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  1. The SFC file is 4,096 KB the game The SRM file is 32KB a save file
  2. Can anyone tell me what a header would be on a ROM? Would it be like ".ips"?
  3. After I patch the rom, the emulator will not load it. I use ZSNES. It will say Bad ROM. I used 2 different roms and Lunar IPS patcher. please help.
  4. Mia and Zihark should be on top for their tier that they are in, probably right below nephanee.
  5. After reading a few comments and gathering my knowledge of Thracia, chapter 24x does not need to be visited unless you may need the warp staves the two dark bishops have, or the sleep and silence staves, then go to the chapter. Chapter 24 should give ya what u need to beat the game. I will always visit the gaiden chapter just for fulfillment. Posting again, for Xavier's recruitment to be easier, have Tina steal the hammers from the lenster knights, and have pirn steal the killer lances, also have Tina steal the master axe and master lance, and have pirn steal the thoron tone and killer bow. Give the build ring to pirn before doing this so he can steal the lances. Also kill the freege knights with a magic user from the side of the wall (assuming you are funneling the knights at one if the doors) After doing that, you'll see Xavier's recruitment a bit easier but exhausts uses from the thief stave and repair staff. ( Safy will have repair the thief staff to get all the hammers, and master axe/lance) MODEDIT: heh, months old doublepost
  6. A scenario with this is best would be Thracia due to every cap being 20 except for HP, lower growths would be fine because they would grow over time but they would be pretty close to it's cap by the time they are level 20 unpromoted. Unless the game was longer than having scrolls or bands would not be totally necassiary ( for some characters that is). The growths may have to be lower but with higher bases if they were to be possibly capped or close to being capped. Also, it depends on the promotion bonuses too.
  7. I always visit every gaiden chapter even if it's like chapter 24x in Thracia or if they have a difficult requirement for them. Even though it's optional, I feel they should be played on every play through for the full experience of the game.
  8. RNG abusing a level up or two wouldn't kill a unit but doing it for every level up. If the unit is 20/10 and gains nothing then whatever but if they are level 10/0 and gain nothing, I would actually consider restarting a chapter for a better level up. For the most part no.
  9. Heros, Sages, Duke Knights, Swordmasters, and Bow Knights. Even though the Duke knights and bow knights are restricted to a single weapon, even after promotion, they are usually pretty good for me.
  10. Take the A route (Solar route) and have Karin talk to him
  11. Personally, I like to use Olwen because I will not kill off any characters and she has her brave/hero personal weapons, but I can assume Eyrios is pretty good. Which character did you guys choose?
  12. Hey! I am wondering who is a good candidate for the Wrath Manual. I used it on Leaf and it worked pretty well for him, but I am wondering what other characters people used the Wrath Manual. Please feel free to comment on this thread.
  13. Because they like the smell of themeselves, even if it no longer a part of them anymore.
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