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  1. Hello! Looking for a .sav file that has hard mode unlocked. A .sgm file would also work fine. There is one that comes up on google search, but after i put it in the game, I only get a file that has chapter 1 in normal mode. Thanks!
  2. I try not invest in Erk because his base stats and growths don't fit the glass cannon mold so many mages benefit from in Fire Emblem. You have enough tanky mounted unites in the GBA games to protect your mages so if they aren't going to have a good damage output, why bother? Yeah, his speed is his only strong point, but it's not like it helps beyond an extra hit that's already somewhat guaranteed against the slow, low resistance units you're going to do chip damage against.
  3. If you didn't find normal mode challenging for Shadow Dragon, I would recommend hard mode. The normal mode in this game seldom puts up any threat to average to above average units. I'm not going to be one of those difficulty-entitled people as I've only completed lunatic mode in one fire emblem game (I like gba games better so Hector Hard Mode FE6 Hard Mode). As long as you read dialogue, I'm pretty sure you won't miss much in this game (as opposed to Shadow Dragon, where prior knowledge helps greatly).
  4. Wow guys its been centuries! I'm going on 21 now, and I've seen lots of new Fire Emblem go by without any activity here. I still love the retro games the best, and I appreciate the difficulty settings available in newer installments, but damn, I'm not really into the dating sim it has become. Hope everyone is well. My life has been much better than the bleak picture I gave as an edgy high schooler. College is great and I'm in the endgame of trying to get into grad school. Not trying to make a scene, just thought it would be cool to see if I could find any familiar faces.
  5. Bruhs I haven't been on in two years wholly shit. What's up?
  6. I dunno if you're still around, but happy birthday!

    1. Roy: Marquess of Pherae
    2. Magical Glace

      Magical Glace

      Well then, even though it's months late, Happy Birthday!

  7. I'm almost done with all the zelda games and fe games, but im not motivated to finish the eh ones :/

  8. I'm surprised no one mentioned the fact that Frey has blue hair, and I'm assuming they didn't have a WIG on them. :P Makes perfect sense for it to be Frey, but yeah, too bad he's good :/
  9. Personality wise, I'd say Xander, Minerva, Cormag, Naesala, or Roy. Physically, a Swordmaster, Assassin, or Ninja (something quick). Maybe Rutger, Lon'qu, Sothe, Shura, or Saizo.
  10. Woot woot!

    1. Soledai


      Welcome back Roy, I think and thanks, I think.

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