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  1. Over a third of the way through? That's about when Fir and Sin join in 6, Amelia joins in 8 and Zihark, Kieran, Nephenee and Jill join in 9. Nobody says those units have particularly early join dates.
  2. Since there's no bond/hand/field/boundless limit, is there anything actually preventing a game state where the retreat zone and deck are both empty? What happens if they are? Admittedly I don't see this happening without both players allowing it to happen.
  3. The skill of Lilina: Lovely Duchess draws me a (single) card whenever Lute: Matchless Prodigal Mage uses her skill right? Flying units often have Flying Emblem (You may choose one ally that is not the attacking unit, and move it.). Does this work on the defending unit? If so, what happens if their move makes them an illegal target?
  4. Or, better yet, Merc/Hero. I think Gregor (because he's so slow) is the only not great unit of that class that doesn't join stupidly late (and Gregor does just fairly late).
  5. FE7's translation is overall fairly good, but there's some glaring errors in places. Any compilations? Ones I know off hand... 1: The bits about Aenir's name 2: Barte's ending with Karla 3: Barte recruiting Karla without a weapon 4: Hanon being refered to as a man
  6. Is there any foobar component (or any way really) to play these files after ripping them? FE10's .brstm files play just fine with one of the general video game music plugins, but .stm seems to share a name with a more common format and none of the components I've tried worked. edit: Figured it out. They're actually DSP files with a different name. Just change the name.
  7. 1: Add support conversations for special pairs 2: Extended script in English 3: Add some Dawn Brigade gaiden chapters to fix their XP curve. 1-4X (and give them a defensively bulky unit without the catches their other ones have) and somewhere before 3-12 would be the ideal places in story. 4: Meg is now a Sword Knight with a unique skill called Farm Horse that reduces mounted terrain movement penalties and drops the indoor move change to -1. It can only be applied to horse cavalry. 5: Fiona doesn't suck. 6: Mist's special sword does damage based on her magic 7: Auto-level units who spend a long time off-screen like FE8 did with the other lord.
  8. The best knights are the ones in games where their low movement can be overcome with the aid of allies (FE6-10, 13/14) and have good units in the class. Unfortunately the overlap between this is Oswin and maybe Effie.
  9. I've always been of the opinion that unarmed lure, taxi (in games with Rescue) and village runner, taking out problem enemies not worth XP (thieves, random killing weapon users) and, in the games where it's plausible (Sothe), weakening major enemies without killing them were better than not-using them or making them equals. One suggestion related to hoarding items is not passing around early items so multiple units can use them on a turn with trade chains.
  10. Do you need a separate colored bond for each unit of the same color you want to deploy that turn or just one and enough bonds to cover all the point costs?
  11. The thing Eirika is being accused of being "a cruel and merciless fiend", which is cartoonish propaganda at best. At least the claim her brother takes opposing women as slaves being met with confusion works better than her mistaking Amelia for a civilian. She also has no doubts before this in Eirika's route like she does in the other. It's especially bad when Franz recruits her in Eirika's route since there is even less reason for her to join (Frankly Franz being able to recruit her in the first place is one of the more unusual recruiters in the series). As for FE11, I was talking about how they're literally all joining an army with a 50+% death rate. I remember at least one of the gaidens mentioned Marth was looking for recruits (since he killed everyone else) too so it wasn't just game mechanics. As for Gaius and Henry, I really ought to look up their Japanese join scripts with all the nonsense in FE13's translation (I already know Henry is one of the characters with a completely different and far worse characterization in English). I may do that tonight after dinner.
  12. Erika route Amelia. In Ephraim's route she's treated horribly by her CO, is aware she's being used as cannon fodder and expresses doubts on serving Grado before being asked. In Erika's route she is treated professionally and joins the enemy because... Erika isn't as bad as the propaganda makes her out to be and someone she admired was opposed to the war. All the FE11 Gaiden recruits.
  13. Problem is there's a few possible wordings ("face-down Bonds and flip it face-up", "unflip", "Flip one of your face-down Bonds face-up." "flip them face-up"). Deirdre, Ethlyn, Leif, Lewyn, and Linoan (all yellow/Jugdral) are the only ones I found that have a possible net positive unflipped. An google image search for サイファ 絆 表向きにする helped a bit, though it finds a lot of orb flips and the like too. Better than nothing I guess
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