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  1. I can see this being the next step for support effects going forward on premium units. I want to say Gregor was the first one to come with the Ploy 4 range condition? I've seen suggestions for Lull Spd/Res.
  2. Is CYL usually when the new generation of BST starts? Something I've been thinking about is whether the newest generation units should be able to get Dragonflowers. They already get the latest BST so if they got their first round of Dragonflowers, doesn't that still put them one round of stats ahead of an older unit with max Dragonflowers?
  3. Balancing the buffs and healing on Gullveig so she doesn't OHKO the bow flier was the hard part. I already dread the LHB version of this map.
  4. I was hoping Lucrative Bow would come on a normal pool unit. Oh well. I wonder if Echo WoM means we're not getting it as a seal. If we had the choice between the B and S slot for WoM, I'd personally opt for the B slot when clearing PvE content. I find myself needing the extra stats more.
  5. Pegasus Flight was actually one the seals that I was looking forward to for Caeda so I don't have to keep switching Spd/Def Rein between her and Embla. She's part of my arena core and she usually don't fight fast enemies anyway. I'm just give her Atk/Def Clash and call it a day.
  6. I expected Miyuki Sawashiro to voice female Robin but also casting her as young male Robin is an interesting choice. Young Chrom is voiced by Ayumi Tsunematsu, her second role in FEH after Ginnungagap.
  7. Looks like you quoted me before I deleted the part about Ignis and Aether after seeing the interaction. It's as you said, Laguz Friend doesn't activate at the start of combat. Here's the video if anyone's interested:
  8. If you're looking for more suitable units for the skill, I've seen some push for Diamant. His weapon disables non-Special percent based DR so the con of Laguz Friend isn't applicable to him assuming no support. I've also seen people wanting to give CYL Dimitri Laguz Friend but I'm not convinced it'll beat Blue Lion Rule, especially if he's trying to tank magic. If he's tanking physical damage, then they might perform similarly. I haven't done the math to support this so it's just my speculation.
  9. This marks 2/2 for chip damage + AoE against an Emblem. Hopefully this doesn't mean I have to pull for merges.
  10. The new look feels natural on her. The red half-cape looking thing reminds me of the generic Priestess from Fates.
  11. Of course it's a character I like right before AHR. Would have preferred Katarina but Caeda isn't bad. At a glance, I don't see this banner winning a FB revival so I pretty much have to pull here. Time to dip into those story map orbs.
  12. Looks like we're getting Peony on 3/19. Last year's AHR banner went live on 3/22 so this year's will most likely also fall around that date.
  13. Looking forward to Atk/Spd Clash. It seems like the Harmonic pair is seeing some mixed reception on their art. I want to say it's the eyes for me? I also feel like the red background might be throwing me off. Regardless, I might pull for Chloé when she gets rerun. A mage unit granting Charge seems handy.
  14. Ideally, I'd like to run something dual phased but given her movement type, I'm leaning a little towards the enemy phase so Special Fighter seems like the best fit right now but I'm not in a rush so I'll just wait and see.
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