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  1. Some potentially interesting trivia for FE7 LHM efficiency, beyond the baseline in the videos. The specific improvement in fe7prologue is to risk the 3 turn if Lyn is not hit ep2, attacking Batta if Lyn is at full health pp3 (even though she’ll take 3 total attacks by the time she can heal). The improved 5 turn chance seems to barely outweigh the increased reset chance on turn 3, on average. Just for the record these are the numbers bossmisspp3ANDbothhitep3 = 0.067481 bosshitpp3ANDatleast1hitep3 = 0.17246 ep3codGIVENep2nodamage = 0.23994 ep2nodamage = 0.69190 ***ep2nodamageANDep3cod = 0.16601 ***ep2nodamageANDpp5cos = 0.52589 ep2damage = 0.30810 ***ep2damageANDep3cod = 0.030756 ep2damageANDep3nodamage = 0.14411 ep2damageANDep3somedamage = 0.13324 ***ep2damageANDep3nodamageANDep4cod = 0.015128 ***ep2damageANDep3nodamageANDpp5cos = 0.12898 ***ep2damageANDep3somedamageANDpp6cos = 0.13324 *** = important numbers For a strategy with 65.5% (52.6% and 12.9%) chance of clearing on turn 5 13.3% chance of clearing on turn 6 19.7% (16.6% and 3.1%) chance of resetting on turn 3 1.5% chance of resetting on turn 4 The Expected Turncount is ~6.0 The Conditional Mean Clear Turn is ~5.2 The Conditional Mean Reset Turn is ~3.1 The Reset Penalty is ~0.8 #justdosims (>_> doing stuff by hand gets exponentially complicated even for very simple chapters) Simulations suggest ~96% chance of the bosskill in fe7c2 if you consider kent pp, kent ep, kent pp, sain ep, but forcing it does incur a bit of Kent cod as mentioned which may not be worth it. I believe the 90% 4 turn was calculated manually, and it seems pretty complicated with all the conditionals. We could do a more involved sim but ultimately it wouldn’t affect the numbers too much (but could be an interesting exercise) The 5 str Lyn (64% for at least 1 proc in 2 levels at 40% growth) 3 turn in fe7c3 (~3.4 turns) is basically just the Sain cod on ep3, plus a tiny bit of unreliability elsewhere. Lyn can die ep1 though it’s very unlikely (she faces 1 less merc and 2 more bandits than the other variant, where she has 4.9% cod). Lyn can miss the merc, and if she doesn’t crit it’s probably a 4 turn (slightly more likely but it’s just 1 more turn at low probability, not rly worth the calc). Other units with the requisite stats, like Florina with at least 6 str (78.4% for at least 1 proc in 3 levels at 40%) 11 spd (57.5% for at least 2 proc in 3 levels at 55%) (overall 45.1% at lvl 4, 66% at lvl 5, 80.1% at lvl 6), can possibly combo for the fe7c7 bosskill, though the exp buffer is nice for Sain. Such a Florina can manage around a 95% 2 turn, though she may want the robe to avoid cod. We investigated other combos with Lucius, Rath, and Lyn, and such, but even with the crit chance and potentially doubling the odds aren’t really any better than Sain Iron Sword. If you don’t have the armorslayer from c6 and your invested cav is Sain, in fe7c9 you probably want to use the Lyn+Sain combo on Eagler for the 3 turn. The chances are pretty good, around 93.6% that Lyn and Sain have some str combination that will enable the kill, if Lyn is lvl 7 (90.5% with lvl 6 Lyn) and Sain is lvl 11. Lyn also has to hit a spd benchmark which she’s very likely to get (95.9%/91.3%) by lvl 7 or 6. Sometimes with this variant, Lyn will crit to get the bosskill, which you just have to accept since you have to use the Mani Katti for effective damage. So uh, get the armorslayer.
  2. That’s because crossrecruit/mission assist units get weapon rank corresponding to the requirements of the class they’re in. So monks have minimum D reason and faith starting at lvl 5 by chapter 3 (but units that go into Mage like Annette, Lysithea, and probably Dorothea will lose D faith as soon as they hit lvl 11 by chapter 6). You can also see stuff like Fighter Bernie with D Axes and Brawling even though she has deficiencies in those skills. Shamir gets A bows, Cath gets A swords, etc. _____________________ I don’t have too many thoughts on the list in general at this time, except that there are still pretty significant differences per route, for example cross Lysithea isn’t as great in BL as Warp doesn’t improve efficiency that much in a route with DotG. Also her biggest advantage which is early warp is lessened, because c5 warp is probably not happening and Shamir can 1 turn c6. Other warpers are available later and the marginal utility of additional warps is less. And again DotG is a big deal in BL, and between stride, dance, and smite you don't actually need that much warp range (a number of strats are doable with just bishop base and some don't require warp at all) to efficiently clear chapters.
  3. Sorry I’m not very helpful with respect to javascript but here are some probabilities for greenhouse statboosters from the buyable flower seeds. Adapted flower seed chart from @Aggro Incarnate Gardening minibooster yield probabilities for STR/MAG/SPD. Gold refers to cultivation cost. Purple (STR) 0G 300G 500G 1000G 1500G 2000G 1 Flower Seed 26% 31% 36% 41% 46% 56% 2 Flower Seeds 30% 35% 40% 45% 52% 57% 3 Flower Seeds 43% 48% 58% 63% 68% 73% 4 Flower Seeds 44% 54% 59% 64% 69% 74% 5 Flower Seeds 50% 55% 60% 65% 70% 75% Yellow (MAG) 0G 300G 500G 1000G 1500G 2000G 1 Flower Seed 24% 29% 36% 41% 46% 51% 2 Flower Seeds 37% 42% 47% 52% 57% 62% 3 Flower Seeds 36% 41% 46% 51% 56% 63% 4 Flower Seeds 44% 54% 59% 64% 69% 74% 5 Flower Seeds 48% 53% 58% 63% 68% 73% Note: 1 Southern Fodlan Seed (0G): 26% 1 Southern Fodlan Seed (300G): 31% 2 Yellow Flower Seeds + 1 Southern Fodlan Seed (1000G): 56.3% 4 Yellow Flower Seeds + 1 Southern Fodlan Seed (2000G): 79% Pale-Blue (SPD) 0G 300G 500G 1000G 1500G 2000G 1 Flower Seed 31% 36% 41% 46% 51% 56% 2 Flower Seeds 37% 42% 47% 52% 57% 62% 3 Flower Seeds 43% 48% 53% 58% 63% 68% 4 Flower Seeds 44% 54% 59% 64% 69% 74% 5 Flower Seeds 50% 55% 65% 70% 75% 80% We also did some calculations to find optimal seed ratios, assuming for different seed combinations each one has the same chance of being chosen for the (Grade -1) x 5 part. We pretty much computed all the combinations but there’s too many to list so here’s some of the more important numbers we found by screening for certain maxima. Note that it’s mainly mixing in Southern Fodlan Seeds (for mag boosters) for total 3 or 5 seeds that has a relevant impact. The grade for Mixed Herb Seeds (for str boosters) is too low, and Angelica/Nordsalat Seeds are not buyable (though can luck into them via shiny spots). Below are some other optimal seed ratios when maximizing chances at each professor level (meaning using as many seeds and cultivation as allowed for each level). These were computed by a script so sorry for any typos/errors. Optimal seed ratios for highest cultivation level (2000G, Pegasus Blessings) and different seed numbers The most notable alternatives to just going all flower seeds are in the earlier flower table, but here’s some others with respect to buyable seeds (so mixed herb and southern fodlan) Really those first 3 charts are the most useful imo.
  4. True hit is confirmed: https://www.reddit.com/r/fireemblem/comments/d3zr78/three_houses_absolutely_uses_2rn_a_technical/?st=k0r3u4pu&sh=8a1aa162 Supports/Linked do not work on ep, though avoidtank is still very good. Evasion ring is 10 more and Dimitri/Ferdinand personal is 20/15 more. Fliers get 10 class avoid and up to 30 with avoid stance+. As for mages I don't have much to add, except that it is very useful to double up certain white magic like Warp or Physic or Fortify and Gremory only loses 2/1 mag atk to Dark/Holy Knight even with no faire, and the higher mag may yield a tiny bit more range for certain spells.
  5. A few things that may be helpful: - DK does not move in chapter 4 unless a unit is in range. At least in BE and up to turn 10. You can just go up the side (imo LHS for the spirit dust) - I recommend making either Byleth or the lord an archer for chapter 5, since killing the archers from below and/or aggroing Miklan early simplifies the chapter a lot. I got Byleth and Edelgard to lvl 11 without grinding (only aux are the initial practice and merchant quest) tho I didn’t train others that much. I did Byleth archer and still got C+ professor level by that chapter. - train Annette or Raph+Ignatz authority (poach them if in BE). It’s way more of a turtlefest without that +4 str/+4 spd. Mission assistance Annette is quite useful in the interim but she’s not available for c7 - Cooking stacks, +4 spd cooking and +4 spd rally is +8 spd for example. Pretty massive early. Armor Knight 12 base + 4 def cooking + 2 shield + 4 battalion also can allow easy tanking of maps like c5. Save all the early bait for the early fistiful event (month 6?) and all the buyable bait for the second (month 12?). I personally only buy 4 and 5 star bait each month because I’ve not about to grind that much. <_< - Crossrecruit or mission assistance can make c7 easier by replacing characters with generics. Just in case you don’t want to face 34 atk, 29 as (darting) short spear Ingrid or someone else. They are also decent filler if post c6 recruit since they get the enemy growth buff from intermediate. But yeah it’s a lot of turtling and kiting rn. There’s the possibility of some cheesy fast(ish) strats early though c7 is potentially a major problem. Though lategame should be pretty doable with enough purple/paleblue seed gardening. (especially rocky burdock + brave arts like swift strike/point blank/etc)
  6. It’s not that hard so far (and I’m told it gets easier midgame as enemy AS values go down), but it is a pretty unique mode imo. Other notorious difficulties at least have jeigan characters and/or an overleveled Avatar (Kris/Corrin). FE6 Hard/FE9 Maniac/FE13 Lunatic really aren’t that bad if you just use Marcus/Titania/Frederick. Byleth/Lord have a few points in str, but don’t really have a significant enough stat lead to serve in that role. The closest comparison I feel is maybe early FE11 H5? Jagen isn’t that strong early, though of course he does have that Silver Lance (and later the game is broken by Wing Spear and Warp.) It kinda feels like FE9 Maniac without Titania I did casually for some early chapters forever ago but the maps are considerably smaller there.
  7. Since Catherine’s bases are floored by SM class, but her lvl isn’t, it seems to make sense to recruit her asap insofar as Byleth level and available gifts allow. I know chapter 5 is possible, and heard chapter 4 is. If it takes about a month to Pegasus that’s fine, and if it’s early enough it seems she should hit Falcon too (you think she will with c6-recruit without rigging a promo?). 55/65 are also quite good str/spd growths when you consider she already has 17/14 personal at lvl 7 or 9. Valk who is LTCing BL right now put her in S, I believe for a combination of reasons that just work out. - Her early combat is actually good because of Wind and ignoring terrain avoid + hitting res is a rare thing early. I have not checked the spd benchmarks but I may if this remains contentious (because yeah, like no one seems to put her in S) - Wyvern bases actually let her do a lot of standard wyvern things from just the str+spd bases (+other bonuses). Bolt Axe (the Levin equivalent, not an art) also helps in a few cases for 1-3 when Retribution is elsewhere, or if the range is needed on pp (makes her a unique bow wyvern that hits res kinda). It also allows some things like the clean oneround on C12’s boss, which is otherwise hard due to the boss def (need a crit?). Also Crusher is kinda strong, for example base mag Annette can ohko Claude in c17. - Overall her combat actually kinda stand out at all stages, which is kinda rare in this game. - Rally Str + Spd enables a lot of early kills. She singlehandedly makes Felix Felix, basically. (it might be partially a meme but people are putting crossrecruit Felix in bottom because of missing his godtier earlygame and since sword/brawl is just that bad). While there are other rallybots, they don’t have both, don’t have her combat, and aren’t in BL natively for the dance gambit. - Dance gambit is insane since stride lasts after it, and there’s basically nothing impeding fliers postskip. Therefore it’s basically a 13 range warp for 4 characters simultaneously (it's kinda even more broken than that because you can refresh the dancer lol). This facilitates many of the more nontrivial lowturns and makes then even more reliable, and may allow some gardening to be diverted to str/spd as well. While others can do A authority D/B Lance D/B riding, Dimitri needs to focus Axes far more if he wants to fly, and it surely feels more convenient to level authority on a unit that’s actually doing other stuff. And in no cross-recruit categories there really aren’t that many options period. It seems the common, and my own, impression, was the same as yours (decent chip and support) but that’s what makes things interesting. I haven't had the time to really look into or discuss these kinds of things but it's rare you see these huge difference in opinion like for Catherine and Annette so I felt compelled to comment. dw everyone is still figuring things out but this discussion and stuff is good. You seem to value bows a lot, maybe because you’re doing all quests? Though BL gets at least 2 Retribution gambits and 1-3 mag weapons work on fliers (Bolt Axe Annette still sounds like a meme but again apparently it works), so not really sure Bow Knights are ultimately that useful. The big picture issue is the story maps which are not optional, are all bosskill and are basically all 1 turns. While Bow Knights can replicate some of it, a fleet of fliers does seem more useful.
  8. I should try to find my “No Second Seals Lunatic. The Future Past. All Parent Convos. LTC” route sometime When you are doing Sylvain’s paralogue? I’m mainly curious because of Catherine, as depending when she hits flier is a big factor in her viability. Also, anyone know if it’s confirmed if she can be recruited in at lvl 7 in c4 with a c/+ support? Extra instruction weeks would obv help. _______________ Somewhat related wrt to (major) discrepancies in character evaluation among informed players. Annette: her earlygame combat is actually pretty solid due to Wind’s wt, and she has a nice niche with her personal and quick rally speed. Bolt Axe Wyvern apparently does work pretty well, and Crusher can bosskill. Also, she may be the best candidate for Blue Lion Dancers on a horse (and it's arguably better than warp). The other option would be Dimitri I guess? (who probably hits it earlier/more reliably but may want to be a flier). To clarify: S tier was suggested for her. wrt to Dimitri: I’m not even sure his earlygame is all that due to 7 spd base. Felix’s 9 makes him the best earlygame combat, and even Sylvain’s 8 is more solid for reliability purposes. Ofc the bigger issue is difficulty to go wyvern, he can do it but it seems to take some rng (and if whiffed he may miss a lot of exp as other take over that role and get that rout or bosskill exp). Dimitri’s main advantages are: slight statistical lead due to personal and growths. Not sure how relevant, especially since it’s harder to hit spd benchmarks. more durability due to hp/def and personal avoid: may be relevant for some paralogues/quests or for stuff like the c14 2 turn. Sylvain has much earlier battalion vantage access though, nice against mages. Felix’s relic also seems to proc often, anecdotally, which is some ‘avoid’-equivalent. Atrocity: mainly notable for accuracy given how strong braves and swift strike are. So it probably comes down reliability for early spd benchmarks, and various places where str advantage may matter (any obvious ones to come to mind?). I’m almost interested enough for a real analysis soon. >__> A snowball example could be Felix in BL, he has the best chance of onerounding enemies in some early routs, which lets him get some more exp which then furthers the statistical lead and makes him one of the best combat options throughout the game. Since he misses that start and autotrains near-useless sword/brawl in other routes, he’s far worse there. Or like on paper Saber isn’t too different from other mercs in bases/growths but because he gets so much of a headstart he is dominant in practice. In FE there aren’t actually too many snowball-y characters though since usually it’s better to just use the prepromoted unit or other high base units and not rely on growths. The ests and trainees and villagers require too much investment to be efficient options, despite (sometimes) being pretty strong once they do get going. Marcia/Jill in Tellius (tho bexp is a factor there) or Seliph or Robin are probably the classic examples. This topic has some of the best tactics documentation I’m aware of. In general I’m not sure about ‘consensus’ yet but rather it’s imo pretty obvious the general skeleton of efficient clears in this game given how strong flier/mobility options are, and the overwhelming number of bosskills in the story. I think the basics are get fliers (and cavs early), get warp (and other easy mobility boosts like smite/rescue/etc), get authority (for 2nd stride, dance, and retribution gambit). The details are more complicated and are still being figured out.
  9. Getting the "This comment can no longer be edited. It may have been moved or deleted, or too much time may have passed since it was posted for it to be edited." error almost immediately after posting so sorry for typos and doublepost. Just want to add that new information suggests the lord autolevel to 20 only happens in NM. Still get the bases in HM though. It already probably wasn't worth not using the lord early, and now it definitely isn't (since even with insane stats for lvl 3 they're weak for c13). Unless you really just want those big numbers and a superstrong endgame lord at the cost of a much weaker team earlier (which to be fair, is a pretty easy part of the game)
  10. Same tbh. After all, ‘low’ doesn’t have to mean ‘lowest’. In general people go for a level of reliability they consider “acceptable”, though that can of course vary. I tend to favor something like expected turncount, wherein the turns lost by resets on average are also counted (divine pulse a little tricky but still possible to account for I think). Routs are hard. I believe you’ve gotten the lowest tc I’ve seen in c7, though I want to say there was some theorycrafting about a 4 turn or something… PIngridDorothea is going to be hard to 1 turn I think because there is going to be a lower limit on warp range preskip, and no aoe dance gambit then. I believe the c3 5 turn involves ignoring the fow mage and letting Catherine kill it turn 4. This results in enough units to kill the guards and Lonato. It sounds like you figured it out as well or another variant. Sorry, I was referring to the c4 2 turn outside GD and without rigged instruct Lysithea. So, warpless (2 turn in GD is more easily doable though still requires a bit of luck iirc). The DK is in the way so either need to kill him or gambit+sacrifice someone (or someone survives a round). Also need Smite, so this is more a BL strat since Edelgard probably doesn’t want to train Armor (unless you want to autolevel trick her maybe). Hmmm I feel like tried the preplant reset thing and did get some trials with boosters and some without but going to need more testing. which I don’t have time for rn. __________________________________________ (and because it came up wrt paralogues) This list does not have to follow tradition, a list can do whatever as long as it’s specified, but here’s a quick explanation for gaiden/paralogue treatment in the past. To start, there’s no hard rule but in general players like to go for them for lore/content/true ending reasons. The primary exception used to be fe7c19xx as it requires Nils grinding and Lyn mode (and it’s possible to play HHM without LM) and I guess FE11 since the ‘no death’ clause supersedes it. The new age exception is children paralogues, because getting them all is quite the different game from other efficient runs (and to my knowledge, no one has really seriously routed it). Even there, often paralogues like Mozu or p1-4 and Tiki are part of the run (but not superconsistent there). In FE16 there’s a few options, mainly resolving around crossrecruitment. In no crossrecruit, it’s easy enough to just go to the paralogues of your native class students + faculty that join. In full crossrecruit, it’s easy enough to go to all the available ones. In optional crossrecruit it gets a little messier (maybe still just the paralogues of the original students?) Aux battles seem akin to skirmishes/Tower of Valni, so those should count for extra turns imo. Btw I think you can retreat from the ‘forced’ one, though the exp may be useful (and make up the 3ish turns?). Quest battles are iffy ground, while they are technically content, they are largely just random routs like aux. ‘No quests’ means no dancer and merchants and such (even battalion/forge?). It’s arbitrary but some players are doing ‘only merchant quests’. ‘All quests’ seems fine though, if you don’t mind the maps and all the fetch stuff. Finally, ‘Rest only’ is a pretty clean solution, but arguably takes out a lot of the game. wrt to low clear time: Due to animation skip and Rest/Skip being so much faster than Explore, it’s largely a Byleth solo (with autolevel lord postskip in NM). Catherine/Shamir/Seteth may help a bit. Warp means flying is not as necessary on Byleth (and faculty instruction is way too slow). It’s very different, and TC has specified this list cares about turncount anyways.
  11. I don’t think I have major disagreements or anything, I just want to note that sometimes it can be beneficial to go straight into an advanced class given how big a jump it can be for base stats or if the next map really favors it (due to terrain). There may be opportunities later to master that lower class. One thing I’m unsure about is soldier though. There’s only 5 levels to intermediate and there’s a pretty big jump there to stuff like Brigand or Pegasus or Cavalier. At least 1 move (+jumpstart on deathblow), up to 2 and flying/canto, or 3 and canto. In my experience, even in casual runs, I find the only beginner mastery I tend to get is monk. Additionally while Reposition is very good, you have a lot more move and mobility tools like Canto and Warp/Rescue, and a lot more units relative to enemy density, compared to FEH. So it feels less relatively useful in that sense. I sorta see top tier as “I would stay in the class for mastery in a blind lunatic run” (at least for non-unique/master) and I’m not sure soldier fits in there. Not sure about “strong consider diverting”. Also, perhaps not worth bumping but more a notable thing for Vantage, greenhouse statboosters make Vantage ohkos reasonable (especially Lysithea who masters at double speed and can just adjutant a map or two). Also while it was mentioned briefly, it’s worth noting Vantage/Wrath(/Defiant) has a few advantages in this game compared to the past in that, it’s 3x dmg again, and crit is a lot higher due to luck contributing and battalions giving a lot and still some class/ability bonuses so that 100% is possible, and Retribution means it works at nearly all ranges (tho not ballista and Gambits). More fun than that useful, but pretty much all class masteries are in the current state of the game.
  12. I know it has been tested and between the various items and gifts and eating/choir and whatever other support point opportunities there are early, it is possible to get Lysithea in BL in the weeks after chapter 3 (I believe there is a bit of rng for the flowers and since you’re counting on her asking you via B support autorecruit) and then she can reach warp by c6 (and it has been estimated with near-perfect luck, maybe even c5). Statbooster farming only really begins after the first merchant quests which is around chapter 6 I think (I admit I haven’t had the time to look over VincentASM’s gardening update in detail though). Professor level can be grinded by fishing, which yeah sucks and is realtime inefficient, which is why I noted elsewhere the tier list may depend heavily on how monastery content is treated. An aside on that note: while some may think gardening is analogous to grinding or things of that nature, there is really no precedent in FE to farming this many statboosters. Additionally, if one is okay with stuff like FE4 arena, bexping units in Tellius, or in this game eating meals for motivation, cooking for stats, faculty instruction, choir, returning lost items, fishing, etc, then gardening actually takes way less time than that stuff with its instant menus and no cutscenes. It’s probably less than 5% of the Explore time. So I don’t see a solid reason to ban it (besides it being too broken). It seems to be part of the natural and intended gameplay loop. I also want to emphasize that it’s not a matter of resetting and rigging until statboosters show up. You can refuse to reset and probably farm 20-30 statboosters across the game, conservatively. Anecdotally, I have seen other players say (and this matches my experience) that you get a booster nearly every week if going all 1 color seeds + highest level cultivation. There’s something like 60 weeks of explore (16 chapters between c6 and the end, about 4 weeks per chapter, minus paralogue/quest/other weeks), so you can imagine the potential. Unless the criteria specify the player must Rest every week (which to be fair, might be the more clean solution), gardening should be a relevant factor imo. Definitely some great, if sometimes weird, srpg ideas in there (and music too). Also not sure if you remember but we had some discussions on the gfaqs FE10 board way back in the day too. I recall you made some of the most compelling arguments. Fun times >_> (username is Voidtemplar) In fairness, my “normal” playstyle is to get all items because some maps are just too short and trivial otherwise and yeah even I personally find it more fun and interesting, I just don’t see how to argue going for all those items as efficient. I think that distinction is important. I would actually be down to discuss how characters perform in an all-items environment, but it almost seems like stuff like warp is even more useful in some of those cases? Like right now you can go completely warpless and still trivialize some maps, so a lot of this movement utility is overkill. But if going for other objectives, warp is like one of the best ways to get a unit into another part of the map quickly and reliably, so it’s kinda even more valuable. If necessary to cover more map distance, unique mobility or utility is often what distinguishes units even further. Even if you wanted to go for the accuracy ring in the top left or go full Kill-Every-Last-One-Of-Them, warping through the wall would kinda still make that easier (like cutting the chapter in half by approaching from two directions instead of going the full loop). Additionally, for Lysithea/mages in general, their combat is probably more relevant if not 1 turn kill bossing most maps. And on a more meta note, in hindsight my use of “we” in the last post was poor and I don’t speak for anyone else. There’s not really an LTC cabal that agrees on everything and schemes to influence all tier lists. There’s also quite a number of “consensus” “optimal” strats or builds or character evaluations that I disagree with, or at least think are arguable (for example I don’t think +Mag Dragon F!Corrin is the best build. And I actually think some early Pegasus Knights/Cavaliers have traditionally been overrated for combat. Some fliers in this game have overrated combat, even already. Felix probably not best as Mortal Savant though that may be more an SF thing, etcetc). It’s more that there are certain strats wherein it’s hard to deny the efficiency, and certain units contribute more to those strats or benefit more from specific resource allocation, and those sort of opinions persist over time because of more objectivity/less arbitrariness/simply magic/whatever. I honestly think I’m one of the players that cares the most about reliability, like way more than necessary. For example I would favor using binomials to more accurately describe stats (probability of at least a stat at a certain lvl and compare to enemy stats) rather than averages which tend to only be approx. 55-65% likely (to have at least that average stat), which is hardly “reliable” imo. Do you mind clarifying more? As I understand, Krash and Valk have devised 5 turn strats for chapter 1 in GD and BL, though they require a Hilda Smash 20ish crit + crest proc on Dedue and 2% crit on Claude respectively (of course there may be a better possibility that no one knows or has documented yet; you yourself noted 6 turns though). Additionally, c3 in 5 turns seems possible with 2 8 AS units with bows, or Felix crest procs (again maybe better is possible). Linhardt in BE and poached Lysithea outside GD can probably reach warp by c5 if resetting for perfect instructs. Gardening may yield upwards of 50 statboosters if rigging (not totally sure yet but it seems possible from pre-plant resets, though not in-greenhouse resets like flower quantity). Valk also thinks a 2 turn in c4 is possible (without sacrificing a mission assistance unit) if Dimitri and Felix have rigged str/spd. Are these acceptable strats for you/this list? (no problem if they are, I’m actually just curious about your standards. You finding these ltc strats independently and optimization in routs is legit impressive and I’m just wondering about these other scenarios.)
  13. I only brought up Sylvain because he’s a free crossrecruit and one of the best wyvern candidates because that +1 str +2 spd over his normal bases actually helps a nice bit in terms of certain early kills. This allows him to snowball earlier and more than many other units. You’re very right that Cyril Bow rank gives a nice niche, perhaps I dismissed that too much. Shamir seems to be the obvious choice for a Bow flier, given her bases and very easy Pegasus access, but there aren’t too many others. Cyril seems pretty comparable to Ashe, though quite notably it seems most don’t think Ashe is very good? There are some others like BL Felix (crossrecruit levels sword/brawl which is not great) that also make excellent Bow users. Felix matches Cyril lvl 9 str at lvl 1, and has 15% more growth and has his major crest. He’s also quite fast. That said, Cyril does fly which is a nice advantage and Point-Blank is good (though he’s fast enough that he may be doubling anyways). Another factor though is Cyril only flies in advanced tier, and a lot of the routs where the Bow advantage is best are earlier in the game. By the skip (and earlier in BL iirc) you can use stuff like Retribution to let anyone counterattack all ranges. To my knowledge, no one has figured out exactly how cross-recruit works. It does seem to be consistent, for example, the speedrun gets Sylvain as the dancer who seems to always have 14 charm. And there’s been some anecdotal reports of unit doing better than average, such as that Sylvain example and I think Petra/Ingrid. Something to figure out for sure.
  14. Cyril is pretty solid because all fliers are good but bases are still questionable. Look at Catherine/Shamir who can be recruited lvl 9 or 11 with minimum personal 17 str, 14 spd, 12 def, (that’s 19 str, 18 spd, 13 def on the initial stat screen for Catherine compared to Cyril’s 10/11/7) A weapon rank and they’re not even the best characters in the game. Sylvain can be crossrecruited at lvl 3 with 10 str and 10 spd, and some other autolevel'd students also seem to outpace their averages. Cyril also lacks the growths of other FE villagers, so while his bases are higher due to autolevel, he’s really just another unit/student (and there’s tons of flier options).
  15. For some reason I cannot edit my previous post, but besides a few typos and other things, I want to add that it's hard to judge what items and side objectives "new" or "average" or "majority of" players care about and sometimes it's easier to ignore them (the items and side objectives). Hard to have a consistent standard. Also the Linhardt thing has been empirically tested in BE. Players have gotten warp by c6. In BL get Lysithea or do the long route. edit: why can i edit this post but not the one above...
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