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  1. one day i'll get past e12 lions today is not that day
  3. graduating med school doesn't mean shit bc you can't actually practice medicine even though you have the MD lolol you have to do a "residency" program first, which is like a 4 year training program in your chosen specialty
  4. holy shit guys i got my first residency interview i actually have a chance of becoming a practicing physician what the HECK
  5. thread runs on SHEER ANGER AT THE ADULT WORLD
  6. fe4thread reunion only 8D
  8. yeah bls just hates us
  9. guys i just want my fe4 remake
  10. im in my LATE TWENTIES im GROSS
  11. I'm 26!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. That............... is a good question?????????
  13. a-are we the OldMan now
  14. that's a gooOD quesiton
  16. fyi OP, the true ending is only locked behind possessing all of the sacred weapons at the end of chapter 22 Per Vincent's post:
  17. There are a couple of Wo Daos in the game, so don't worry about it. Anyway it only has 20 uses and usable by units that are more often than not doubling, so maybe you're getting a solid 15 fights out of that thing. Also, going from fe7 to fe6 is a bit of a jump in difficulty since fe6 feels (to me, at least) the most recent interpretation of "classic" fire emblem. so don't feel too bad if you're getting a little outplayed. Fir is a good unit, but she definitely takes a bit more work than Rutger and CON problems aside you really only use her for waifu points or if you have an undying love for Bartre. fe6 also has a stupidly large roster, so don't feel bad if you miss out on a unit or two, or let someone die. Yeah it would be better if you lost e.g. Zealot instead of Fir, but you can still get a good gameplay experience even without this one unit lol.
  18. this year sucks also like the worst year to be a 3rd year medical student on rotations because i haven't been able to do shit and all of our clerkships got cut by like 25% because we started late because nobody knew how reopening was going to work so basically my neurology rotation back in september was 2 and a half weeks with a few hurricane days sprinkled in and my school has the NUTS to ASK me why i FAILED the SHELF EXAM also i did mediocre on step 1 because my test date got cancelled three different times because the nbme had no idea how they wanted to open prometric back up again and they decided to run on some staggered opening schedule but started that by cancelling everyones exams and yeeting them into schedule limbo so then i ended up taking it in the middle of my pediatrics rotation and of it had to be when i was on inpatient subspeciality heme/onc/cardiology that all went over my head and of course i did poopy and i just feel like nobody understands because the 1st and 2nd years are preclinical still so they're just chilling on zoom lectures and self studying and the current 4th years were just chilling all year since they did their sub-i's already and step 2 cs got cancelled and they're also chilling on zoom doing all their electives online so it just really feels like class of 2022 got screwed over super hard in particular!!!!! !! ! ! ! ! ! !
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