in this chapter was inspired by a certain scene between Kaido and Keisuke in DS1 if you don't make the right choices. And its only going to get worse from here, I'm afraid. I don't consider this a SMT-level dark story, mind you, far from it. But one of my intentions was to not 'soften' Fates' darker edge by virtue of this being a Pokemon story. The end result was that in some ways its softer, but in other ways its darker and more brutal. In the end, I think it about evens out. But yes, I really like this fusion too. And its been working out beautifully so far. You're going to see more changes in events during the upcoming chapters, and I've added additional scenes beyond what was shown in the game to help flesh things out further. My goal is to get the Prologue chapters done, but after that, I'm going to be stuck unless I can find a translated script of the Invisible Kingdom path. That said, I hope you enjoy what I can write.
  13. Nohr-I'm the least familiar with this one, but I do know the whole 'revolutionizing from the inside' thing wasn't actually true. And that the characters don't actually do anything about resisting Garon until the final chapters of the story. Overall, I can't say much do to a lack of familiarity, but I do take others at their word that its a mess. Hoshido-Probably the best of the three stories (though not my favorite), its your classic 'plucky resistance vs invading empire' type story, with tragic deaths that feel appropriate, and a bittersweet, but satisfying ending. Its not super impressive, but it falls firmly into the realm of 'good enough.' Invisible Kingdom My personal favorite of the three routes. The first key to enjoying this route is to simply pretend the other two routes don't exist and take this as its own individual story. In other words, its best not to question the plot holes it induces in the other routes, and take it standalone. Out of the three routes, this is the one that actually feels the most like 'Fire Emblem' to me. Appropriately enough, its also the only route where the complete Fire Emblem itself comes into play. Aqua's whole 'can't tell anyone about IK outside IK' seems stupid because of the other two routes, but again, pretend the other two routes don't exist. It then becomes a fairly refreshing twist on the 'greater threat playing both sides' plot. To me, making it so that even if people discover the 'man behind the man' they can't tell anyone was incredibly genre savvy on the part of Anankos. I know most people hated this, but I actually really liked it. My main issues with the plot is how the Fire Emblem itself became a 'final hour power-up' for the protagonist, when in the past the Fire Emblem in games has been more pivotal to the conflict, causing it as much as resolving it in many cases. And also how Leo and Xander defected because Garon was stupid enough to announce his intent to destroy the word in a place where he could be overheard. Overall, I rated this as 'good enough.' Out of the three routes, this is the one I actually want to play, but I've mentioned how I'm very upset that's its been made DLC instead of sold as a seperate route like Birthright and Conquest.
  14. Pretty much what TheWerdna says here.The main attraction of Fates for me is that is lends itself incredibly well to the Pokemon crossover I'm writing. Unfortunately, that comes with the caveat that the plot changes fairly radically after a certain point, and the 'Fire Emblem' in my story is even a different artifact then the 'Fire Emblem' in Fates. Another one is the fact it introduced canon daughters for Owain and Inigo, but that's more for the Awakening fic potential. The Invisible Kingdom story, to me, actually seems interesting and I personally don't mind the 'You can't talk about the Invisible Kingdom to others outside it or you'll disappear.' It seemed less stupid and more an incredibly smart thing for the big bad Anakos (who imposed the curse) to do. 'Big bad orchestrating both sides' kind of plots tend to go along the lines of 'someone inevitably finds out, tells others, eventually brings the whole things crashing down.' Making it so that if others find out, they can't even say anything, strikes me as Dangerously Genre Savvy and I actually enjoy it. It gives that plot type a nice, refreshing twist. But then I'm weird like that. Yet ironically the one path I actually want to do is sealed behind DLC, which requires buying one of the paths I have zero interest in. The existence of the third path, and its revelations, are a symptom of the plot problems. So is the fact that some important plot revelations (such as the story behind the Awakening kids) is also gated behind DLC (Invisible History). You don't put explanations and patches for the plot in side-stories. You're supposed to write them into the main story, where they belong. I really can't emphasize enough how much this rubs me the wrong way.
  15. Actually, the post-IK treaty between the two nations in IK is less 'we fought together and are now friends' (thought that plays a role) and more 'there's probably a better way we can go about this without fighting.' I'm not articulating this well, so let me explain. By the end of IK, both the First Princes, Ryoma and Xander, have assumed rulership of their respective countries. Of the two, Xander has made it clear in a few of his Supports that his country comes first, even before his own family. This is part of the reason he's so insistently loyal to his father. He thinks Garon still has Nohr's best interests at heart. Listening into the false Garon's declaration to destroy the world, as cheap as it was, informs him that is very much not the case. That's one of the things about Xander. His prime motivation is what's best for Nohr, and after Garon proved he didn't share that interest, Xander officially started taking things into his own hands. Another notable trait is that he himself doesn't harbor much animosity towards Hoshido. Hence, he was willing to make an alliance with Hoshido if that would be what was best for Nohr. Contrast Ryoma, who does hold a lot of animosty towards Nohr, for a lot of justifiable reasons. While Xander might be more willing for peace given sufficient reason, Ryoma would not be. That's the downside of his more hot-blooded nature. The upside is, however, is that he's also more openly emotional then Xander, and closer to his siblings as a result (In Camilla's Support, Xander mentions that he keeps a step of distance from his siblings so that emotion doesn't interefere with him doing what needs to be done for his country. But as that same Support shows, he still deeply cares for them). What this pretty much means is that Ryoma is more open to emotional persuasion by Corrin, the long-missing younger sibling he still loves dearly despite the long seperation. Ryoma never gives up on the latter. In the Nohr route, he goes so far as to try blackmailing Corrin into defecting back to Hoshido. When they make the alliance before entering the Invisible Kingdom, it was pretty much this (this is pretty much my impression from the IK summaries): Xander had learned the invasion was not 'justified' as he had originally believed, and so is willing to cease hostilities, and more importantly assist with the 'true enemy' which he's been given to believe would threaten both countries. Now, Ryoma had every reason to reject it, to remain angry. Except for Corrin. It isn't just that they want peace, they still hold a lot of affection towards Marx, and just wants them to give peace *a chance.* Hence, Ryoma does it as much for Corrin's sake as anything else. Their Support actually address how the Hoshidans still don't fully trust the Nohrians, and makes it clear that while the latter might be shedding its aggression, it won't be quite so easy for the Hoshidans to forgive and forget. And while I wouldn't say the two princes are close friends, exactly, by the end of the Support its clear they've developed a healthy respect for each other (especially on Ryoma's end, which was significant). Another thing is that both of them realize they don't have to repeat what their predecessors did. Especially on Xander's end. The treaty may be unprecedented, given the history of both countries, But the critical thing is that both Princes are willing to try. I would not expect things to be perfect afterwards, given their Support, but the treaty is a very important start. You also have to consider the Invisible Kingdom itself becomes a third force in the ending. Both Hoshido and Nohr form one of the most natural kind of alliances with it, given how Corrin is the sibling of both the Princes. But that doesn't change the fact that the addition of the IK with Corrin as the ruler alters the geopolitical landscape, probably significantly. And I've lost my point in this paragraph, sorry.
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