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  1. "Sadie-girl" is a lame name. Never liked names that mention gender; I don't need a constant reminder, as I will remember on my own. I'd just call her "Sadie" myself. My dog is usually calm and follows me around, but she will start to raise Hell if I decide to play with her. Or she get overly excited if I say "out", "back", "walk", or "ride". Thing about dogs, you can teach them many things. Including to be fun.
  2. I was going to say this originally, but changed my mind. Note my first one was edited... and now this one too 'cause I made a spelling mistake. <_<
  3. Don't I know you from somewhere?

  4. Don't you mean half as much, not one and a half?
  5. Bohemund

    I got caught...

    Personally, I think it's more of weird.
  6. Bohemund

    I got caught...

    So, to them you're suppose to be innocent little girls, eh? Needless to say, I've never had a parent thinking I didn't know shit. I mean, besides the fact my dad likes asking me completely random things I wouldn't know, nor care about, so that he can show he still knows a thing or two. As for the subject... My history is now set to automatically purge whenever I close out IE. After my mother told me snooped though my sister's IMs and whatnot once, I haven't exactly kept much evidence around just in case...
  7. Funny. What's with the blocky english?
  8. Hmm... What's this? I was to request what I wanted on my epic stat sheet?
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