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  1. Things are comparatively better than when I made that post, if anything I got money and a new laptop, so I've cheered up. Thanks mostly to the money
  2. In a weird place where I wanna replay some SRWs I enjoyed (read: Masou Kishin, but should probably actually play Z3), but physically cannot, it's a funny feeling. My "backlog" is done with me for the time being so that's nice..! Also almost reverted back to being "dead", was nearly my repose
  3. Not so much that we can customize our fingernails, but it's pretty detailed, mainly the hair; you can customize front, back, and, sides separately, for example In my humble opinion, it's a pretty good game, though it can be cheesed rather easily Sometimes I get that urge for a shoot'em up, but I sometimes feel the same...! Lately I've been not so good, but I've been messing around with my backlog to keep busy
  4. It was announced at TGS. I'm just being a slightly impatient goof because it's Empires, and I want to see if the CAW is updated to be on par with Nioh 2's pretty amazing character customization
  5. Was a doozy. But it's an undead thread now. Undead finger, to be precise... If you know Dark Souls, let's just call it the Dried Finger since it's, more or less, doing the same thing I've been mostly up to SaGa(Like Romancing SaGa and whatnot) and Nioh, not sure how long I could push those, really. Also patiently waiting for Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires, so that's been fun I got back into touhou by talking about the music with my brother. I learned he was listening to Demetori, then it was like "Oh touhou was pretty neat", then I played fangames(Luna Nights) before getting back to the main games. Hello to you too, friend
  6. I'm always "ostensibly dead" it seems By the way, you're back into touhou?(or you never left?) I skimmed it briefly, once, while I lurked........................... My condolences, I'm not sure what else SRW-related I could bring up~
  7. I should've been snoozing in my tomb, but as the lid was closing, some kind soul shone a light in my face and wouldn't let me sleep So I'm still alive..! Not that I have much to say about that, or to talk about in general, but here I am, again, sort of!
  8. PMs, I guess you could say. After that, I lurked for a bit and couldn't miss a chance to avipost like in ye olden days
  9. To quote the old man; people like their memes
  10. O...old... But really, with the exception of now and up to June, I'm usually only on the forums once a month to change my avi. Basically to re-confirm that I'm idol trash, in other words
  11. Soon as I decide to not be dead for a bit, I missed some familiar faces, gdi
  12. Also, talking about SRW almost exclusively lol Double posting lawl
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