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  1. Is there a buffin button available?
  2. A lot of these are defiantly weird if not humorous. I remember in grade 10 I had a dream where I was driving a Prius on the freeway and it ejected me without warning and left me on the freeway. I always thought it was because of how I poured myself working on a civics project researching the Prius's "dirty nickel battery" conspiracy and how the hybrid car disproved of me finding out its dirty secret.
  3. Last night, I dreamt I was fighting Peter Dinklage in my house armed with a broom (don't ask why, I don't remember)...and he was pretty tough to fight with. Sadly, I don't know who won since my alarm woke me up. I'm kinda curious whether any of you had weird dreams that you could scarcely remember.
  4. Arr matey Edit: Did some minor touch-ups.
  5. Is the Egyptian princess look in style?
  6. While I still have reservations about this witchcraft, I shall withhold my reservations for now #lesbian spawn Shouldn't more people be in this? I thought this kind of pairing was supposed to be hyped.
  7. What sorcery is this?! Seriously, are they going conjure up a child because good luck finding a sperm bank in the middle ages. This has clearly gone too far.
  8. You'll never know when mutant insects will arise. Insects don't need to reach our level of advancement, they're pretty advanced in their own right if not more so than us. Ant colonies for instance where thousands of ants are constantly maintaining their colony and fetching provisions communicate with other with pheromones to tell each other who does what to make sure everything is goes smoothly in-midst the chaos. In fact, there is an algorithm based on their brilliance.
  9. I have a similar issue where I get along with many people, yet have trouble making deep bonds with others except for relatives. Though I'm cool just hanging out by myself and my family. As long you're cool with hanging out by yourself, you don't need to force any change just because your life goes against the conventional norm.
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