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  1. Guess I should make a new discord link then huh. Nah, we're just busy with real life stuff which is slowing down work a fair amount. Discord link: https://discord.gg/PSkx2uv
  2. And now that the forums finally work again, some in progress dialogue screenshots Still no concrete release since we're still working on things and waiting for some features to be implemented, but progress is finally picking up steam.
  3. Writing is starting to be converted and tested but before I post any of that have another title screen (logo pending)
  4. You ever just start organizing what needs doing in a spreadsheet and suddenly start wishing for death? Also replaced the old knight anims with the SALVAGED knight
  5. It was released yesterday, you can find the thread on FEUniverse. We ported it to FEXNA ourselves.
  6. That's the end of the current release, so that's normal.
  7. Frey's not the creator, he just responded to your post.
  8. No idea when it's going public, but by all accounts FEXP is a dumpster fire that isn't supported anymore so you'd be better off ROMhacking.
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