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  1. Sawyer and Eagle will be joining Owen in his route, certain units who were planned and never put into the game were cut, Deborah has been cut, the rest should survive the transition one way or another. We decided that Owen's journey was more relevant to the plot, so that's what survived the change.
  2. It's included in the download for the FEXNA version, the folder should look something like this when you unzip it: Also figured it'd be good to put this minor dev update on the thread too: Just to set up expectations ahead of time for the future of SoAXNA releases since work still goes slowly (thanks covid), for the sake of our own sanity and avoiding burnout the route split has been cut and we're now going with a singular path for act 2.
  3. incredibly late response but the readme has all the instructions you need for playing the game
  4. There is not. I'll make a note of that, thanks for reporting it!
  5. GBA version is no longer supported and any bugs found will not be fixed.
  6. If you're playing on classic mode this issue occurs, only standard mode works with this release.
  7. That should be fixed in the most recent version, if not I'll make a note of it. ditto for this one, so if you're on the most recent version and it's still happening that's strange.
  8. This was fixed as of v0.1, the current version (v0.1.1) fixed one other 1-F related crash. Due to a fix to the anima weapon rank, saves from before v0.1 will not work with v0.1.1, and will require a restart.
  9. I can guarantee that it's functioning correctly in v0.1.1, it was broken in v0.1. I just doubled checked now and Aurora gains healtouch at level 10 like she's supposed to again.
  10. I suggest checking the readme, particularly the instructions section, which will tell you what you need to run it and has the links for everything too.
  11. Quick v0.1.1 update this time Fixes a few things like class skills being wrong, arbalist not having weapon ranks, falcoknights being weak to horse effective weapons, and making stark and grace auto recruit at the end of 1-6, and a crash in the 1-F postchapter. Also changed is cavalry now get avo from tiles that grant it, as always make sure to check the bug spreadsheet for what’s known and report it if it’s not on there. Also updated the readme with links to xna framework and .net 4 for anyone who doesn't already have those installed
  12. VERY FUCKING IMPORTANT NOTE READ THIS Because of what we did early on (replace the fire wrank with anima) it was showing the fire icon when you got a weapon level for anima. This has been fixed and changed, BUT all anima users won’t be able to use their tomes so YOU HAVE TO START OVER TO HAVE ANIMA USERS BE ABLE TO USE MAGIC AGAIN. This should be the only time you have to start over, sorry about that but that’s just how it has to be to make it work right. Update is here, renamed to v0.1 to better reflect that it’s not complete yet. Check the spreadsheet for the bugs that are fixed in this version.
  13. The GBA version is no longer being worked on or supported.
  14. Already noted in the public bug doc, and also will be fixed next release.
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