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  1. I just played through the entire series back to back and I gotta say Fallout 1 > New Vegas > Fallout 2 > Shit straight from my ass > the rest Fallout 1 had captured fucking gold and it could've become a really good series, but boy did they fuck it over with memes and stupid bullshit. They dialed it back considerably in New Vegas. Fallout 3 and Fallout 4's lore breaking bullshit is on par with Ultima IX in terms of just how fucking stupid everything in it is, makes me remember why I fucking hated Bethesda. Stupid motherfuckers could've patched up so many holes in their stupid illogical bullshit borderlands-tier meme games by just looking at the timeline of the previous games, but they don't give a shit. Fuck them and their crap.
  2. see tryhard that's why no one plays wrpgs
  3. that particular fo2 line sounds like it came straight out of king of the hill tbh
  4. wasn't there a childkiller perk in fallout where it was literally kicking a pregnant woman in the stomach
  5. >The game is live on the Steam Store now. Time to rest for a couple of minutes before going to work on my next game. I'm going to take a 30 minute break, get a Whopper and come back. I am thinking of some kind of Japanese romancing sim that takes place in a boarding school with girls who are disfigured but have great inner beauty. I actually wanted to start on that game in 1994 but I got sidetracked onto this Grimwhatchamacallit thingy. Are visual novels and dating sims considered 'thal now?
  6. see, point proven i don't think there are any wrpgs on any nintendo consoles if we're not counting the wizardry games and wizardry-likes on the snes
  7. i've played at least 5 more wrpgs than the average sf user :^( well, at least the normie ones (oblivion, fallout new vegas, fallout 3, toddrim) do i need to play grimoire to be a true big brain creative
  8. I'm here to shill VTMB, the best WRPG ever
  9. >conjueror STILL hasn't played killer7, flower sun and rain, or even the silver case is his opinion even relevant? what the fuck is his problem?
  10. https://vnreviews.blog/2018/05/22/game-nier-automata/
  11. That's just SJ's version of "the restriction of knowledge" theme Law has. Law in every game makes a point to turn mankind innocent again. For example, the people on the Ark in II were accepted because they were willing to forfeit their awareness of the evil's of the world, or the angels wanting to wipe out Tokyo since they were purveyors of filth and would stain Mikado. Law is about undoing the original sin. I rarely ever see this point brought up which is sad. This is an excellent example of SMT's subtle story elements.
  12. 1. first and last impressions of me 2. favorite visual novel 3. how did you get into visual novels 4. are you into lolita (the fashionable dresses not the creepy shit) 5. can you OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO 6. what would a world without lies be like 7. can you calculate marginal cost and demand? show your work 8. guess my personality type 9. should a person who passively harms people by existing be killed 10. what do you put on your hot dog
  13. miki is actually the WORST girl >bullies haruka >is a thot >spiky hair, will poke your eyes out >spoiled rich brat >lazy how does anybody look at this and think "hmmm i'd like to think that this is the perfect representation of a person. an angel, i love her xD" also >brawl over melee, ever
  14. I am personally offended by people who think Miki Hoshii is the best idol. How could anyone have taste that bad?
  15. https://www.neverendingchartrendering.org/ can you fit 42 vidya music albums into this???
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