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  1. I like Edelgard because I’m cynical enough to think that sometimes it is necessary to do monstrous things for the greater good. Even if most modern media, especially entertainment, is pretty overwhelming in denoting that as evil (unless the character shows remorse, then it can usually be all forgiven). I think sometimes, as with Edelgard, this does take you down a terrible road and many mistakes are made. Knowing other possibilities and outcomes from a meta-perspective, her path does not seem like the best one. But it’s incredibly hard for humans, while taking action, to pre-judge the results and impossible to change past actions in hindsight. (divine pulse certainly seems like it can’t be used in that way also). I’m actually not sure the game really engaged this theme very deeply and well overall, and it’s been done better in many other stories, but it was enough to make me feel some real sympathy for Edelgard. Not because her background is sad (which it is, to be fair) or her intentions are good (which ultimately means little), but because consequentialism is really hard and one of the most human things is struggling with it (and that’s enough sometimes).
  2. Hmm, good to know. Though I suppose you just have Nowi kill the reds, whereas in triple refresher builds the attacker usually needs to beat the counter-color (sometimes the TA dancer can but they have very low durability still and usually don’t double), and the extra atk and special matters a bit more for those. This aspect would be an advantage of the double dancer and double attacker builds, to better address colors. I do know that Linde was not killing some red enemies as well on her initial attacks (before Axura/YT!Olivia weapon buffs), so in my team the flexibility of (atk) tactics was nice to not always have to end turn next to a friendly unit. I’m sure with smarter positioning it can be overcome though. Also I knew about the (non)stacking for Gem weapons and TA, but wasn’t sure about the enemy skill vs. your own units. Thanks for that.
  3. From the other (F!Grima) topic. Basically brief discussion on (essentially unmerged) desperation bladetomes+ WoM refreshers vs. abyssal. Brash+Desperation+Brave may also work. Yeah I think Linde is at 77 atk after buffs, though the 115 Dragon Fang was needed for a decent number of enemies. Though I didn’t run Brazen Atk for 4 more atk, Atk Tactics for 2 more atk (forgot it’s an easy SI from 4* Legault), and of course a +Atk +10 Nino would have 5 more Atk as well. So at least 11x2 more damage before procs. Actually I went ahead and did the Brazen Atk and Atk Tactics thing since I have the resources. Managed to beat Marth’s Abyssal (which is why I posted itt). I think Death Blow 3 or Swift Sparrow 2 could have worked tho. Possibly Fury, though it would require better dancer positioning (my atk tactics is on Axura). LnD doesn’t work with this strat, which kills the Bow Knight first turn, taking a counter. Flying Olivia also needed Triangle Adept to team up with an Azura on a green mage (the ones that starts with TA, unless that doesn’t stack?). And the refreshers of course need WoM (lvl 1 is enough). Anyways it was basically kill the sword, get danced kill the Bow Knight (taking the counter for WoM range), get danced twice and break the left wall (more space to move). Sweep the bottom, including the Blue Knight and Green Mage that comes down (The Knight with a Linde Dragon Fang. Olivia+Axura kills the mage). Kill the rest, trying to save specials for the remaining Green Mage and Marth. Axura and NY!Azura may have to take a hit from the blue cav (both are at full hp, I think my NY!Azura did it, and she doesn’t have Triangle Adept).
  4. The old +Spd (just +1 merge) Linde fury/desperation/bladespam from the start of this game still works without too much trouble, so it doesn’t seem like much has changed. Well it’s buffed a bit now by Flashing Blade Seal + Dragon Fang and double flying dancers + Tactics Seals. Haven’t had time for Marth but I imagine it should still work. I was prepared to +10 a +Atk Nino or the f2p dragons Tiki/Nowi/Fae with my 900,000+ feathers but it seems there’s still room for stat inflation to go. >_>
  5. 264(!) orbs for neutral Summer Corrin (high spd flying blade user = pull) 15 orbs for +Res/-Spd Ninian (dancers more and more useful in 'assault' formats) rng giveth, rng taketh, etc 362 in stock, a few misc from paralogues/quests/stuff outstanding.
  6. Wacky strat, but managed Infernal w/ Linde, 4* lvl 40 Olivia, lvl 1 Ninian, Eirika. Basically Eirika did some distracting in the upper right while Linde with her 2 dancers cleaned up the bottom. Olivia did some WoM teleports and Eirika did some ER teleports to help handle reinforcements as they come, and find safe spots. Perhaps there's a cleaner way to finish them off early to not fight them all, but didn't see anything obvious for this team (prob need galeforce?).
  7. Used Linde with Thoron to weaken Lloyd for lvl ~20 4* Sharena/Lloyd. Infernal wasn't too much harder since the the unit I used to aggro, Celica, still worked. Kill the Green Axe, dance, reposition, etc
  8. Did some pulling few days ago for Summer Tiki (+Hp/-Res) since it felt like Anna was too frail especially for autobattle. Took 93 orbs trying for Green, though a lot of other colors showed up. Finally did get another Shanna for Linde's Desperation 3 to correct my inheritance error from way back when the mechanic first arrived. 439 orbs in stock, and there's a number of the C12 and Chain challenges to go. CYH banner better be good.
  9. Basically afk autobattled 90% of this Tempest on Hard 5, no stamina potions (up to 149 now lol). Lukas was my 1.2x bonus. Generally this tempest was easier since Linde +Spd +1 +Seal could double Celica and ofc blast everything else. But early on I realized I was surrendering with team 1 (of 4 5* units) just to breeze through with Linde and friends, plus was sometimes doing the Lunatic 5 maps just to burn through natural stamina faster, so I basically gave up the active grind. Team 1 was Lukas (Reposition), Masked Marth (Renewal/Reciprocal Aid, Fury 3), Celica (Renewal/Reciprocal Aid, Life and Death 2), Summer Tiki (Reposition, Renewal). Celica was actually quite impressive (+Res/-Atk) with QP Blazing Light, but I suppose I’m spoiled by Linde. The team was fairly bulky with self-heals, so they did reasonably well (for the AI) in auto. Not much chance the last map though, and really bad at using Reposition. <_< Regardless autobattle really trivialized things and took almost no real-time/attention investment, so it was pretty convenient for me. A bit more inspired now to actually spend some of my huge feather stock for the classic f2p Horse Emblem (Camus, Xander, Cecilia) for just this purpose.. Team 2 was the classic SI’d Linde/Eirika/Julia with Sakura. Obviously made for actually playing the game, but they usually could still auto steamroll a few maps and usually the rest of the tempest, albeit with sacrifices usually. Team 3 was some older team members and filler, Robin (TA/QR), Anna (Fury, Reposition), Olivia, Clarine (Wrys’ skillset). Usually could clean up if needed, since they only really came out near the end with all the Red/Colorless on the final map. A few times Team 4 had to finish things off, which was 4* Michalis, Cherche, Palla, Subaki. 5* Raven and Sanaki were still just partially leveled. >_> Anyways, managed to get Phantom Speed comfortably. Julia actually might find it useful since she’s mainly there to beat Green mages, and the occasional Soren usually can’t be countered which can be annoying (especially with dances). I run Life and Death 2 on Julia now with Fury/G Tomebreaker Sonya running about at 34 Spd neutral. So Phantom Spd stops Watersweep up to 36 Spd, 40 if Eirika is buffing.
  10. Beat Infernal, though I had to burn a bit of that Tempest SP to give Summer Tiki G Tomebreaker 2 and Eirika Escape Route 2. Everyone else had the various needed skills already for one reason or another. Linde: I switched to Atk+3 b/c I thought Linde might have to take a hit from the Firesweep bow, which she barely does at 33 Hp/17 Def, but in the end I think the standard Fury 3 works, Desperation 3, Breath of Life 3 (clutch), Iceberg, Quickened Pulse. Olivia: Hone Atk 3, Fortify Res 1 Seal Eirika: +Def/-Res (neutral works since she’s attacked by one of each). Fury 1 b/c needed the 2 damage, but didn’t want more than 36 Spd to double the Green Axecav. Would mess up Luna timing. Escape Route was very important to this strat. Atk+1 seal also. Summer Tiki: +Hp/-Res. Close Defense, G Tomebreaker 2, Sol (don’t think it activated?), Hp+3 Seal was needed I think. Turn 1. Basically Eirika split the units up top by baiting the Red Mage and Green Axe, Summer Tiki on the right site tanked the Berkut, the other Blue Lance, and the Bow, while Linde/Olivia move to the bottom right corner. Turn 2: Linde onerounds Blue lance and Berkut, the latter with QP Iceberg. Eirika rewarps next to Tiki, hitting the Firesweep Bow with a double attack + Luna proc. Tiki finishes that Bow unit. Just barely had enough atk with Seals/Fury and such. Tiki needed Close Defense to survive so no Atk booster there. She needs G Tomebreaker and Linde’s BoL 2x to survive this turn. Eirika has no health to tank this turn, and again needed Fury 1 for the extra damage over the durability of Triangle Adept. Turn 3. Linde kills Green mage with Olivia’s help (edit: in hindsight, potentially Atk+3 > Fury 3 for this?), everyone moves out of range of the rest. Easy cleanup from there. I should really make the f2p/ghb unit horse emblem, which would probably simplify things. >_>
  11. Beat Infernal though it did push some damage potential to the limits to blast the people on the defense tiles. Tried for a bit with double Olivia but in the end Eirika pulled through. Quick overview from memory. Used Linde (+Spd, +1 merge, Blarblade+, Moonbow, Fury 3, Desperation 2), Eirika (Reposition, Fortify Res Seal), Julia (Draw Back, Dragon Fang, Atk+3, Fortify Def 3, Quickened Pulse was needed I think), Olivia. Turn 1 Linde with all buffs baits just Green mage behind wall. Julia/Eirika are positioned to still give her buffs (Julia also behind wall but Green mage prefers Linde). Turn 2 Linde with all the buffs and Moon bow kills Blue Cav, Julia with Olivia kills the green mage from behind the wall. The positioning from the previous turn means Celica cannot reach Julia this turn. Turn 3 Linde move up 1 and kills Blue Cav with Desperation, Eirika Repositions her. Olivia moves to the right to dance for Linde. Julia Draws Linde to the left so she can oneround Celica with Desperation (+Spd was needed, though it seems Spd seal could be used if not merged). Only Alm and Green Flier are left and Eirika is in the chokepoint to tank them for this turn. Not the most elegant strat but it worked without additional SI beyond what I had. In hindsight the Reposition stuff probably wasn't needed if the positioning was arranged to Julia could move and Linde could be danced? Regardless, the damage thresholds were fairly strict for this team (arena team - Sakura + Olivia) just barely within the limits of not having to think too hard
  12. Infernal was easy for my team, though I used 44 Spd Linde (+Spd, +1 merge, Spd seal). Basically TA QR Robin(M) tanked stuff, Celica+Olivia killed the Green Mage, Linde+Olivia killed the Blue mage who was on a Def tile and buffed by Spur Spd at the time. Desperation+Moonbow blows through him. Didn't even really pay attention to the details. >_> In general it's probably going to be harder to make challenging maps since Xander/Camus/Cecilia were free and are so strong regardless of pulls. Plus the 2 free Gunters for Hone Cav inheritance if desired and Olivia for support. I suppose more Legion-style maps are fine, but they probably want some variety too.
  13. The grind isn't too bad if one has a team or 2 that's reliable for the Lunatic 7 maps. It's been fairly trivial for me once I realized I should swap the greens so the Robin(M)/Celica team has Anna for a physical unit, especially for the 4 flier map and so Linde/Eirika has Julia who can fight Veronica way better. Seems obvious I suppose but eh. Haven't been using up all my stamina, or really that efficient with it (still doing GHBs and some quests), and already have the 5* Marth, and easily on pace for the Pulse seal and perhaps a reward tier or 2 beyond.
  14. Infernal was quite challenging. +Spd Fury 3 Hone Spd'd Linde (+1 merge, but Spd seal works) could double tho, and do good damage with Sieglinde+Hone Spd+Fortify Res buff and Moonbow. Also Julia had Axebreaker 1 from Misc skill inheritance, though I could have promoted one of many Laslows. Olivia was needed as well. Fury 3 Eirika was also not doubled by Legion and (with +Def) helped to tank hits as needed. Her Reposition was probably more clutch though. Also took some advantage of the enemy limit. It's not strictly on a timer, so in some cases it was beneficial to not kill enemies. Like first turn did not dance for Julia so the right Legion was low health and would break a wall. This resulted in only 1 reinforcement spawned on top next turn. I think it works that way? Don't have the stamina to figure out the details but some kiting and waiting was prudent vs. just hyperoffense with the Mages+Olivia.
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