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  1. It might be selfish to say this, but I really don't want continuing to ride on Awakening's success to be the key to the franchise's survival. I'd much rather see the next game to distance itself from it as much as possible. Even though I liked the Awakening Trio in Fates, their presence was just fanservice and the justification doesn't help much. I want the next game to completely stand on its own, with the possible exception of DLC.
  2. How fitting that Marth is the one to end it all. I went with ''My prayers are with you'' Anywho, thanks for the thread Sophie. I know I'm gonna miss it.
  3. Sorry friend, but I don't actually fight for you.
  4. Hope will never die! Give it up for the classic shonen battlecry!
  5. Of all the voice cast, Male Kanna and Siegbert are the only ones I'd call outright bad. I'd add Ike as well, but seeing as I don't have his amiibo and a N3DS, I can't count him. Like Avalanche said, the directing was a clear step down from Awakening. Fire Emblem Fates is an anime game, so having a director who's used to those types of games would have helped. That explains why the actors from the cast who were more well versed in anime (Matt Mercer, Kaiji Tang, Ben Diskin just to tell a few) had their performance generally much better received. A little nitpick of mine is how every single actor voices got 2-3 parts but that's just because double casting throw me off in general as I'd prefer a varied cast. Some actors did a great job at sounding different (another shout-out to Ben Diskin as I would've never guessed he's both Hayato and Saizo) but Selkie and Peri sound practically identical. Now to talk about the ones who stood out the most for me The rest of the cast is pretty much passable or good but no great.
  6. A shame Nina's VA is still a mystery. And no, it probably isn't Laura Bailey.
  7. Peri's PS can make her horrifying. I already wasted both of my ebony wings so I can't combine it with galeforce, though I can reclass her into a mechanist and have her learn replicate and I get two Peris who destroy everyone who come at her during enemy phase
  8. Take this maiden seriously and witness her true power as she unleashes her best....luminary uppercut. I'll go with ''unleashing my best'' because I like the way it synchs with the wink. Edit: wow, looks like it's evenly split with me being the awkward outlier :'D
  9. SUPER SIDEKICK SLAM because Alliterations are awesome
  10. Missed Siegbert, but I don't like any of his lines anyway so... Anywho, this is an easy one: I'm stunning, you're dead. Translation: Bitch, I'm fabulous!
  11. Rend Heaven: Hope you like HELL Let's see what THIS does (misses) Rhajat's quote are so good it's really hard to pick one, but I guess I'll go with the skull trophy line.
  12. ''Prepare for oblivion'' is the most distinct ''NAP TIME!'' for delivering so many emotions while being short (and the double meaning that she'll be able to take a nap after dealing with the enemy), though all of Mitama are so good. A shield of hopes and dreams! ''No more messing around'' because...I guess I like the delivery best. Don't care for Caeldori in general.
  13. Watch out dum-dum, Selkie plays rough!
  14. You need all the grinding you can get in Conquest so doing the paralogues will help you. As for the children themselves, Ophelia is definitely the best magic user you can have in CQ (yes, in my experience she's always better than Leo, fight me) and there are a few others that can turn out pretty good depending on their parents.
  15. None of Sophie's crits beat that adorable ''Yayyyy'' she does when gets a great level-up. I guess I'll go wiiiith, ''Good night''. A nice mix of politness and anger.
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