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  1. what's your asset and flaw? if you've got something that doesn't directly hinder magic use sage (if you do do this ignis is probably your best skill since stuff in Apo doesn't have that much RES and neither does anything else) also I know you don't want to but -seriously- consider changing lethality,the only things you'd want to use it on (and I can't even think of one of those because braves pretty much murder everything anyway). basically,magic asset wants to use this: Limit Breaker,Vantage,Ignis,Tomefaire, and a filler (Rally Spectrum/Pass/Aggressor/breakers) in a Lead slot, with a bunch of Celica's Gales and Rescues while a physically orientated one would use: Limit Breaker,Axefaire,Aggressor,Luna,Dual Guard+ and be in a support slot with Brave Axes only basically these are the "optimal" builds,there's a bunch of other things you can use but astra is pretty much < luna/ignis in all situations and Lethality sucks wrt procskills
  2. but FeMU > MaMU and Male Morgan must exist if FeMu does thus Male Morgan > Female Morgan
  3. probably ricken!laurent!morgan for maximum vantage abuse or ruin sage morgan my opinions suck anyway
  4. the dude has >100 atk and possibly any skill in the game (ie: vantage + luna + axefaire + breakers or something) he lives up to the hype,but he's not the optimal morgan :( also Male Morgan is the best wut u talking about shady?
  5. She's basically Aversa with all classes and no supports instead of only MU support, and can pick up Veteran from the get go while still having impressive combat and Nosferatu Pretty amazing everywhere,7/10 because supports
  6. a+ poll Ephraim route is for turds anyway :(
  7. "+1 bias for being the best lord" I'm really glad to meet another Marth fan. They're quite scarce here on Serenes Forest, which is ironic since this forum is one of the most prevalent English Fire Emblem communities.

  8. if you're male why the fuck are you not using berserker there is literally -no point- to pretty much any other male class that isn't that/sage/assassin also on Normal everything is really shitty,my capped Hero!MU faces 0% and tiny damage from everything in rar3 with helswath ...your boots thing? boots are better used to make a mobile unit more mobile (especially with galeforce) + 8mov/worst terrain penalties is still < 8mov edit: yeah they aren't bad as supports but berserker is still clearly the best for physical classes
  9. here's the thing anyone is good in Normal Mode play Lunatic and say that also having shitty mov is horrible even if you use the boots because you can use the boots to give a mount 10 mov or a better foot unit 8 mov (ie: manakete,berserker,assassin) ps: you aren't invincible in Lunatic as one at all, let alone Luna+/Apotheosis/anywhere where something has luna and gen's speed cap is really bad like,GK is bad but General is horrible
  10. generally I marry gerome/laurent on my minmaxing runs, and miriel on my maMU runs (mostly because I like and can relate to her character) lissaMU canon wut clearly ChromMU is canon
  11. zm we did rate the fe9 trial map units :p anyway: marf has not shitty bases and aptitude, so he grows pretty much as fast as MU with no supports his unique class isn't that special but he can at least use rapiers in Valm and falchions if Chrom/Lucina got RNG screwed 7/10 for being early and having Aptitude and all classes with +1 bias for being the best lord
  12. he's got pretty crazy stats and class set but he comes after everything is done still,he's ok for postgame 1.5/10
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